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Super 30 (2019)

IMDB Rayting:   8.1/10
Country: India
Language: Hindi

Based on life of Patna based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna.

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pulkit-dranzer 12 July 2019

The movie is gripping and absolutely scintillating. Not the typical Bollywood masala film though. The film makes you cry, laugh, feel delighted and helpless at the state of affairs in our society. The direction is great and except for 15-20 minutes in the second half, where the film is a bit slow, there is never a dull moment.

Casting is fantastic as it is and Hrithik Roshan has once again proven that he is arguably the best actor among all the superstars of Bollywood. Pankaj Tripathi has again delivered a great performance in his limited role.

All in all a must watch movie. After all it is rare to see a superstar delivering a content driven film.

omkarmishra-98588 12 July 2019

Excellent performance by Hrithik sir in super 30 . This is one of his best performance ,movie has very good story , real life story ,direction is great. It should be blockbuster on box office . Each n every person should watch the movie it motivates you to never give up in life any thing is possible.

ShivPrasad83 13 July 2019

My honest opinion is ignore all the so called "pseudo- intellects" like Rajeev Masand/Anupama Chopra etc. A movie needs to entertaining and it has to have certain commercial appeal. If not ,it would be like watching documentaries. They comment on movies in their AC rooms without realizing the sacrifices people like Anand Kumar and the team involved in making the movie make. I request people to encourage such humble & selfless people like Anand Kumar instead of pulling them down. This is exactly the message the movie gives which such movie critics don't understand. If you really want India to progress, i think people should be watching movies like Super 30 instead of all the senseless movies which make tons of cash at the boxoffice but add no value in life. It's a truly inspiring story and needs to be seen.Period...

pritraj-44346 12 July 2019

Great work done by Hrithik. Really needed to put those struggles faced by Anand Kumar and his students on screen. My fav dialogue "India Chalang Lagaega"

sakshamkrk 17 September 2019

It started out great but the climax was embarrassingly bad. Kids turn into superheroes by their supposed science knowledge. Just tell the real story man!!!! Very very disappointed.

ahiremehul 12 July 2019

This is how Indian cinema should be... Masterpiece.

amardeepk-29932 13 July 2019

An Inspirational movie, Hrithik did a great job. He gave his 100% hardwork in this movie. Movie is based on Anand Sir life who runs Super30. As I was the part of Super30 2015 batch, I know the complete story more than what shown in movie. Anand sir life has been depicted so well in this movie. A different class performance by Hrithik, Hope movie will inspire lots of youth from India and overseas.

sidh-hpcl 13 July 2019

I remember, when I was a student of Anand Sir, he is as simple and as brilliant as played by Hrithik... Amazing roleplay by Hrithik Roshan.!! 👌👌 This is must watch movie... It's not complete biopic of Anand kumar as I think.. many things are missing in movie, as it shows a raivalary between big coaching. But Anand kumar is about a Mathematics lover who can visualise you the complex math problems as anything like living world.. as story sometime show in movie. He can show you more in any single chapter than a book... By an large today's teachers follows his vision on Mathematics as copy paste. But he is a Pioneer of this methodology. You are just Great Anand sir, and Thanks Hrithik to play such a brilliant role..

pushkarkaushikyoyo9 12 July 2019

Best movie I have seen after 3 idiots... All I can say is must watch movie..

yashraj-57987 12 July 2019

A great movie by HR sir.... Tremendous work done by super30 team The great story about 30 boys ever seen , a great teacher, what a movie..!

xrionitx 12 July 2019

The film has every kind of entertainment.. Cinematography, direction, dialogues, makeup, best performances by the actors, specially Hrithik.. And above all the background score, and Music by Ajay-Atul.. That was the best thing to experience.. The story is real, and very inspiring. Overall i loved the film. Must watch..!

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