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Spenser Confidential (2020)

Action | Crime | Mystery
Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

When two Boston police officers are murdered, ex cop Spenser teams up with his no nonsense roommate, Hawk, to take down criminals.

Director: Peter Berg Writer:

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke and Alan Arkin

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heulnicht 6 March 2020

Typical Mark Wahlberg flick with likeable actors. Nothing new, still entertaining. I don't get why some people have to analyse this kind of movies to death just because it's not Oscar material.

adamei 7 March 2020

Don't listen to the "critics". We enjoyed the movie from start to finish. Why can't people just sit back, enjoy and not overanalyze a movie? Sure, we've seen it before but we know all the stories of the comics and Marvel and superheroes and Disney and we still watch it right lol

clarkishome 6 March 2020

I was a fan of the original Spencer for hire series on TV. Seeing that Mark Wahlberg was raised in the Boston area this is a just right fit for him. Having grown up in many different cities, including the Boston area , this movie brings a lot of memories back. Wahlberg brings his unique sarcasm, wit and physical presence to the role. Although it is somewhat different than the series, it is a good PI movie that you will enjoy. The thing that people have to remember is that you have to judge movies based on categories. This will never win an Academy award, but I would not compare it to titanic or pretty woman because that's not the type of movie it is. This is an action, comedy, and some what of a mystery. If you're looking for a good action movie with unique personalities and some comedy thrown in, this is your movie, enjoy.

jim-162-93871 25 March 2020

This is not a terrible movie. But it's an unforgivably terrible Spenser movie.

If you want to make a generic 90s buddy action movie, go ahead. I'll watch and enjoy along with the rest of them. But don't call it a Spenser movie unless you plan to make a Spenser movie.

These aren't some shoddily drawn characters from an 80s TV show that you can recycle like the big screen versions of popcorn fare like The A Team, Dukes of Hazzard, CHiPs or Baywatch. These are characters with distinct lives, back stories, and ways of talking and acting that millions of readers are intimately familiar with through 45 years worth of novels.

Wahlberg and Duke are fine, but they bear no relation to Spenser and Hawk. The end credits claim this was based on the novel "Wonderland", but the fact that it has an old dog track called Wonderland in it is not enough to make that claim. This plot has no connection to the novel at all.

The fact that Spenser starts out as a felon means, as one character helpfully points out, he can't get a P.I. license in Boston. That's literally the entire character - that's who he is! Spenser gives his reason for taking on this case as something do with the widow reminding him of his mother. But Spenser never even knew his mother!

One of the writers on this is Brian Helgeland, who is a perfectly good screenwriter - he wrote LA Confidential (is that the reason for the title of this one? What the hell does Spenser Confidential even mean? I'm none the wiser after seeing it). However, Helgeland clearly isn't a Spenser fan. I would question whether he's even read one of the novels.

And THAT is why, for the people who don't get it, this perfectly fine, run of the mill generic action comedy is getting some low ratings. It's not because people are expecting an Oscar worthy film. It's because people expect an incredibly popular and well loved franchise might be treated with the tiniest bit of respect.

RobScott-13 6 March 2020

To all the people who rate this a 1-3...what did you expect? Seriously? Were you expecting "The Godfather?" You have to rate these movies based on what they were going for & the genre, not compared to the best movies of all-time. What were you expecting from a Mark Wahlberg action/comedy? It was EXACTLY what I was expecting! There are two different people who rate these kind of movies a 1-3...1) The kind of person who hates everything & who's life is so miserable they are negative all the time on the Internet & social media. I guarantee if you look at their reviews for other movies/shows, 95% of them will be rated a 1-3 bc they hate everything! 2) The next group that rates so low are bots from competing streaming services of Netflix, you can tell which ones those are bc they rate EVERYTHING Netflix does like a 1 or 2 and say things like "Netflix can't make a good movie/tv show" or "another Netflix bomb" even though Netflix has had more Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, etc award nominations than any other company on the planet! Bottom line, is this an Oscar movie? Of course not, but it is what anyone with a brain would expect from a Wahlberg action movie! Just turn your mind off & enjoy it for what it is!

pia-ellefsen 22 March 2020

I love a good action movie! I like Wahlberg, I know what to expect if I see his name. Take it for what it is, a action/entertaining movie. And stop bit**'in about it's this and that! It's entertainment 😃

balevine 15 March 2020

I liked the movie but I can't understand why they changed the story line from the wonderful Spenser series written by Robert Parker. Spenser and Hawk are amazing characters why change that? Why change Susan, Spenser's beau and psychologist into Cissy the dog groomer? Where's Belson? Why is Pearl a basset hound and not a golden retriever? I think they should have just named the movie Confidential and changed all of the characters names which would have made the movie more credible.

