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Sputnik (2020)

Drama | SciFi 
Rayting:   6.4/10 15784 votes
Country: Russia
Language: English

The lone survivor of an enigmatic spaceship incident hasn't returned back home alone hiding inside his body is a dangerous creature.

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kuarinofu 14 August 2020

I know something about Russian cinema (I live near Russia and I speak Russian).

Let me explain why this movie is not what it could've been.

First of all, modern big-budget Russian cinema is desperately trying to copy Hollywood-style productions and franchises, they even borrow some scripts and ideas (which is fine, many European filmmakers do this). Indie Russian filmmakers mostly do other types of films and there are lots of great Russian films out there, like Durak (2014), Leviathan (2014), Zhit (2010), Zavod (2018) and many more.

This film is not an exception in terms of Hollywood copy-pasting. Up to around 1 hr mark, they just copy scenes and concepts from popular films like Annihilation, Venom, Gravity (opening scene), Arrival, After Earth, and Alien Covenant. This is a common practice since sometimes they just straight-up rip off scripts and whole films like Nochnye strazhi (2016) (MIB rip-off with vampires), Den D (2008) (Commando scene-by-scene ripoff), Voin (2015) (a rip-off of Warrior (2011) and many, many more.

They do this copy-paste pretty well, the cinematography is great, the 80ties Soviet-era setting works although they never really dive deep into it since this film was made for international release and most of the more complicated stuff just wouldn't be understood. In this film though they re-create those scenes not exactly knowing what they are meant to establish. Many scenes are supposed to be emotional but not in this film, they clearly misunderstood the tone of some of those since the music is heavily misused in this. Like the scene where the doctor is transported to the facility, which was taken from the Arrival, but they play military-style music which does not fit well into the "delving into the unknown" style of the scene, more like an action film build-up.

Right around 1hr mark, they run of these and just start making their own stuff up, making really big stretches in terms of the script. Since the premise was a mix of other films they didn't really know where to go with this and thus, the film transformed into a mess of unbelievable scenes and random unnecessary subplots. Character motivation is completely dropped and all the things the characters do make absolutely no sense, nobody knows what and why they are doing.

The kid subplot was so incredibly unnecessary and disconnected that removing it from the story would change absolutely nothing. I have absolutely no idea why it was even included (probably because of using this mix of ideas they didn't really know what genre the film is supposed to be, a sci-fi horror? a family drama? who knows).

The ending is very messy and kind of defeats the purpose of most of the unmotivated character actions, which is a staple of these types of films.

We will surely see more of these since foreign markets are very profitable, and since most of these big productions are co-funded by Fond Kino (Cinema Fund, Russian governmental organization), the creators are not really scared of losing money and are just trying to build up better visuals and more recognizable imagery to sell their product worldwide.

Even though this film was quite a mess, I still want to give props to the filmmakers (one of which is the son of a great Soviet director Sergei Bondarchuk (the author of many great films and even an oscar-winning Voyna i mir (1966-67), who plays the commander in this one) for achieving a technical level of a good Hollywood production.

Too bad they had no original c

TheLegendOfThe42 2 September 2020

Well, what do we have here? Could this be one of those films that have stopped coming from big studios a long time ago? Could this be a decent, well-made and thought provoking story in an interesting setting with great visuals and acting? In 2020?

Well, yes! Leave it to the Russians to bring some loving Sci-Fi back. Set in an intriguingly nostalgic feeling USSR of the 80s, "Sputnik" is a slow-paced, but increasingly intense story that manages to make you think a bit. The characters are nuanced, the plot is adequate, the cinematography very nice to excellent, and even the CGI is better than many films with way higher budgets.

If you don't try to project any "Western" expectations onto it and maybe even understand the "Russian soul" a bit, you will definitely enjoy this.

shakal_marko 28 August 2020

I have to say,I really liked it. The story was tense from the beggining and the acting was quiet good. This is how every sci-fi movie should be...Entertaining,good plot, new and fresh ideas...Overall a good sci-fi movie... well done

saamitrov 16 August 2020

I almost never give a nine for a movie but this one deserves it,I'm a big fan of science fiction and I saw probably everything worthwhile from that genre but this film is a real surprise for me,this is one of the best sci-fi movies in my life ! Watch this movie without the prejudices which you may have about Russian movies and you will be as surprised as I am !

