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Satyameva Jayate 2 (2021)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   5.9/10 12K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: November 25, 2021

Satyameva Jayate 2 revolves around the fight against injustice and misuse of power. From police and politicians to industrialists and a common man, the film will explore corruption in all spheres.

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jordansteel 27 November 2021

Standard action, actually good action movie. Just what it says it is, nothing less or more.

Pretty much in line with SJ1, added the dual role, and well done at that. Johns still pretty beefed and cut out for an almost 50 year old. Degraded a shade from the force look (Shoulders there were much better) but still has it, in terms of physique and acting more or less the same, no oscar winner but pretty good in his own rights. Divya not bad but needs a little more work. Didnt expect a intellectually stimulating plot so got what i paid for.

Overall, a treat for action movie fans and John fans. Pl avoid if you are expecting something else.

For genre fans itll be an 8, for balanced others it would be a 5 so the 6.5 rating on imdb appears perfect.

rabhy 25 November 2021

It is basically a bhuvan bam vine john abraham playing everyone.

Looks like it all the John abrahams of the world have voted highly here.

Again why John signed this movie is a big question?

Mr. Zaveri please stop giving homage to 70s cinema, if you really want to see a movie where homage is given watch Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota.

atharvagosavi-45998 1 December 2021

First i didn't have anything to tell you about this film cause this film is superpredictable yet boaring.. Also the level of this film not fit at any audience category on the earth!

Every critics telling that this film is realky perfect mass material but i think it is spoof of mass.. If we talk about acting then please don't expect anything from this department yet the song composition and background music will tear you from deep!!

Please don't watch this garbage and throw out this film on your movies dustbin list.

opotraining 3 December 2021

Looks like no other Actor wanted to part of this movie and hence John was casted for 3 roles and all have same expression. Every other scene is John punching hitting and throwing. Same repeated everytime. Dialogues are just lame.

laqsheyo 25 November 2021

This movie is literally made to steal your money, it's a total scam. I can't even expect acting from one john abraham so how can I see 3 expressionless John Abrahams at once? Pure nonsense movie, it feels like producer, director and actors were joking around and made this nonsense to Torture audience or to take some Revenge from us. This movie should only be played in Jail or hell.

nitsvirusboyz 26 November 2021

One Word Review for this film: "CRINGE" Cinemas might get closed again after the audience will watch this damp squib film. Why John Why? Why your fans should tolerate this trashy film. And why the makers are still making movies like this in 2021?

From the first scene of the movie, the makers have shown that it will be full of cringe scenes and shoddy screenplay. Watch it at your own risk. Everything is awfully bad in the film, insufferably poor writing, terrible direction, pathetic performances, and cringe-worthy dialogues.

Some are like: Har gunehgar ko aisi maut maroonga ... ki agle janam mein maa ki kok se kya... baap ki top se bhi nikalne se darega.

Mera funda dandi nahi hai ... mera funda danda hai ... Gandhi ji ki hamesha jai ho ... lekin Bhagat Singh mera banda hai.

John Abraham's triple role turns into three times more torture. Divya Khosla Kumar has no relation with acting. Potential actors like Harsh Chhaya, Anup Soni, and Gautami Kapoor are completely wasted. With the high-octane action sequences, over-the-top dialogues & loud background music, everything in the film is unbearable.

Some scenes are insufferable and very hard to digest. John Abraham in his Kisan role triggers a mini-earthquake by hammering a plough into the barren ground 😀. Second John pulls the engine off of SUV with his hands 😜. Third John lift the Bike with a person sitting on it😛. And in the climax scene, all three John come together and prevent a helicopter from taking off with their bare hands 😂.

Movie Rating: Direction 1/5 Acting 1.5/5 Dialogues 0.5/5 Story 1/5 Screenplay 1/5.

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