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Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (2020)

Rayting:   5.8/10
Country: India
Language: English

The road to achieving a happy ending is a little too rough for two guys Kartik and Aman. While Aman's family tries hard to battle his love for Kartik, Kartik isn't prepared to step back until he marries Aman.

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siyasingh-40889 18 April 2020

It was completely disappointing. Had high expectations but the movie somehow couldn't deliver the comedy, most of it was looking forceful. The only thing good about movie was the cast.

sharmamohit-22903 22 February 2020

Acting by everyone is good but a thing is missing in whole script. I think that is the soul of the movie..

prons 22 February 2020

Over acting of ayushmaan in this movie And most of the jokes were lame and baseless

tpatoliya 21 February 2020

Hitesh Kewalya has written the story of the film Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan in such a way that every character comes on screen with his different importance.

He is successful in writing Hrishikesh Mukherjee's films like Pasari film, but on many moments, he is unable to stop it from falling apart.

The film's better script and its agile editing could have made it a classic. Many things are missing in 'Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan.'

Ayushmann and his fellow artist Jitendra have given their lives to make Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan a milestone of their time. If you compare between the two, then this film looks more like Jitendra Kumar's film.

In many scenes as a young man who has lost his life on his male partner, he has fallen heavily on Ayushmann.

In the film, the pair of Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta try to carry on the harmony of their previous movie Badhaai Ho, but here Gajraj Rao is unable to leave an impact on our mind.

Manu and Sunita's pair is more effective than Chacha and Chachi. And, Maanvi Gagroo and Pankhuri Awasthi also managed to impress the audience in their characters.

The biggest drawback of this film is the scattering of the story. Director Hitesh Kewalya had an opportunity where he could present something different from films made earlier on gay relationships. Could rob the applause of the audience.

He also had Ayushmann Khurrana, but he could not capitalize on this opportunity. In an attempt to highlight every character in the movie, they are unable to tell the real story.

If you are a fan of Ayushman Khurana and you are also homophobic in personal life, then with the help of this film, you can remove your doubts in a very entertaining way.

Apart from this, it is an entertaining family entertainer where almost all the stars tie the knot with good acting.

mayrahul 25 February 2020

A very strong subject with such a thrash movie can be made just in bollywood.i wish i had not gone to see this movie. It has become so boring with the same acting in movies again and again

mguru-rao 2 May 2020

Don't understand all the negative review. Movie was pretty funny - little bit of drag or preachy in between, but it is kind of needed for homophobic brain washed people. Most of us in India have been brought up in this manner - education, family, friends etc all these factors points towards making fun of homosexual people. See I got preachy too .... this movie was kind of targeting such audiences to open up their eyes. Anyhow this is no brainer, full time pass, comedy drama movie. Highly recommend.

DennisBergkamp10 22 February 2020

As a matter of principle I tend to avoid overpriced Hindi cinema but I always make an exception for Ayushman Khurrana & Rajkumar Rao movies. This however was a big mistake. It's like somebody wanted to capitalize on the success of the first movie before people started forgetting about it.

It is literally a nothing movie. Nothing happens. The End. When the interval sign came on the screen my first reaction was....did the movie not start like 10 mins ago?. The whole movie could have been consolidated into a 15 mins online series and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

This is definitely not Ayushman Khurrana's best acting work by recent comparison. The bloke(Jeetu) who plays his partner has done a relatively decent job. If it were not for the brilliance of the actors playing Jeetu's father, mother and uncle even at less than 2 hours the movie would have been unbearable.

Just a nothing movie with a few funny bits. Unlike Ayushman's other movies that work purely on word of mouth this will not.

nirajrathod 21 February 2020

Worst movie by Ayushman no comedy childish jokes n message didn't conveyed properly utterly garbage

sundarambhardwaj 3 May 2020

I dont know why people giving low rating to this movie i think they psychologically not accepted this film or u can say they unable to see ayushmaan khuraana doing gay role in this from my side its amazing someone come out there to make film after passing article 377 and i personally salute to guts of this cast who come forward to do this film and add some amazing scenes... For Me Its Amazing One

sanjubhat 22 February 2020

A love story on a bold subject which should have been a path breaking movie turns out to be a damp squib unfortunately... Too bad!!

A weak storyline.. no wait ... No story at all leads to its downfall . A gay couple Ayushman and Jitendra Kumar try to get their families to accept their relationship. This is the story and the whole movie has incidents added in between to drag the film to a predictable climax.

Even though the film boasts of a stellar cast, none of them are able to do justice to their roles due to the weak script. Very few moments where u actually feel like laughing. Ayushman, as I had said in my last review needs to do something new. Doing the same thing time and again is not going to help. A fine opportunity wasted by the makers.

5 stars out of 10 for this "Happy and Gay" film. Skip the theatre and watch on prime video .

sharma-arjunsharma-arjun 21 February 2020

Must watch for every age group. Complete entertainer

mauricewillkins 21 February 2020

This movie has the potential of being a great conversation starter on the issue of homophobiaa nd can get people thinking

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