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Shylock (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.7/10
Country: India
Language: English

The story follows an episode in the life of Boss, a quick witted, sharp financier in Kerala's film industry.

Director: Ajai Vasudev Writer:

Stars: Mammootty, Meena and V. Jayaprakash

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hakitd 30 January 2020

In this generation malayalam movie is producing somany good and wonderful movies with strong actings and great directions.. And there is this guy who still is in his 90s(mamooty)making somany worthless movies and his fans says it 'MASS'.....,ageless... How on earth this movie gets that much rating

josebeam 28 January 2020

Ofcourse Mammootty did well, but this movie is an illogical non sense. " Really surprised to see so many good reviews for this movie. "Mass movie" means showing nonsense with a high definistion camera and mind blowing background sounds ? First half is ok with some entertaintments but the scrip writter could have avoided the clownish acts of mammotty which is so annoying even for his fans . Second half is an illogical story showing the killings of almost everyone and how that can be an entertainer.?? I don't think anybody could watch this with full comfort for hours of extreme violence killing all good and bad charactors one by one with knife and gun . Atlast only mammotty and his brother are alive ?? . I always admire mammotty but really wonder how he is not not getting involved in editing the nonsense clownish part of himself and reduce the uncomfortable mass killings and extreme long violence ? If this movie make money ,that will be only due to Mammottys image and looks . This scrip writer and director should get zero rating and should not be in the field.The audience definity would have watched this seciond half of extreme violence and killing with extreme discomfort. killing around 50 people one by one with knife, sword and gun, good and bad. Is it really entertainement ?????

jonesrock-16272 2 February 2020


afsalthodupuzha 24 January 2020

An out and out Mammotty show,where the energy level and screen presence of the actor himself makes it a pretty decent mass-masala entertainer!

The fanboy inside Ajai Vasudev has utilized the mass appeal and charisma of Mammootty to the fullest,the result being a memorable character,Shylock,who entertains us with his swagger,movie references and catchy one-liners.

The screenplay written by debutants Bibin Mohan and Aneesh Hameed is outright formulaic and the pre-interval session of the movie in particular is a treat for the fans of Mammootty and Mass movie audience who will enjoy each and every second of the narrative,thanks to a compelling act by the Megastar.

The narrative lost its pace during the lengthy flashback sequence in the second half,which was rather predictable and typical of village-based Tamil and Telugu family dramas,with the saving grace being an alluring performance from RajKiran.

The Background Score by Gopi Sunder was repetitive and too loud at times.Supporting cast did their part well.

As one of the dialogue in the movie convey,the narrative started as a comedy and then turned into a thriller and ended up as a revenge drama,the revenge part of which could have been handled better by further exploiting the shylock avatar of Mammooty,to elevate the overall cinematic experience.

Nevertheless,the quirky antics and energetic performance from Mammooty himself makes this a treat for the fans and a pretty decent mass masala entertainer for the common movie going audience.

Give it a try and experience the swagger of Boss,The Mega One! ✌ 3/5 #Afsaltouchriver

arungeorge13 29 February 2020

It's a known fact that the younger crop (of Malayalam film actors) still struggles to deliver solid masala flicks like in the 90s. This, of course, is enough reason for the two big Ms of Malayalam to continue to churn out lazily written, hazily executed trash like Shylock. Everything in the movie reeks of unoriginality. The treatment by Ajai Vasudev is stale (it was already evident in his previous two ventures), and there's basically nothing in Shylock worth recommending.

The ridiculously clichéd revenge plot, the superficial action set-pieces, the irritating background score, the self-referential and borrowed (from other blockbusters) humour, the abundance of sunglasses, an unnecessary item number, lack of solid supporting characters and/or antagonists - Shylock suffers from all of it. The nicest thing about it is probably the absence of a romance track for 68-year-old Mammootty.

Verdict: Don't bother!

akhilpurakkat 23 January 2020

A One time watchable nbelow average movie which director made only for mammookka fans. Okayish first half with poor second half and cliche revenge story which makes this utter scrap.mammooka have to avoid these kind of roles. Waste of Both Money & Time. 👎

raveenroyofficial 25 January 2020

Ajai Vasudev made a High Voltage Mass Entertainment with a usual story line. It engages audience till the end. Paisa Vasool Entertainer . Fully Packed Megastar Show ! Megastar Mammootty Is more Energetic. Must watch ..

niyasshaik 26 January 2020

Mass entertainer.mamotty in this film acted like big boss

nidhunmoviebuff 23 January 2020

Although I watched Big Brother on its release date last week, it was too soul destroying of an experience to write a review on. The release of Shylock today fared no better, underscoring the lack of quality writing and a story backbone in Malayalam cinema's attempts at mass entertainers these days.

Shylock is just a mish-mash of classic Tamil movie punch dialogues and slow motion sequences strung together with not even a single attempt by the director to form characters, back stories or genuine plot points.

Directors have to stop banking on just the superstar persona of Malayalam's two era-defining megastars and write characters and scripts that play to their acting strengths.

Awaiting Sachy's Ayyappanum Koshiyum and hoping it will offer a much better filmgoing experience.

hansbaby 27 January 2020

Revenge against those who cheat and killed heroes family. Repeated story

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