TwistedContent 6 March 2020

Netflix makes a bunch of great stuff, often hits and misses, but in the niche of action/blockbuster movies, Netflix has a real knack for landing in the average and underwhelming section. "Bright" and "6 Underground" are spot-on examples & now "Spenser Confidential" has joined the bowl of expensive but mediocre action flicks.

"Spenser Confidential" is Peter Berg's fifth movie in a row (!!!) starring Mark Wahlberg, and the last two were a downgrade for both. Spenser (Mark Wahlberg), an honest, hard-headed ex-cop with a strong moral compass gets out of prison, reconnects with his mentor Henry (Alan Arkin) and his new roommate Hawk (Winston Duke), a no-nonsense MMA fighter with heart. Spenser got in prison for trying out some vigilante justice & that is exactly what he's going to do for the entirety of the movie, just now with his new friend Hawk. The story is as old as the world and nor Peter Berg nor the screenwriter Brian Helgeland (who really can do better than this) has done anything much to spice it up. "Spenser Confidential" has comedy, action, sentimentalism and all the basic, vital ingredients, none of which rise above the level of average. It's kinda like the movie's sort of 'muted', like softened up, watered down, muddled, call it what You want. You've seen and felt all of this before, probably a load of times. So, looking for silver linings, the cast (mostly) provides decent performances, some jokes land and some action parts are well done and edited. The pacing could've been worse. Visually, it's pretty standard, not confusing or amateur, just standard. One would say, meaning me, that the R rating hasn't been utilized much at all, apart from some swearing, one or two machete cuts and a clothed sex scene. Mehh.

"Spenser Confidential" is a lukewarm blockbuster, a lackluster cop/vigilante/p.i. action flick, an expensive movie made by big names and starring good names and that's about it. It's a light-hearted adventure, an easy Sunday watch, but the kind you're not very likely to remember. My rating: 6/10.

benxrichardson 8 March 2020

It was a below average film, no great action scenes, no great dialogue and an incredibly unoriginal story line. The whole thing just felt lazy.

The movie is watchable and it presumably achieved what it set out to achieve by being a run of the mill, forgettable film.

daderdog 7 March 2020

Whatever the good you can say about this film, it is NOT a Spenser and Hawk story. Whoever wrote it took the names of the main characters and glued them onto a random buddy cop story. I like Wahlberg and Arkin is a great actor. But there is nothing in this movie which Robert Parker would recognize as the great characters he created. The most disappointing part is Hawk. In the books and the original series, he is a force of nature - cool, deadly and competent. Winston Duke is probably is a fine actor, but they wrote the character as if he were Michael Oher in the Blindside.

All that said, this is a good enough distraction as a whodunit action film. It has enough action, humor and conflict to fill the time. I do think they were trying to set this up as a pilot for a new Spenser series.

mandorallen-the-lion 6 March 2020

If you're taking this more seriously than that you weren't paying attention. There's not a moment in this movie where they submitted any requests for you to think higher of this than a fun flick. Try judging it on that.

It was fun. For fans of die hard and such. Was it dark and depressing like many crime drama's? no. Was it stupid like most comedy crime dramas? no. Was it boring like most everything else? no.

Fun characters, with great people acting them, obviously. Alan arkin for god's sake. (but she stole the cake if we're honest) Plot was never slow. Setting is always engaging. Boston is just fun . . .

Reem750618 6 March 2020

If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie. There's nothing new in the storyline and it has all been done, but if you like this kind of movie you'll have a great time. I liked the humor in it and the characters are likeable too. I'll gladly watch it again in a few months or so.

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