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Space Sweepers (2021)

Action | Drama | SciFi
Rayting:   6.6/10 18197 votes
Country: South Korea
Language: English

Set in the year 2092 and follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. When they discover a humanoid robot named Dorothy that's known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal.

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carnagecarney 6 February 2021

Like a Korean Guardians of the Galaxy. Mind blowing scifi special effects - if this film was in English with a Marvel production logo in the intro everyone would be scoring it 8.5 or 9.

I watched the English version which you don't even notice after 10 minutes. This movie was awesome. Awesome effects, awesome & very original concept, awesome screenplay... It's awesome.

If you like SciFi, this movie is a real treat. If you don't, you will still fall in love with the characters, story arc and spell binding special effects !

Highly recommend - 8/10

slmcdee 5 February 2021

Space Sweepers is a pretty solid ride with great CGI especially when you consider the budget was around 21mil (USD). I see a lot of people saying that the acting was subpar for some of the cast and supporting cast, but how can you truly gauge it when you're more than like watching it in another language.

It met the expections I have for these Netflix Sci Fi films. If you enjoyed Wandering Earth then you will more than likely enjoy this as well.

eduardvimard 5 February 2021

In all honesty I don't get the negative reviews...I mean just by seeing the trailer you realize more or less what is all about. In terms of entertainment this movie is cute and so much fun to watch, and actually people moaning all the time by saying oh is that oh is the other, should just enjoy it for what it is. Another good release from South Korea which didn't disappoint.

wolfzrain 6 February 2021

This is a Korean version of 'Serenity'. The plot is very similar.

But, I could enjoy the entire watching. Up-dong (A robot) is funny. Kot-nim(A child) is adorable.

Overall, it's recommended. Fun to watch, try it.

ps1. the budget was 21 mil $. Could you believe that?

jdprdise-95368 5 February 2021

Apparently South Korea can do what Hollywood cant.. So refreshing to watch and original movie!!! Awesome story and characters. Best movie I have seen in a couple of years.

spasek 6 February 2021

All Hollywood can do anymore is give us CGI-fest films with no depth in character or story, or remakes that are almost all worse than their originals. Typically, the films tend to mirror the demands of their audience; people who can barely sit through anything that actually requires some attention.

Korea gives us a great space story that is a bit of a mixture of Wall-E, Firefly, and Blade Runner. The film also gives us a great balance of story, character, and action. Why does the story work so well? Because like all great storytellers, they focus on the story and the characters.

George Lucas once stated, "a film with special effects and no story is a pretty boring thing." Funny how he would actually end up going against his own proverb, and it is also true of what has happened with much of western filmmaking, as stated above.

The film also has a lot of heart, which will make the viewer all the more appreciative that it isn't just an action movie. This is enhanced by veteran actors like Joong-Ki Song (Descendants of the Sun) and Tae-Ri Kim (Mr. Sunshine) as well as Jin Seon-Kyu.

The movie isn't perfect, but if you want a good story, some laughs, and some great action sequences, you won't be disappointed.

naderofficial 5 February 2021

I swear to god, I don't usually post reviews on IMDB, but I just had to review this one. Korean movies seem to be stepping up getting even better than some of big Hollywood movies.

My brain still not able to process why people can't enjoy anything anymore? Seriously why the bad reviews? It's like some people ran out of dopamine in their brains to feel happy.

This movie has it all, comedy, grief, joy, mystery, excitement, suspense, it's like an all-in-one package which triggers every emotion you have. And the Visual effects were insane! dude I can't believe they only spent 20M$ on this one. It was next level seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if they said 1B$. Not to mention the sounds effects were out of this world also.

Please, don't waste your time reading the bad reviews. Some people are having a bad day. Go ahead watch it, I highly recommend it and trust me you will NOT regret your decision. It's 10 out 10 for me.

dannypark247 6 February 2021

Considering the scale of this movie, and what they set out to do, I'd say this was a success. It was off, not perfect, and missed often. But overall, very entertaining, impressive, and promising for a whole new film category for South Korea to add to. And they have a lot now. Btw, it's nice to see a variety of countries and languages represented here, not just the usual English only which I find more realistic in a sense. Btw, it is very difficult to incorporate so many different languages and it didn't always work out. But I always thought these futuristic space stories had way too many people from only certain countries ie USA and UK. Star Wars are suppose to be aliens, not even human, far far away and they are still mostly....English speaking white people basically. No one ever thought this was odd? Anyways, looking forward to more sci-fi to come out of South Korea, and other countries for that matter

jaylinb 13 February 2021

Crumbled across this on Netflix and so glad I chose to watch - starts out with a bang and kept me interested the whole way through. Very well done, was originally meant for the big screen but due to COVID came to streaming services. I'd happily pay to see this in a theatre.

scientiaetveritas 6 February 2021

Protagonists are very cliche (their background stories & personality traits), so is the antagonist (as often seen: big tech company gone bad, its evilness is poorly motivated...). Classic good versus bad story, lacking of grey levels. Very typical, expected plot & outcome, with lots of plot armor on the way. Fans of action & light entertainment will like it, sci-fi fans (like me) might still take some pleasure because of visuals & the general setting.

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