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Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Action | Fantasy 
Rayting:   6.6/10 380174 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end.

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arapacis-metal 18 May 2020

They are so used to making films for four-year olds that they thought the force is magic. There are magical and inexplicable wizardry happening all the time. Who knew 'Jedi' can heal the drying and mortally wounded? All those Jedi didn't need to die in episodes I-III! If only Yoda had known!! It is not just that nurse Rey is so magical. People fly, people transport items across the galaxy, people come back from the dead and intervene/assist/interfere and the list continues.

Twinkle twinkle little star....

Aaron-harlow 25 April 2020

I LOVE Star Wars films and couldn't see this film fast enough. All I can say is what was that all about? It was quite boring. Did anyone even edit this film? Rey's character was not likable. The only person tolerable was Chewie. Leia died of shame. Nothing happened anyone cared about. The dialogue was not clever. The film never went anywhere at all. It was just endless scenes of magical occurrences. People galloping on horses (read that again). Magic over kill. By the time the ending happened I didn't care anymore. I wanted to LOVE this movie, but I haven't been this bored in a long long time. I wish i felt differently.

hasidic-goldsteins 2 May 2020

They have horses (yup horses) on the outside of a starship galloping while the star destroyer is in motion and beating the weaponry of the empire in terms of speed*!

*JJ Abrams read somewhere that Lucas' vision was a Western in space and he got the wrong idea.

Thom-Hume 18 April 2020

So it motivated me to finally register and add my own reviews.

Obviously that is the only way they can get a couple of positive (spammy) reviews of this turkey in here. They already have a fake rating for it.

The truth is that this piece of corporate vomit sucked. It sucked hard. The actress (nurse Ridley something) heals the boo boo of her bff. The horseback warriors gallop in space (yes I repeat in space) and evade intergalactic warfare technology by trotting and rolling on and off horseback, the dollar store masked emo has the mask and then doesn't have it at will and of course a dead character shows up out of nowhere (yup the old sitcom trick) and bores our pants off.

One last note: hilarious that Bad Robot spammers are on here laming The Last Jedi. Who produced The Last Jedi? Check this website. That is right. JJ 'I rip off for a living'; Abrams.

akpsyuwi 18 May 2020

Or yet another Ghostbusters!

That is how atrocious the directing is. I could utter every word before the characters said them. So cliche-ridden.

Dex-ang 24 April 2020

News that is. Very good news. It is the last one. We don't have to see this cast and crew again (until sequel time in 2021).

More good news: business schools across the country have fresh material on how to destroy, destruct, implode, explode, blow up, drill, sabotage, crush a much vaunted and respected cultural phenomenon and turn it into a Sunday morning cartoon (with even worse acting).

wrchutw 2 May 2020

I watched and observed. I planned and plotted. At the stroke of midnight I jumped over the wall of LucasFilms headquarters and evaded the security camera and the guards. I scooted to the building's far wall in less than six seconds and broke through the unwired basement window. I was in, but there was still a long way to go and motion detectors to avoid!

There was a foul stench in the air.

I took a big gulp of my oxygen tank.

I ran to the left and managed to creep forward with a lurch. Two rights, straight ahead and up the stairs before turning left twice and running down the stairs. I was behind a big black velvety door now. The secret maps smuggled out were correct! I hope they would continue to be so. Well, I had trained for this.

I uttered the magical words I had rehearsed a thousand times. My mouth still could not get used to the taste of sulfur that permeated my tongue, larynx, nostrils and even ears. No time to taste the acrid stench now.

The door opens and I run down the stairs, there is a beady drape here that I did not know about. Overconfidence had made them not post any guards. I got past the drape and shone a light on the blackened scene.

It burnt my eyes, but my gaze persisted.

I was in the temple of the sith.

cary-adams 4 June 2020

Embarrassing If there was a lower rating than 1, this film would deserve it. Was this written by a remedial Sunday school class? The rise (hahahaahaaaaa) is a selfish, stupid, and harmful film. If this movie was satire and called "Bulls**t", I would still give it a ZREO for even giving screen time to this nonsense. Geez... really, humans.

jane-harlow 28 May 2020

This and the entire sequel trilogy is nothing more than a billion dollar corporate money grab. It has just as much claim to being serious as the Star Wars Holiday Special does. Heck, the Holiday Special had all the original actors! These people? So bad they are not even aware of their own ignorance.

James-antonelli 10 May 2020

Watching this Disney film makes me notice that the titles are nonsense. Where do they get these titles from? In the first one the force does not awaken. mostly because it is inconsistent with the force. It is always there and never sleeps. In the next one we do not have a last jedi or the series would have ended. And here all Skywalkers are dead. Rey trying to fit herself is laughable of course.

yeoxexlpq 30 April 2020


Same silliness once again. Also, JJ Abrams is without a clue. Full of annoying useless characters. Also, Rey is powerful out of nowhere again and even practies magical medicine.

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