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She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Comedy | Horror | SciFi
IMDB Rayting:   5.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Amy thinks she's dying tomorrow...and it's contagious.

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joness00 6 August 2020

This movie has an interesting premise. Beginning of the movie was good, but later on it lost its charm. Simply because there were never introduced the rules of what was happening. Filmmakers probably wanted it to be ambiguous, but it came across as not thought through. There is quite good buildup for the mystery of "dying tomorrow", but it has no payoff. The ideas that filmmakers are presenting to viewers aren't original or too much of thought provoking material. Overall, I was disappointed. Premise, cast, good reviews from critics - it was all for nothing in the end.

kuarinofu 9 August 2020

Cause this film really felt like I'm being trolled. But I am going to approach this film seriously because in some way I can relate.

The film had a promising start, and I was interested in what this film is going to be about. Was it going to be about a destructive depression? Maybe about how this state affects the main lead or her closest ones? Well, no.

The film is just a mess of half-baked philosophical ideas that go nowhere and a bunch of "you know what would've looked cool" scenes with good music. I wouldn't call it artsy since they seemed to have a basic understanding of what they wanted to show and I understand that (it's easy to understand some of the basic allegories). Although some scenes are intentionally stretched out to get the film to full feature-length. And don't get baited on the reviews that say that this film is deep, I have seen internet videos and conversations on the themes of the film that were much more deep and compelling.

The film had no ending, it seems that for some reason (maybe writing themselves into a corner) the film had a different ending than whatever was planned since there were lots of weird cuts and the ending felt very disconnected. So, I am assuming they had no idea how to finish this or the ending was re-shot.

The idea of contagious suicidal thoughts did not impress me at all since I've seen a small film called Pontypool (2008) and it was great.

The tones of mortality and the meaningless efforts of trying to fill your life with anything you deem (or convince yourself) important are very mishandled. I mean, you can achieve a better story with the core idea of "anesthesia of life" that people administer onto themselves, like career, children, hobbies, anything on that matter. The writing was just too unrefined and raw, the dialogue and the delivery were so bizarre and out of place that I seriously thought I am being trolled. The script could've used more work. As nonsensical as it sounds, the film had real potential.

I know my depression, I had thoughts of me dying tomorrow many times, this is just not it, this is not how this works. This is not smart writing. Futility and mortality are handled so much better if you project those through a well-written character, the best example I can think of is Rust Cohle from True Detective (Season 1).

The film was short, not intentionally, but because they didn't know how to write the ideas into the story.

I rated this film 3 stars for some visuals and ideas, but it ultimately disappointed me because I saw the potential in it. They should've spent more time and effort on this.

I cannot recommend this to general audiences or horror fans, because this is not a good psychological thriller or horror, and this is not a good film altogether. I'm sorry.

Monolight 11 August 2020

What if a sense of impending doom was transmittable? There. I just saved you 85 minutes.

There are no characters you care about, there aren't any deep interesting conversations, there aren't any events that take place. The promise of an atmosphere glimmers occasionally but nothing comes of it.

I think the cinematography was trying to be artsy but it came of as lazy. The main music choice that plays on repeat countless times is frankly absurd for a serious horror movie in 2020. However, that in addition to the editing, which had a downright comedic timing, make me think this is supposed to be a dark comedy. Either way it fails.

A short movie stretched to its absolute limits to get to feature length.

careerminded 3 August 2020

This was the hardest movie to not only follow, plot line, building up, suspense, there was zero of any of it.. If we weren't at the drive ins waiting on our second film max 30 minutes, we would've been out... So bad I had to find my log in to my email to leave a review and I spent the time to do so just to save you money more important over an hour of your lives you'll never get back..... Terrible terrible non scary film...

Xstal 31 August 2020

Someone will die tomorrow and it could be you! Would you be prepared? What if every day or most days or some days that thought crossed your mind, and your mind could change in the blink of an eye, as your brain chemistry distorts and malfunctions - unsettling, in many ways, and not just because of its original and unique presentation but the great way it catches those with misogynistic tendencies.

clarkmick33 17 August 2020

First have of the movie has almost no dialogue. I think the director was trying to build emotional power but for me it came across as pretentious and boring. But the time it gets anywhere interesting I think we are all asleep

bentunes96-26-819807 7 August 2020

This is hands down the worst movie of the year. Trash.

mrsjenbrown 12 August 2020

Do not...I repeat...DO NOT waste your time, energy and money on this movie. Nothing happens. No one dies. No one is murdered. It's not scary. It's not suspenseful. It's nothing but confusion for the viewer trying to figure out what is going on; who the characters are; what they're doing; and what the point of this movie is. Just don't.

mike-nichols-789-714649 9 August 2020

I like visually interesting art house-ish type of stuff, but this was just boring with no pay off. It's just poor story telling. Save your time and skip this one.

It's like mixing the taste of a modern film student with the "can't write an ending" constipation of Stephen King. Only in this case there wasn't even an attempt at an ending.

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