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Sunny (2021)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   7.6/10 6.2K votes
Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Release date: September 23, 2021

Sunny loses everything that he earned in his life. Shattered and hopeless, he smuggles himself back from Dubai to Kerala in midst of a global pandemic with his own secret plans.

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abhilash7 3 October 2021

Nice movie and shows the power if you have a good story you do not need big set pieces and can keep the viewer engaged. Even without showing some of the characters on screen they have a powerful presence In the movie and you can feel them. Good and unique film making during this Corona pandemic. Good job by Jayasurya acting.

nebinjohns 24 September 2021

Sunny strictly a ott film. I think, when it was released in theaters, shouldn't get positive reports. Beacuse, first quater of the movie is littley lag. Then, movie moves up on a track, we get an above average flick. Jayasuriya performs very well in this movie. Camera work & background score are have high quality. You can watch Sunny without any doubts.

nikhilnssn 23 September 2021

Story is same old cliche, which you would have seen n number of types in Yourube as short films.

Low budget film, as literally shooting location is inside Hyatt hotel, which I think Hyatt would have sponsored the film for promoting their hotel and services at such a great level. And then you just have to pay for Jaysurya, as there is no other character in the film.

Irony is that Youtube is becoming new platform for (new generation) variety stories, whereas cinemas are moving backward- becoming more of old "youtube short film" stories.

deepudp 17 October 2021

Sunny's broken and hopeless life taking a gradual turn towards sunny days. With nothing to hope for, and contemplating suicide, sunny moments spark in his life in the form of a few phone calls during his quarantine days.

Nice work.

Short movie. Well directed and articulated.

skmenon1993 23 September 2021

"Sunny".... 🎥 🎥 Jaysuriya's 💯 th movie...I can say a perfect movie to display his 💯 th movie.....

Jaysuriya plays the character of Sunny who comes from Dubai during the Pandemic in Kochi, Kerala and haults at a hotel serving his quarantine.....

The movie is not the usual Jaysuriya movie with laughter, songs, action but yes it's a jaysuriya movie when it comes to experimentation & here to he has given the same....

Story shows how Sunny a person who is total failure in his music field, failure as a businessman, failure as a person and how he travels through that trauma during his quarantine forms the rest part of the story....

Every movie when we see, we see with not only an intention of entertainment but also to grab any message if any.... This movie has message....

" If life gives you tough times, failures.....dont loose hope as its always says " This too shall pass".... YES everything is temporary...We just have to be positive and have 💯 % confidence as we don't know when life deviates our journey from darkness to life...."

Personally saying movie good to watch oved a digital platform but in big screen it will not that be entustatic as 93 minutes will be tough for a viewer keeping aside the performance and the content & moreover the whole film portrays only one person " SUNNY" , rest all are just vocal performance.... So it will be tough for the audience to stretch themselves....

GuardedEdits 13 October 2021

This movie is nice man! A realestic movie but at some point this movie was boring (honestly I'm writing) and yes this movie's story is awesome. Jayasuriya was Rocking on this movie. Great acting and direction.

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