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Separation (2021)

Rayting:   4.5/10 334 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A young girl finds solace in her artist father and the ghost of her dead mother.

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lilymartin-57094 2 May 2021

This movie was somewhat predictable. Basic trope. The acting was really good though. I enjoyed the visuals. Not a basic horror movie, don't expect blood and gore.

sinnerofcinema 2 May 2021

I loved the filmmakers work in the Boy so when I heard he had this one I had to check it out. I was not disappointed. It goes w his brand. Even tho I did like "The Boy" better. Don't know where all these negative reviews are coming from. Lots of haters. The guy is doing his thing and I for one appreciate him for it. Keep doing what you do. We'll keep watching.

peterscarpinato 30 April 2021

Jeff and Maggie are a young couple having problems. Jeff is a former comic book writer who has been unable to duplicate his success leaving Maggie to support the family. Maggie, feeling frustrated with the marriage, decides to leave Jeff and take their young daughter Jenny with her.

Maggie isn't a nice person so her unexpected fate doesn't cause much sadness for the audience. Soon after, Jeff's convenient life size creations of his creepy comic book characters begin to come to life. At first in dreams and then in a seeming reality. Something also seems to be communicating with Jenny as she begins to space out and regresses to talking like a baby.

Sound good so far? Don't get your hopes up. The film has the setup for a great horror film. Unfortunately it never delivers as it fails to ever build any real tension. It just meanders. Rupert Friend is quite one note as Jeff. The part calls for more acting range and Friend just doesn't deliver. The whole film is also lit too darkly and at times I wanted to just close my eyes and nap.

Oh but that creepy clown. Think Linda Blair in The Exorcist doing the spider walk and you'll have an idea. If only it was in a better movie.

myignisrules 6 May 2021

I was pleasantly surprised by the look of these supernatural monsters. With a nice balance of practical and special effects, we're given nightmare inducing puppets coming to life, an uber creepy contortionist clown, played by Troy James. You may not know his name, but if you watch The Flash on CW, you'll better know him as Rag Doll or any horror movie with a contorting character it's probably Troy James behind the makeup (Jangly Man in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or the Backwards Man in Black Box to name a few) and the main 'baddie' which was some sort of witchy looking grim reaper type creature, all felt and looked original in appearance and most scenes involving them were genuinely creepy. The actors were all fine in their roles and kept me engaged for the entire runtime.

That said, it's not a perfect horror movie as it suffers from a runtime that feels a tad too long. The first act could've used a bit of editing to tighten things up and get us to the supernatural stuff sooner. It's also predictable as hell. I guessed about ninety percent of what was going to happen and I was one hundred percent right. Still, Separation isn't bad. It's the kind of horror movie I would show to someone who doesn't like hardcore horror, but who scares easily (I already have a victim in mind LOL) and if you're a true horror fan, I still think it's worth a look.

calypsokidd 1 May 2021

I cannot believe how poorly written and directed this film is. The premise has so much potential but the story and film get so many details wrong by just being lazy. Separation is not worth going to the theatre to see; if you must watch it then wait to see it on cable or online.

jen-willis86 1 May 2021

Edits and transitions either make no sense or just aren't there. No buildup whatsoever. Visuals are scarce and pretty boring. The father, by the way, is doing a horrific job of caring for this kid, supernatural forces aside. I would also be trying to get custody of this child. The exposition is so forced and generic it's embarrassing.

But I sat in a movie theater for 2 hours without a worry because I'm vaccinated. So not that bad an experience overall.

doctorsleeeep 30 April 2021

The plot sucks, they reuse a lot of ideas that have been done already. Troy James' character is literally pointless. Basic and see through plot.

rgkarim 2 May 2021

LIKES: Quick Run Time New Career Touching elements Some Decent Hiding Surprisingly Balanced Acting Some Freaky Moments

DISLIKES: Semi-Predictable The Sporadic Story Elements The Missing "Threat" Factor The Rushed Ending The Ghost Design vs. Execution Overall Meh


Separation was a movie that held some decent potential from the trailers and accomplished the goals of drama storytelling that I think they were targeting. In the shorter run time they managed to make some compelling relationships and use a unique career to advance the story and show some wicked art off as well. The story has elements of surprise and some mystery to keep you ingrained, and uses trickery to help keep you thinking on the nature of all the chaos. And with a cast that does the job well for these roles, the believable performance furthers the storytelling element to levels that worked for me. Yet the tale is still predictable, and the sporadic storytelling while artistic, does not do it the justice in the long run. A rushed ending is partly to blame, but I think a bigger flaw is trying to do too much in the 90 minute run time that it led to the lackluster finish that it did. All the artistic tones as well, left me bored with the ghost's involvement and that storytelling I appreciated may have been the culprit to interrupt the usual scare tactics that people enjoy. Overall I did not find the movie bad, but there are far better horror films to invest in over this film. Therefore my scores are:

Horror: 5.0.

mattcmx 9 May 2021

Awful awful awful garbage. Just....don't. I went in with high hopes for a fun campy scare or two. Ended up walking at the one hour mark because it is just that bad. Just don't.

joiningjt 6 May 2021

Didnt hate it but didnt love it we wanted to get out of the house and not much is playing because Hollywood is so fricking greedy!! Had a few good moments and we liked that cast. Didnt really need Brian cox but I'm sure he needs a paycheck as well. I'd recommend waiting for Netflix or Amazon, hbo, whatever. Not worth going to the theater but it was nice to get out of the house and it was senior day so its 5 bucks.

jgarymatthews 5 May 2021

They should have started the movie at the funeral scene and it would have been much more enjoyable to watch. The monsters were interesting but their presence wore thin.

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