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Sentinelle (2021)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   4.7/10 7.1K votes
Country: France
Language: French | Arabic
Release date: March 5, 2021

Transferred home after a traumatizing combat mission, a trained French soldier uses her lethal skills to hunt down the man who hurt her sister.

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siderite 7 March 2021

I wanted to like the film and I expected to. It's a French film, and they usually don't pull their punches, then it's action and French action movies, when well done, are the best, and finally it starred Olga Kurylenko, who is a talented actress, not to mention really good looking. I mean, she's 40 and she looks 27.

Yet the whole movie is following this trained soldier fighting random people in order to get to her target. The entire story of the film is that one sentence. And the fight scenes were good, but far between, and too often they started from a careful and silent exploration of a building and some guy suddenly coming out of nowhere. The rest was boring and didn't make much sense. I do hope in France they don't take PTSD soldiers with an opioid addiction, arm them with Famas and let them roam wherever they want, even when wanted by the police and when they know where she's headed. The characters: all formulaic and most were superfluous. When they were not, they had a lot of extra characteristics not used anywhere. For example Olga's character knows five foreign languages - I expected her to put that to use, but it was just a random fact.

The worst, though, was the ending. In order to make it a bit longer, they had the bad guy escape once, only to be killed a few minutes later, when the target of one hour and twenty minutes was reached.

Bottom line: a failed film that doesn't know what it wants to be.

bm-89274 6 March 2021

It was short but ineffective. Olga is the only who can act. I like her acting, you cannot take that away. Although as a soldier she is more funny than cool. But the rest of the movie: idea, plot, story, continuity, feasibility, twist - does not exist. Camera work is amateur. Color grading is done by reading help, I guess.

If you want a good feeling about this movie, then take any movie by Steven Seagal, cut out of it a quarter and stretch it out to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

njumeil 15 March 2021

Imagine if this movie had blockbuster budget. I bet your version would differ from mine, but Hollywood would have Scarlet playing unbelievable soldier from Russia making the world a better place. What we have here is Olga playing brilliantly, looking almost believable as a soldier and trough her inner nightmares shining some light on this bleak immoral world. It is slow, but slow is smooth. I liked this film. I liked it a lot. There are no higher than life concepts, but why would we want another picture about cogs fighting in a world of global geopolitics. We want people doing it for other people and for themselves. In this essence A Sentinela is a brilliant 80-ies flick about family and revenge, but with grit and script of 21st century. Do not be rational about it, if you choose to watch it, just enjoy a the performance of someone doing what they think is right in their worldview.

YawAgyapong 6 March 2021

This lady was practically invincible the entire film. She beat up groups of men and women and cane out very unscathed. She's better than John Wick, Batman and superwoman in this movie

manchiu-04695 6 March 2021

I forgot how many times I pressed fast forward and I don't understand why is this top 10. Netflix is getting disappointing.

privatelyed 5 March 2021

I thought I was gonna see someone like Atomic Blonde, at least a Salt, or even Ava and/or Sam Carlson, Proud Mary; heck, not even a Hit Girl. Decent enough for one viewing, but that's all//

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