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Sarkar (2018)

IMDB Rayting:   7.3/10
Country: India
Language: Tamil | Telugu

A successful businessman gets involved in a political battle with 2 notorious ministers regarding the issues of Tamil Nadu State.

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vinsebby 7 November 2018

Typical Vijay fans movie, even though the story-line is good and Vijay carries it well. Few fight scenes are very heroic and the last 20mins of the movie becomes too commercial (things as usual kind). Overall this movie will be a success but Mr.ARM could have done the climax more better.

sebinjacobjoy 7 November 2018

Vijay. Vijay is the plus point of the film. He carries the entire film with his charm and energetic screen presence. Even though the movie doesn't reach the heights set by vj-arm with their previous films, the movie strikes with a good theme. Overall average first half . Amazing fight sequences . Vijays energy .Cliché i'm waiting Dialogue .Promising second half .Oru viral puratchi song .Varalakshmis performance .bgm

Overall this is a festival thriller with socially relevant topic.

n_dhruv 7 November 2018

When it comes to ARM & Vijay combo they always come with a strong issue with engaging screenplay and story. This time screenplay is weak but Vijay's performance made it at least one time watch.

What's Good : Vijay.

What's Bad : Runtime, weak screenplay.

Last Word : You can go for this but don't go with high expectations.

ajay-92672 7 November 2018

Murugadoss standards have clearly lowered,the movie has nothing new to offer that same old messiah of the poor who defeats the corrupt and rich and the screenplay is bad and the action is terrible,it is just the same old fashioned story served on a different plate

ramsurya-38878 7 November 2018

Vijay- ARM combo. Picked up the current political scenario and well presented. Great performance by Vijay sir and Varu mam. Good background score by ARR but song placement was irrelevant except Oru Viraal Puratchi. Overall, a festival treat for Vijay fans and a good entertainer...

BharathAmin 7 November 2018

Technically superb, proudly sentimental, and unabashedly, movie is an emotional political drama, that tugs heartstrings with music customary flair....

apn126 7 November 2018

Sarkar - A decently made political drama/thriller film. Thalapathy Vijay proves to be the savior once again with his class. Kudos to the director for taking up such a sensitive topic as story and also to Vijay for enacting this drama. Full marks for that. I'm giving it a 10 for just that.

Negatives - Logic might be found missing in some of the scenes. I found one fight sequence unnecessary and an other fight sequence could have been shortened. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar's character had a great villain potential, but screen time was really less and the character went under utilised. Keerthi Suresh and Yogi Babu didn't have much role to play. The first song felt unnecessary.

Overall a decent one time watch.

aravindvijay-71992 7 November 2018

Vijay screenpresence simply awesome. Screenplay Best, ARR songs little lagging . Bgm is super

praveensuthanr 7 November 2018

If you know politics in South India , this is easily the best movie , that educates people

abbyzer 7 November 2018

The movie is extremely engaging since the very first minute. I felt an immediate emotional connect to the characters and story. Vijay is so so stylish and his swag attitude in this movie is really a treat to watch.

I have seen some reviewers saying that the 2nd half is a little draggy. I really dont understand them at all. In fact in my opinion, the 2nd half was more interesting then the first half.

The only let down would be ARR songs, and its placements. However the BGM was out of the world, causing goosebumps in many occasions.

Dont miss this movie! Im already planing for my 2nd watch !

nithish-21851 7 November 2018

Thalapathy mass vera lev la acting both ar bestuu varu and other casting done the job. This is not thalapathy film this is people's film plz watch it atleast onetime

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