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Silent Night (2021)

Comedy | Horror 
Rayting:   6.2/10 542 votes
Country: UK
Language: English
Release date: December 3, 2021

Nell, Simon, and their son Art are ready to welcome friends and family for what promises to be a perfect Christmas gathering. Perfect except for one thing: everyone is going to die.

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Fassinnin 3 December 2021

This is a notice, a point of advice for those of you who want to write and for the director of this movie, especially: obvious is good when it's simple. Simple is not emptiness. Your characters are as empty as your opinion of human beings: of those who watch your movie and of those who they are supposed to portray; being vessels for ideas are good if they are internalised with their own personality: being cliched is not obvious, it's not present in any reality because nobody identifies with them, nobody likes them because your portrayal is mostly disdain, which you call "critique"; your critique is cliched and will be gone as fast as any opinion in the wind. You live in shadows of ideas that you do not break out of, you do not comprehend; your characters are as deep as you make them out of your own character: because there are so many characters that are all in central view, they all feel like chopped pieces out of your vision; they do not pose a threat to ideas, they will not be remembered but as an example of ignorance in the future.

Your problem lies in their depiction, and they are as shallow as a breeze you forget even existed. You're not the master of the ideas that own you: to make them your own, you have to break yourself and break your characters into human beings that challenge your own ideas at the time of the writing. Because you do not question whether you are correct or not, since that doesn't interest you as much as this movie act it does, you end up writing critiques upon critiques that do not critique but your own shortcomings, to feel right: the answer, apparently, is to make this movie with a modestly high budget to prove you can write something that can sell, when in fact, if it will be bought and successful, which I doubt it will- everybody is so tired of watching boring critiques of clichés- it will be as soon forgotten and your name will remain as a mediocre try at art; take the time to not take this personally, but think about art and what's the purpose of it: if you pertain critique and analysis of humanity, do it so that it bites and sticks; if you want cheap movies that like to show you how smart the director is, watch this and be numb to those little sparks in your head that tell : no way, this is a lot of bad writing, it's obviously cheap and the director thinks she's way too smart.

adambrose-19842 23 November 2021

Boring at times but the final scene makes up for what mostly is a below average movie. Great acting all around. The Pace of the moving is painfully slow.

ableriley-850-303541 3 December 2021

If there is one thing that the Brits do well it is black humour. My take on this one is that someone from Black Mirror did a revamp of the movie Love Actually. In fact I had to do a double check to see if the writer/director, Camille Griffin, had been involved in any way with the likes of the TV series Black Mirror (not that I could see).

I won't go into the plot or synopsis of this one as it is best approached with an open mind that has no knowledge of the plot twists. And I didn't find this too political in any real way.

There are slight digs towards environmental doomsayers and overt reactions of government but not really in your face stuff.

As others have warned this is no feel good family Christmas movie but more of an adult movie to watch once the little ones have gone to bed and who knows, it may or may not make you think.

7 out of 10 from me.

acunnington-49732 30 November 2021

I saw this at a preview screening in an almost full cinema, and probably the most telling comment I could give is that at the end of the film, as the final credits rolled, the whole cinema was eerily quiet.

I think most people (myself included) were left wondering "what have I just seen?".

That is not a criticism as such, more a reflection on what is a very strange, sometimes profound, and yet an extremely compelling film.

There are some strong and hugely enjoyable performances from most of the cast, and the script is clever and occasionally funny - albeit with many more than necessary profanities (particularly from the children!).

The ending was inevitable, yet I found it somewhat unfulfilling. Having said that I'm not sure how else they could have wrapped it up.

Certainly it is not a film for everybody, but it is a film that makes you think.

classic-cap 26 November 2021

The acting was good.

The Character are unlikable and just horrible people, "Art" was the only likable one.

I felt done 30 minuets in and would have been glad turning it off then, with it being so so so, so slow where nothing happens) but I didn't, at lest the ending was ok though.

One of the main plots in this movie, is most likely pro anti-vaccine. (i am not going to go on about this not wanting to say any spoilers)

durham100 25 November 2021

The last twenty minutes and the end are excellent but sadly to get to that point you have to endure pretty much endless boredom. The acting is ok but the characters are so unlikeable you barely care what happens to them by the time you get to the good bit. The kids are all awful people and the constant swearing is quite repulsive - it may have been a plot point but if it was it was far too heavy handed. It would have worked as a twenty minute episode of an anthology tv show but did not have enough substance to carry it for ninety minutes and the padding that was the building of the characters and their back stories just made it tiresome to watch. It's a shame - handled differently it could have been quite good.

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