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Sky High (2020)

Action | Crime | Thriller
Rayting:   5.7/10 1712 votes
Country: Spain
Language: English

A commentary on Spanish society dressed as a thriller about the misadventures of a gang of young petty criminals after the real estate crash.

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eoinkaiser 3 April 2021

In itself a Good heist film but somehow I don't see the connections between the individual scenes. It rather seems like half of the storry is not telled, like if you only ever see short excerpts from the whole story. In the end that feels very unsatisfactory, incomplete somehow, and that although the film is 2 hours long.

Lina_ 2 April 2021

If u looking for action this might be worth but storyline and development was unconvincing.. There were so many missing scenes in which you probably should have bond with characters. It felt like progression where left aside here and there.. no real antagonist until the very end which doesn't create thrill at all.

Unfortunately there is no deeper message, no dispute, no understanding, no turning point.. I definitely expected more.

ramisaakter 4 April 2021

The characters seem roaming around and robbing every single jewellery shop. I don't find any conncettion in it.

sherry_mu 5 April 2021

I dont have idea what the director wants us to show in the movie. In the begining it looks like some kind of ocean eleven thriller but soon script loses it connections with the characters.

You will find yourself disoriented in between.

2 hours of movie just a waste of time.

fotaris 3 April 2021

Fragmented narration with unexplained actions. Something is always missing between scenes. A pleasant film (?) if you watch it washing dishes at the same time for example.

faer_kr 2 April 2021

A film that calls itself an adventure and action, having very little of that, is not a drama or a thriller, it is something.

It's about a boy who gets into the business of robbery and all that it involves to climb.

It is of quality.

The editing is terrible and does not help much, potential action scenes are cut, at other times they jump in time and the thread of the sequence is lost because they do not show you the things they speak.

No character develops and you don't empathize with any of them.

At times the dialogues of some characters are not understood.

The story goes about we fight, we are friends, now we are rivals, again friends, again rivals.

The ending is consistent but it overwhelms you so much that it is difficult to reach it.

The few action scenes are fine.

The performances are good too.

A very good idea that remains in the attempt.


johollins 5 April 2021

Premise is interesting but the film kept jumping forward without properly explaining what was happening or giving you time to properly bond with the characters and instead you're trying to figure out how far ahead they've jumped to put what you are seeing in context. The script and storytelling really let this whole film down unfortunately.

khodrmardinli 5 April 2021

The movie might be half as long in my opinion. The story was boring and extremely drawn out.

emiliomagana 5 April 2021

This was pure garbage. The main character is the worst "badass" I've ever seen. In the first diamond heist they destroyed the necklace in the case and I thought a gentle tap would do but clearly not. Other than that the whole film is confusing, a lot of gaps leave the film feeling choppy. The end product is terrible. Between the first heist and the second, Angelito gains the street credit without any clear reasons why.

juliandavidsalamancam 4 April 2021

This movie is soposed to be of robers not a romantic movie, just 3 roberries, I wasted two hours of my day. SO BAD.

aleskander 20 December 2020

A very well directed and choreographed film, the Hawks' Scarface and even more the De Palma's style, showing the corruption, the suburbs, the street language, all this under a good soundtrack and a tense atmosphere. The story of a crazy social climbing and the building of a "human beast"

truffa-emanuele 6 April 2021

A movie with so much stuff that it seems a lot of scenes are missing. It would have been better to do a mini series of 4-5 episodes.

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