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Suedi (2021)

Comedy | Drama 
Rayting:   6.5/10 3.8K votes
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Release date: September 24, 2021

Comedy about Mahmod who wants to be seen as Swedish changes his name, gets Volvo, blue contact lenses and a Swedish wife.

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User Reviews

gaudaditya 8 October 2021

Best content and interesting contrast.much enjoyful. I love it.

davidsaroee-55594 26 January 2022

Not even someone who is a second generation immigrant in Sweden, like myself and the main character of the film, was enjoying this.

Maybe it's fun for some people but the story was poorly written and all the typical "awkward" situations that were supposed to be funny, just wasn't funny. It was really cringe to watch and it was too predictable. Felt like a real cheesy, cringe comedy from early 2000s.

Ceceduke 28 October 2021

All of you who write that the movie sucks clearly didn't get it. Its Really funny and relatable for people that feel like the main character does.

I do think that you have to be from Sweden or understand swedish to appreciate the movie.

Den är riktigt rolig och bra! Huvudkaraktären är en sjukt bra skådespelare, har man sett honom i andra filmer/serier så förstår man det!

Som någon annan skrev: perfekt för en regnig söndag.

vilgotlava 5 January 2022

The first half of the movie was promising and kept you interested with relatively funny political and society-based jokes. But henceforward the movie gradually became less interesting with its romanticized ending, a few plain and weird scenes and various logical flaws.

The lead role seemed a bit too silly while there were not any witty or somewhat sound characters in the movie which made it all seem like a bad parody of the Swedish society in whole, especially upperclass society.

The movie had some famous Swedish actors that did reasonable acting but it mostly felt as if they were included only because of their industry names to gain more recognition for the movie. They did not really play important roles.

In conclusion the movie had a lot of potential and could have been more focused on the Swedish immigrants exclusion and their will to be accepted by the Swedish society which would have contributed to the movie's importance and meaning. The movie did seem rather pointless beside from its social and political question formulations.

maxwellskk 5 January 2022

Funny movie that depict the swedish politic climate and also makes fun of both native swedish people "svennebananer" and swedish immigrants/second immigrant generation in a tasteful way. I totally love when the mother make a comment spot on for the stereotypic upper class in stockholm first time she appears in the movie. A masterpiece.

harismuzaffar-51921 9 October 2021

I liked it very much. I recommended this to my friends. It has good humor. I really enjoyed it. ❤

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