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SAS: Red Notice (2021)

Rayting:   4.9/10 5617 votes
Country: UK | Hungary
Language: English

A small army of well trained criminals led by Grace Lewis have hijacked a train deep beneath the English Channel.

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adam-phillips-817-745584 3 May 2021

Mediocre plot, awful acting, and the apallingly untalented Ruby Rose made this utterly forgetable.

pmarkj 27 April 2021

What can I say? What is wrong with the film industry today, geeze continuous bad movies. Not even close to 6 Days.

tkhan951 28 April 2021

This movie was bad. Just terrible. The quality of this movie pales in comparison to the tragedy that is "acting" by Ruby Rose. She was useless in John Wick, and I wish the director of this movie would have kept her dialog to the same amount as Wick. Why cast her for the role of an intimidating character? I think a bunny rabbit would be more convincing than her. The rest of the movie is typical and predictable, but the entire movie is dropped by every scene she is in.

My wife an I were taken out of the movie by our laughing at her...... Watch a re-rerun of Hee-Haw, it would be more entertaining. (I couldn't think of a worse show).

kjjames81 25 April 2021

I like many others who have watched this film are Andy McNabb book fans. Yes I know most films never live up to the books in which they are based on but I was hoping that this would have been different, but once again it was not.

As others have said already, this film is full of cliches which I find spoil movies and films like this treat their audiences like idiots which we are not.

If your a fan and have already read the book, do yourself a favour and go back and read it again it would be better than watching this film.

I am giving this film 3 stars and this is generous.


swiss_tonee 8 April 2021

What possessed Andy Serkis and Ruby Rose to get involved in this drivel. Two hours of bad acting & dialogue. Terrible storyline. It tries to be Die Hard and ends up being a pile of crud.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

cam21-660-801606 12 March 2021

I so wanted to like this, I mean what a great cast, but what utter rubbish. Badly written (script, I haven't read the book) - it was cringe worthy listening to the actors. Badly edited - it flopped around like a parrot on Ritalin. So badly acted - individually they tried but it just did not gel together. And the whole feel of the movie was like watching a really bad school panto.

joeyford-55342 21 April 2021

So boring. If Ruby is a star, it will lose money. This had the dude from Outlander and the dude from Doom Patrol and we still fell asleep. European pacing, means zzzz.

colinmardell 18 March 2021

Utter tripe. Had to suspend disbelief to accept they got finance to make this film. Just a succession of cliches from the titles to the credits.

janey-323-605809 14 March 2021

Oh come on everybody with your 1 stars - it's not THAT bad. If Gerard Butler can get away with it in all his "Fallen" films then why not Sam in this one? His Lord of the Manor background is a bit cheesy (like they're trying for an 007 audition) but if you suspend disbelief (as we all did cheering on Bruce Willis) it's an enjoyable action film that we all know how it's going to end.......and we get the great British 'C' word into the bargain!!!

medley-60999 18 March 2021

Unfortunately I did and regret, truly awful film with wooden acting, pathetic story line not to mention the accents, expected better from Mr Mcnab

alan-philp-681-387220 25 April 2021

Only lasted that half hour. Dreadful script, dire acting, this is one to miss. Yes I really would rather watch paint dry. At least there is a point to it and if done correctly a very suitable finish. Thus drivel was far from that.

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