Harikl 15 August 2020

This Russian sci-fi horror was surprisingly good. It captures the atmosphere of Russian military and alien amazingly. Yes, the relationship and motive between two main characters is debatable and feel unrealistic. But i am passing it as the rest of the movie was fantastic. Actors did a good job especially the military commander. It would have been 10/10 if they had tweaked the script a bit.

screechy_jim-92009 17 August 2020

This movie starts off well enough with an intriguing, if a little slow account of the aftermath of a Russian space craft's return to earth. There is a good deal of suspense throughout the movie and its well acted and reasonably well directed. The problems stem from the failing plot that surfaces about an hour into the screenplay where the focus shifts from the extraterrestrial and scientific aspect of the events, to one of inter-Soviet self interest, coupled with professional ambition, deceit and posturing.

This is all done fairly badly and is incongruous with the preceding story line. The result is a sudden and very disjointed feeling from what was a quite immersive film experience. I'm not sure why this was done, but I suspect it was a foolish attempt to add depth and dimension to a plot that really needed something quite spectacular to successfully bring it to conclusion given the topic at hand.

Though this isn't Alien, or anything like a number of other titles involving extraterrestrial or extraordinary beings unwittingly coming to be present normal life, It is s subject that has been breached numerous occasions, and finding a unique path for development which is successful isn't always easy. Here, the plot becomes messy, the scenes and dialog delusive, and progression of the story becomes dependant and the characters making unrealistic decisions, poor choices, and atypical behaviour.

I definitely liked it initially, but sadly I began rolling my eyes with the later developments and by the end I was fairly disappointed with what really should have been a good film.

Old Hollywood films always had romance in them. It didn't matter if it was a Spy film, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller or some other genre. There was always some romantic subplot thrown in for good measure. This movie had aspects of this dated approach included for reasons I can only guess, and the results made it feel stilted and hackneyed, especially because it was done so obtusely.

I can't recommend it in all honesty, though I think a six is a fair enough score given it did have some good aspects.

alexlittle-81215 18 August 2020

The only thing this movie suffers from is an extremely misleading trailer, in the vein of "it comes at night". Do NOT expect an edge of your seat alien horror movie because that's not this one. It's instead an excellently crafted slow burn thriller helped on by excellent directing, cinematography, score, performances and some exquisite special effects (The creature especially!!!!!)

doktorwirefly 23 August 2020

I had a friend a long time ago who when we sat down to watch a movie together, if I attempted to name an actor, would silence me saying, "suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the movie for what it is". It's easy to make comparisons with the familiar. It's a lot harder to judge something unfamiliar on its own merit. I'm not Russian, neither do I speak the language so I was grateful for the steady paced subtitles to guide me through the plot. If you need to measure this movie against others of similar ilk. You are probably going to be disappointed? On the other hand. If like me you are prepared to leave your ego and bias at the door. You might notice what a little gem this movie is. Go Russia. Make some more.

apollosdei 7 August 2020

Usually you don't expect much from non American sci fi movies. But this one is a good find. It's like seeing those movies of the 80's or 90's that still weren't that formulaic and doesn't try either to lecture you on morals or is totally devoid of any moral standing. The pace is slow but not boring (something American movies have lost the ability to keep) and the story evolves naturally and never fails to its own logic (there is no "you gotta be kidding me" moment as it all matches and fits without foolishness or absurdity, given the preset premises). Maybe it needed a little more or a little else to excel but it's quite a good product and the special effects are perfect (on par or even surparssing the American CGI's).

siderite 17 August 2020

I am happy to see that Russian scifi films are finally moving towards the Russian scifi literature that I loved so much as a child. This is a wonderful little gem, a Russian version of Life, but with more focus on the people and less on the special effects and action scenes. Not perfect, mind you, but so far the best Russian science fiction film I've seen them make recently. And the special effects were very good, too, which makes the decision to keep them in the background so much more laudable.

The weakest link is the main character, unfortunately, who does things that make little sense for a scientist. Yet her contribution is not that of a character, but as a carrier of the audience, so what she does is really not that relevant.

I hope Russian cinema will start bringing back the intellectual slow burn story, the civilian scientists that have to solve problems without relying on strength or weapons, but on their own thinking.

mitza_bombonik 14 July 2020

My dad is a fan of Russian movies and he recomend me this movie who really impressed me. the script wasn't like the american movies where you can guess the next move and how it will end. The special effects were well made. I totally recommend this movie

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