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Stuber (2019)

Action | Crime   
IMDB Rayting:   6.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A detective recruits his Uber driver into an unexpected night of adventure.

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nicduffy 3 October 2019

Worth watching, not sure why there is so much hate for this movie. We enjoyed it.

StarbucksBatman 19 October 2019

I laughed once during the movie. Typical 'watch it in a Friday evening, fall asleep during and forget it by tomorrow' movie. I'm happy I didn' t pay for it.

nyodoko 4 October 2019

A perfect light evening filler where I laughed a lot. Bautista and Nanjinani worked great together. A movie I would probably watch again, which I can not say a lot these days.

mm-42444 14 July 2019

It wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. It still made me laugh though. It had some heartfelt moments also. I wouldn't call this a must see but maybe if you don't mind cheesy comedy and don't take things too seriously it can be enjoyed. It was fun with the fam.

khushpreetsarnobat 1 August 2019

Okay, the movie has been out for a while but the theater was decently filled. Granted, the story is not very original but it had some good action scenes and everybody in the audience was laughing and laughing and laughing. In the end I found it entertaining and funny and I liked both main characters.

brandonzamudio 11 July 2019

Title says it all, essentially it's Collateral but not even close to as good. Go watch that instead, would not be surprised if the writers and crew saw that movie and decided to just rip it off. Also title of this movie is dumb and sounds like a bad joke.

nnom 2 October 2019's a 6 instead of 7.6, it's because a bunch of people expected it to be an action fest where Bautista was the toughest guy in the room. They were disappointed. Too bad. Very decent flick, Kumail funny as always, Bautista showing some range, nice, good supporting characters...formulaic a bit? Sure. But worth watching, action, comedy, you could definitely do worse.

bastille-852-731547 27 June 2019

I saw this at an advance screening, and went in hoping for the best. Given the popularity of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, I thought the idea for a buddy comedy about Uber could be both entertaining and timely, and the film has two strong leads (Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista.) Unfortunately, this was a dreadful attempt at action comedy that has some (surprisingly) visceral action scenes, yet fails miserably at virtually every other aspect.

The film centers around a highly aggressive LAPD officer (Bautista) looking for a brutal heroin dealer. However, he cannot drive to the locations that he needs to go to due to his Lasik surgery affecting his vision. As a result, he gets in an Uber with a mild-mannered, composed driver (Nanjiani) trying to keep his star rating up, who has to keep going around with him to stop the dealer. The film's plot generally consists of going from point A to point B and point C, which is fine, but the story's narrative never manages to take any structural risks. As a comedy, "Stuber" falls pretty flat. While there are a few mildly amusing lines of dialogue, the humor is an awkward mishmash of cheap jokes about Uber, raunchy R-rated jokes, weak puns, and erratic pop culture references. None of the jokes or "points" of the narrative really add up to much significant. The more over-the-top moments in the film tend to rely on shock value just for the sake of it, unlike the better R-rated comedies that balance wit, irony, and strong writing with over-the-top content.

One of the film's biggest problems is its characterization. The film's two lead characters are far too "on the nose" to the point that it becomes difficult to even remotely suspend one's disbelief. This makes the characters more annoying than funny or amusing. The film's supporting characters are also embarrassingly written as their characterization is both paper-thin and of little prominence to the greater story arc as a whole. The actions of these poorly depicted characters end up serving as glaring clichés. While the film's (surprisingly intense) action is generally well-choreographed, that is the only thing recommendable about this otherwise disastrous action-comedy. Even though Stu wants to earn a five-star rating in this movie, the film itself is only deserving of 1 star. 2/10

ThomasDrufke 1 August 2019

There are many reasons to be grateful for movie theater subscription cards, but the biggest one is that I find myself checking out movies I wouldn't normally have gone to see, mainly due to poor marketing. Stuber is the common case of an awful marketing campaign that turned out to be a pretty solid summer buddy film, with two rising stars in Hollywood in Nanjiani & Bautista. It borrows from many buddy-cop classics but their chemistry is enough to put some of the comedy that falls flat over the edge and bring some laugh out loud moments to the forefront. Granted, there were many big comedic scenes that were in the trailer, but that's inevitable in this day and age, and shows you even further how poor the marketing was for the film. It won't make enough money, but I could have definitely gone for more entries into this series with Bautista & Nanjiani.


writenamehere 13 July 2019

A large angry prune kidnaps an Indian bloke for hijinks and whatever. So many times I wanted to walk out of this film, but I was with my wife and we were supposed to be having a "date night" type thing. I mean I expected something silly, but if anything, the trailer made it seem much more watchable than it was. I realise now I should've walked out. There's nothing new in this, and most gratingly, the tempo/pacing is all wrong for comedy. It was terrible. It was an insult. After a while I couldn't stop laughing at it, the way jokes didn't work, the tired cliché rolled out endlessly. It made me want to die. It was nice to see Mira Sorvino again though, and I can't say the acting was bad, actors do what they're told. Everything else was wrong. If this is the future of film or comedy, then both are officially dead.

palistineroyal 14 July 2019

This was so sadly made and what a waste of such good actors. I get it Uber just splurged some advertising money to get some attention but man this was just not funny at all

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