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Shakuntala Devi (2020)

Rayting:   6.1/10
Country: India
Language: English

Shakuntala Devi, a mathematician's journey to become 'The Human Computer' and her relationship with her daughter.

Director: Anu Menon Writer:

Stars: Vidya Balan, Sanya Malhotra and Jishu Sengupta

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aparup908 31 July 2020

Bollywood doesn't know how to make a biopic; or maybe they don't care as long as they're making money. Direction: The plotline is incoherent, seems like it is taken straight from Wikipedia. The movie just shows events happening without reasons, no story following up to the events. We rarely understand the mathematical genius that is Shakuntala Devi, because there's very little story to it. Much of it is just unnecessary melodrama centring around a mother-daughter relationship. This movie is an insult to one of the greatest India has ever produced. ACTING: Vidya Balan is at her worst, partly because of a lack of plot and tries hard to compensate for it. She's over enthusiastic invariably, grins all the time - something very different from the actual Shakuntala Devi. She's not jovial, she's creepy.

Also, why does a biopic need so many songs? What a waste of effort and purpose.

P.S. They added components of feminism to garner postive reviews.

manojtiptur 31 July 2020

Typical Bollywood masala movie. Overdramatic and bizzare script. Just like Bollywood ruined mission mangal they have successfully ruined the movie. At least the makers would have watched the man who knew infinity. Poor script and direction. Acting of Vidya Balan and all others except Santa Malhotra is top class.

suhas-01592 31 July 2020

Whats wrong with bollywood??? Without any masala they cant make a biopic? Misson Mangal was ruined with same drama... Why everything have to be so dramatic? Learn from "The Man Who Knew Infinity" Not watching this movie will be a real tribute to Shakuntala Devi.

Unfilmy 2 August 2020

Bad mothers. Worse daughters. Occasional south Indian accents. Unnecessary songs. It's not a movie about mathematics. It's a movie about dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. Vidya Balan acts like a demented person, always giggling and snorting under uncomfortable or embarrassing circumstances. Sanya Malhotra keeps complaining about everything and is quite annoying. She is mad at her mother for being a psychotic obsessive person. Amit Sadh is exceptional once again. Everyone else is forgettable.

P.S. Mathematics is a lot more than multiplications.

itachisusano 31 July 2020

This is not what you call a biopic. Bollywood doesn't know how to make a biopic rather they show same old drama, over acting, their own fictitious story. They did same Mission Mangal. Watch it only see mother daughter relationship

himanshurawat-25747 2 August 2020

Feel sorry for Shakuntala ma'am !!! I had lot of expectations frm the muvie but big disappointment

brijmm-212-35989 8 August 2020

Such a farce! In the process of showing Shakuntala Devi's prowess they got Vidya Balan to overact quite a bit. The movie should have been a different kind of drama in the league of A Beautiful Mind, but it ended being a masala drama.

tamkyunio 8 August 2020

Anu has spoiled Shakuntala Devi's legacy! Instead of thinking about the movie as an advertisement why not also look at it as an art? Movie is an art isnt it ? Or is it money making machine? Anu has proved to be the worst director in India.

shrigaurav 2 August 2020

Couldn't watch it more than 15 min n I regret wasting those 15 min aswell

tarunchamp 4 August 2020

First of all this movie is not a biopic. It's just a typical cheesy bollywood masala of lovely mother daughter relationship. This is just utter disrespect to the legend who made India proud. Bollywood should learn from how to make biopic from the movie "The man who knew infnity- biopic of Ramanujam".

Movie as biopic: 0 star Movie not as biopic: 8 star

jaytiwarial 31 July 2020

What a horrible biopic of such a great personality it turned out to be, vidya BALAN just didn't fit in and the masala treatment given to the movie is too much to bear, indian audience is all grown up, we can watch a movie without dances and cliché drama scenes..

varshinireddy-87758 5 August 2020

Yet an another disappointing movie from Bollywood. The movie is nowhere in portraying the biopic. I don't understand why they add unnecessary drama and songs. I think Bollywood is still lagging behind the generation. They should try to bring the natural and raw elements present in the reality.

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