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Spy Intervention (2020)

Action | Comedy 
Rayting:   4.5/10 1210 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

When the world's greatest spy meets the woman of his dreams, he abandons his adventurous existence and settles into the security of suburbia.

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greenheart 23 February 2020

What you need to have in mind when watching this movie is that it's a spoof and is all very tongue in cheek. It should not be taken seriously. Sure, the acting isn't great, but it isn't supposed to be. The leads both absolutely looked the part, there were some amusing support roles and the style was nicely observed. As a movie, it never quite took off for me and I never detected any real chemistry between the leads. But it is amusing, the bowling scenes with the cardboard salesman and the dancing at the dinner party were highlights for me. The line "A>B>C, Always be cardboard" had me laughing out loud. No classic, but not a complete dud either.

dalesimmons04 29 February 2020

I think people are being a little harsh here. The film is seriously funny. Clever humor at that and the acting wasn't the best but still worth a watch.

shanksfilmmaker 23 February 2020

I loved it! Great actors, funny storyline and though it's an indie movie they still made it work. Give it a go

jayjay33 26 February 2020

Didn't know what to expect but we loved it! Brittany Furlan killed it, shes hilarious. This movie isn't meant to be taken seriously, its a comedy.

irina_rivers 1 March 2020

The acting and production was done in this way. It's done purposely. Enjoy every bit of it. Some of my favorite actors in this one and it's so funny. Clever scriptwriting and you have to give it to the director he sure got so many people mad on here for some reason lol.

kanethegod 1 March 2020

Really entertaining film. Spy Intervention had a bit of everything from humor, action and some good acting. A great weekend film to watch with friends and family.

yasizmee 1 March 2020

Once you realize that it's a clever comedy, it's pretty funny. Some of the scenes feel like theatre scenes (hilarious ones at that) and there are many nods to classic movie scenes. Loved the commentary on suburbia and the grind of daily life. Loved the original atmospheric soundtrack. It's a fun watch!

sewbeauty 16 February 2020

I made it just a few minutes in before I slapped myself and said "why in the hell am i watching this"? The acting is horrendous...the plot pathetic. How did this ever make it to film? Please do yourself a favor - don't waste your time by even starting this.

cashovina 15 February 2020

Low budget crap, bad acting, crappy effects and scenes with self reviewing crappy cast and production members. See "Tell your friends" review. This have to be banned from existence.

d-ramseeey 22 February 2020

Not to sure what all the bad reviews are about but the film wasn't bad at all. It's a hilarious movie we had some great laughs. Watch it, it's supper funny.

levijay-0087 3 March 2020

Download this stupid crap of a movie at your own risk. Don't get carried away with alot of fake reviews here, its a terribly stupid movie.

Poor casting, Poor Acting, Poor Effects, Poor everything.... I regret watching this crap.

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