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Sound of Metal (2019)

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Country: USA
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A heavy metal drummer's life is thrown into freefall when he begins to lose his hearing.

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RinoBortone91 4 December 2020

When the power of a message comes straight from a heap of scenes, snippets and a combination of simple, yet effective elements, then we're watching an excellent movie. Photographic direction, meticulous and refined by Darius Marder that traps the sensations and fears of a not rare condition in a completely unique, albeit widespread, situation; music that embraces peoples, minds and souls, allowing it to permeate the existence of the individual and when the latter is lacking, the individual feels dead, impeded, robbed and driven to madness. Riz Ahmed, simply spectacular in a role that is not easy at all and becomes the messenger of all those musicians and not, who have lost the motivation to continue, not accepting their new condition, looking for a remedy in the meanders of the world, understanding that many of the times it is harder than it seems. Worth to mention a fantastic Paul Raci, that gives a thrilling, compelling and moving performance. Film that not only pays tribute to musicians with this pathology, but also pays tribute to all those people who exist and continue to exist despite their innate difficulties, making them feel less alone and more important, which they are regardless of everything. Perfect, immaculate, unforgettable.

Surecure 9 September 2019

I was incredibly fortunate to have seen Sound of Metal at the Toronto International Film Festival including a Q&A after with the director and cast. Whereas a lot of films may take the storyline into melodramatic territory, Sound of Metal explores not only the reality of those who are deaf which is so poorly represented in film and television but also the destructive nature and high cost of denial and self-deception in the face of hard truths.

By focusing on someone whose entire existence revolves around a world of sound losing that which defines his life, it gives the viewer pause to consider what life can be like when we learn to accept and let go. There is so much more to life than the small corners of existence we live in and this film paints that reality with both tremendous empathy and a bluntness that lesser writers and directors would avoid.

In addition, one really has to commend the direction and design of this film's audio. It is clear that a great deal of thought went into how to use sound in this film. From the in-your-face pounding of metal music at the start through the muffled reality as the protagonist loses his hearing to the sense of peace in the moments of silence, it is clear that a great deal of painstaking detail was crafted in conveying this film's reality.

Sound of Metal is one of those films which will keep you thinking for days after about so many aspects of life such as addiction and how some relationships may simply serve a purpose in the short term for our life but ultimately must be let go. How it illuminates aspects of the deaf community that few get a chance to see is important. But there is so much more to this film that to pigeonhole it as merely being about deaf people does a grand disservice to the many fantastic qualities in every aspect of its creation. I highly recommend taking the time to watch this film.

cansarica-34870 12 December 2020

Masterpiece! I was expecting a movie like Whiplash but this one is far better. Whiplash is a story of "If you work hard, you succeed." This one is "If you work hard, you succeed, then one day you can lose everything in a second, and if you work harder, you can realize that "everything" is actually nothing." A tribute to stillness...

digitalbeachbum 10 December 2020

As a person going deaf, this movie means a bit more to me than the average person. The loss of hearing is a sensory device, a part of us, which when lost is overwhelming to deal with and often debilitating to the point of extreme suffering of the mind.

The Sound of Metal is a good play on words, because the main character has to deal with the loss of his "metal" music, but later that word comes to mean something else which you will need to watch the movie to discover. It is important because it brings to life the idea of what you hear is never the same. When you hear something as a child, but then hear it again fifty years later, the sound you think you hear is not the same but similar enough to evoke memories.

We live in a world of sensory overload. Enjoy the silence when it comes to you.

cliftonofun 5 April 2021

Confession: I'm a total sucker for recovery stories - maybe it is the former social worker in me. Now, some people might suggest this movie's about music or the deaf community, but I honesty believe it is about saving (and accepting) ourselves. It is about the addictions that define us, whether we're embracing or surrendering them...and the people that help heal us along the way. In other words, it IS a recovery story. And it is also flawlessly done. The performances are intimate, the sounds/silences keep drawing you in, and the moments of stillness are absolutely breathtaking. Marder's crafted something that feels so personal and authentic, an invitation into these characters' lives and experiences. When the credits rolled, I just sat there taking it in.

emo_ville2002 31 January 2020

Riz Ahmed is one of those actors, you simply cannot take your eyes off. It's not solely because of his good looks. He's always intense and, most importantly, he always makes you care about the characters he's portraying. In this case, he portrays a rock drummer who is losing his hearing.

As with most of his roles, he more than did his homework. Ahmed moved to Brooklyn for a few months and learned to play drums, he also spent a lot time with people from the deaf community. He showed the same dedication for his Naz Khan role in 'The Night Of', he immersed himself in the character's background. Expect no less from this actor.

Having two partially deaf relatives, I could relate to this film. Especially one relative who refused to learn sign language, they would rather read lips. Thinking of my relatives initially denying their hearing loss, this film really hit home.

Why are people bringing up Riz being Pakistani? With every role, will he continue to be defined by his background? His character was named Ruben, it's assumed his character was Hispanic. Riz can play other nationalities and ethnic groups beyond his own South Asian background. He can certainly pass for Hispanic, especially in this film. When considering Riz for a role, directors and producers should think outside the box.

The ending was extremely effective, but not a surprise at all.

Another excellent performance from Riz Ahmed. A few more films like this and he will finally have earned his Oscar.

Xstal 24 December 2020

Taking the auditory experience of film to a brand new and original level, Riz Ahmed signs an immensely authentic performance as a drummer locked from sound without warning. The film builds around the way he learns to come to terms with the challenges his disability presents, through the discovery of who he really is as life, meaning and purpose graft perspective to his being. With a great supporting cast, this is a landmark piece of cinema to be savoured.

kckysc 30 December 2020

My husband has hearing loss and this movie made him weep. It also helped me to understand what he was experiencing. The script is extraordinary as is the acting. I hope they do well that the awards, they deserve it.

nfancher 4 December 2020

This movie rocked me to my core. I'm struggling to gather the words to adequately express how profoundly this film moved me. It's such a specific story, brilliantly captured and conveyed, yet it's one shared by every human that's lived. The struggle to find meaning in the madness. The peace in the chaos. Hope amidst the bleak monotony of daily life. It also trusts that the viewer has a brain and can pick up on nuance. It's subtle. It's layered. It's patient. It's perfect.

arshadfilms1 15 September 2019

The Sound of Metal is definitely one of the top films this year and it has everything to do with the steak kar performances of the lead actor Riz Ahmed. With blond hair it's hard to even place him as a Pakistani playing the role. Ahmed is an intense actor and takes us into the world of a tormented drummer trying to come to terms with losing his hearing not long after overcoming addiction. This new battle takes him into an unfamiliar world where the sound design helps the audience feel what the protagonist must feel. This film selves into experimentation with the auditory experience of cinema. An absolute must-watch.

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