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Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020)

Action | Comedy | Fantasy
Rayting:   4.7/10 3477 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

It follows Sam's adventures at a top secret training program for a new class of second born royals tasked with saving the world.

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nathancludts 26 September 2020

A question i asked myself often lately. Artemis Fowl, the live-action version of Mulan and then this: when Will this fever dream of awfully bad movies stop? The only thing i have to say about this one is: bad. The set design, acting skills of the cast, story, dialogue,... all bad.

maheshaveiro 25 September 2020

It's an amazing movie, if you can turn your brain off for a couple of hours and forget logic.

wms-92741 27 September 2020

This movie follows what has been a very successful formula for Disney. The cast of characters are very familiar to any who have seen Disney's made-for-cable movies, and there is no depth to any of them. The cast is ethnically diverse, so that no one could possibly be offended. The story is thin and forgettable. The "big surprise" in the movie was quite predictable. In short, for most adults this is a waste of time.

However, if you know a girl somewhere between ten and sixteen years old, she might well appreciate seeing it, and perhaps boys of a similar age as well. It is empowering, as Disney movies tend to be. The message, while conveyed by so many other movies in better ways, is a good one. So if you have a child, consider it. If you are an adult fan of superhero movies, pass on this for a rerun of something you like.

alindsay-al 25 September 2020

Let's face it Disney+ does not have many exclusives, if it wasn't for The Mandalorian, it probably wouldn't be worth it but today there is a new film out called Secret Society Of Second Born Royals and I have watched it and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a group of 2nd born royal family members find out they have super powers and must train to control them.

Main Character Relatively unknown Peyton Elizabeth Lee plays the lead here and I didn't like her character at all in this film. Her character was just really annoying, she just comes across as very pretentious and above everybody else, if somebody disagrees with her she just storms off and acts very childish. They do nothing to make her interesting and make her stand out, we are meant to buy her as this leader of this group but she does nothing to deserve that and there is nothing about this character to attach yourself too.

Supporting Characters There are a few okay performances here, Elodie Young who played Elektra in Daredevil does an okay job and if her character had been given more to do then maybe she could have risen this film up. Skylar Astin also does a fun job as the teacher of the group and provides a quirky but sometimes over the top which doesn't quite work. But my god the rest of the cast add nothing, the rest of the kids who make up the team are so generic, every stereotype that you can imagine is here and it goes exactly how you think and none of them can rise above and some of them are just really bad.

Story The story had potential, but the issue is that there isn't an original bone in this films body, you have literally seen everything here and you have seen it done much better pretty much everywhere else. The training isn't particularly interesting and the villains plot and motivation is so dull and paint by numbers. The twists and turns are laughably bad even though the film thinks it is really clever and my god this film sequel baits so hard and it does not deserve it at all and I really hope there are no more films in this franchise.

Script The script is also really bad, it makes the characters irritating and makes you not care about them at all. This film sets up a semi interesting world and does nothing with it, it just feels like the normal world which was a big waste of time. The drama is cringe and the drama isn't there to make you care at all.

Style The style of them film has one or two okay action scenes that make you hate this film a little less then the rest of it. But then you see the CGI and realise this film doesn't have a budget for what it wants to do and it ends up looking really bad, also why did they pick powers we have seen before, just watch an X-Men film even the worse ones are better then this film.

Overall Overall, this is an awful waste of time, if Disney wanted to create a franchise here they have failed miserably. Disney need to up their content on Disney+ or else it will literally just be Star Wars and Marvel keeping there streaming service alive, so avoid this film at all cost.

yellowmarlin 25 September 2020 would look something like this. It's difficult to be too harsh about this film; it is inoffensive, tries hard and means well. However, it falls short in every aspect of film making: acting, directing, writing, story, location, etc. This movie lived down to all of my expectations, but I didn't hate it.

jhuebel 26 September 2020

As a child actress in Andi Mack, Peyton Elizabeth Lee was bright and refreshing. In this, they try to put an edge on her. It doesn't work. It just makes her annoying.

I'll admit I can't speak for most of the movie. I made it about 15 minutes into it and couldn't continue. But I think I saw enough to understand the tone that the movie wanted to set.

It was cringeworthy.

I think I was being generous with 3 stars.

ejl2179 26 September 2020

So many here cannot suspend disbelief for the length of a movie meant for kids.

But yet: You can believe a single snap eliminates half the universe. You can travel into another person's dreams. Convince kids to put out milk & cookies for a fictional, benevolent fat guy. You believe politicians, even ones that have lied to you for decades.

This is a Disney movie. You know that going in. Just watch and enjoy.

darklyluna 27 September 2020

This was not fantastic but there are a few points that are important to point out:

1) It does say it's for ages 8+. A demanding 35+ year old person will definitely find this schmaltzy.

2) It focuses on being 'positive'. I'm not sure why you people are so upset about the movie. They're fine.

3) They don't explain much and the characters go along with things pretty easily. I'd say they don't bother to explain because they'd rather focus on the kids bonding.

I mean, what do people expect? The box alone suggests exactly what you're getting. If you don't want painfully sweet positivity and predictability, you should've stuck to something else.

aaroncrouch-2 26 September 2020

I enjoyed watching it with my kids (ages 6-12). They all loved it. Was it believable, no. Was it innocent and fun, yes.

katies-40465 6 October 2020

I do not understand all of these bad reviews by what seem to be adults?? Just an FYI the movie isn't meant for you. My KIDS, ages 8 and 12, both liked it. I am trying to figure out why people, especially those that the movie is not geared towards are taking issue with an obvious fantasy movie about kids with super powers and calling it unrealistic. I am just going to point out if a movie has anyone with super powers in a movie it is unrealistic, it is just for fun. I have seen many movies based on comic books...Hello Marvel movies and other movies based in fiction and not reality....but when I watch them I don't ask if Captain America or Black Panther are realistic, because they are not in the real world, they are in a movie and they are darn entertaining to watch. Now, back to the real question for which the rating should be given, is it entertaining for the audience it is intended for? The answer is YES. Was I, as an adult able to guess what would more than likely happen knowing the general kid movie formula, yes, but the the movie is not intended for people in their late 30's/early 40's. It was a nice movie to curl up as a family and watch together, my kids enjoyment and our together time is really all I want out of a movie like this.

darthsteele-39338 28 September 2020

Disney just churning out another subpar kids movie with the stereotypical angsty teen and her quirky cohorts. All displaying insincere emotions and forced sass. I cannot rate it too harshly though because it is what it is. It's meant for kids. Inclusivity and diversity are well represented although not relevant to the story. It's got a not so terrifying vanilla villain and a predictable story. Truthfully The Descendants franchise is much better! Or if you want teenagers with superpowers just watch X-Men, supergirl, the flash, sharkboy and lavagirl, sky high or Harry Potter!.... Seriously every other movie and show that this film stole its ideas from is better than this forgettable little picture.

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