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Super Deluxe (2019)

Action | Drama   
IMDB Rayting:   8.6/10
Country: India
Language: Tamil

An unfaithful newly wed wife, an estranged father, a priest and an angry son suddenly find themselves in the most unexpected predicaments, each poised to experience their destiny, all on one fateful day.

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praveenfaster-26194 8 April 2019

If you are expecting tamil cinema to reach its highest limits, watch this movie and you will definitely find the tamil industry already reached beyond its limits. It is a pure and raw form of tamil film. I don't think anyone can cross this limits in future except Thiyagraja. perfect screenplay and script work. he deserves more than a national award for making such an exotdinary film. He shifted the whole industry to the next level with his unique and raw style. Completely satisfied.

joevinil95 29 March 2019

#SuperDeluxe - This is a strict A film. Not like IAMK type but something that is very new to tamil cinema. The film is so dark because these characters are so real and it's like meeting someone you'll never meet in ordinary life. Director #ThiagarajanKumararaja, he deserves a standing ovation for writing this masterpiece, the screenplay is a high point. Maybe he'll be Kollywood's best known Screen writer.

The background set, Cinematography is all just so perfect. No compromises made anywhere.

Coming on to #Samantha, she made a terrific role. Her second lifetime best role, first is always Nithya from #NEP. #VijaySethupathy has nothing to prove here, we already know what he is. #FahadhFaasil, #Bucks, #Mysskin, small boy, 5 youngesters all gave a wonderful performance.

Overall, I would give Super Deluxe an Oscar if I was part of Jury for it's unconventional story line, something we have never seen in Tamil Cinema. The low point is, it won't work with all of the Tamil audiences. I have a friend who diagrees with all my points and says that 'Super Deluxe' has too many unclutural, uncomfortable scenes or dialogs involved. The problem is that the film is way ahead of our time.

But in the end of the day, a film should either be Art or Entertainment. This is Artainment. This is new, this is very new with Tamil Cinema. I enjoyed every frame of this masterpiece. I cannot guarantee you the same, it depends on how you react when your best friend breaks your brand new TV for seeing something awful in it. So, go and experience this yourself.

rajivchandhran 30 March 2019

Thiagarajan Kumararaja has conveyed and compiled so many messages as much as possible in a movie. I am sure the might have forced to have omitted few messages due to the length of the movie.

How do you feel when you have something to say to the world and it displayed in the form of a movie, it was such a kind of a movie.

It is not easy to direct such movies without the influence of a higher intellectual.

It is high time people change their perception and start accepting realities in life.

Life is very simple, we spoil it because of our very own thoughts and deeds.

This movie is to all those who have the ability to perceive and be receptive to adapt a new life. You realise life, because you are alive !!!

saru-88447 29 March 2019

Second Time: Watching it for the second time did feel a bit bored as the movie was very very slow paced, but there were few tidbits that I got to notice and few unnoticed background noises, music & dialogues. But still, it is definitely one of the differently best-made movies every in Tamil cinema.

First Time: Yet another pulp fiction kinda movie with 3 plots going in parallel with a wee bit of interesting link in the end along with a universal message that relates to life, relationships, sex, sexism, love and with a whole lot of other societal concerns. Yuvan's BGM is the SOUL of the movie. Camera angles/frames portrayed the environments realistically. Each and every characterization just feels so lively, shuttle performance by everyone. Most importantly, it starts and ends with sex. oooohhh... 😜

MiuNandy 30 March 2019

Masterpiece would be the perfect word to describe this cult movie. It holds you with curiosity until the last-minute and creates a great impact. All actors have played their part so well that they stay in our mind as characters of the film. Vijay sethupathi as Shilpa, he has given an extraordinary performance as usual. Samantha as Vembu proves that she is a star performer. The end voice over philosophy creates a greater impact and connects all the important dialogues in the movie which points to message that the director tries to conveys to the audience. Thiagarajan Kumararaja deserves National Award! Close to 3 hours movie without songs must watch guys!

shylander-kings 29 March 2019

Never seen this kind of movie. This movie will touch every Genre of movie style.

Iamhcb 31 March 2019

No doubt Thiagarajan Kumararaja's Super Deluxe is one of the masterpiece and the cult classic film in Tamil. The moment I saw the posters of Park Chan-wook's Sympathy for Vengeance, Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill and a picture of David Lynch at the DVD Rental store in the film, I was sold, that's when I thought this is going to be full paisa vasool padam. You're getting a full package of four Film (since it has four different story) wrapped and served on a platter.

In one of the interview Thiagarajan Kumararaja said he's afraid to write and he's lazy. Seriously...? When he can create wonders like Aaranya Kaandam and Super Deluxe when he's afraid and lazy, just wonder what would be the outcome if he's not lazy or afraid.

Take a bow to the writers - Kumararaja, Mysskin, Nalan Kumarasamy and Neelan K. Sekhar for crafting such a phenomenal story across their views on life, relationships, love, sex and spirituality. And an extra effort made by Kumararaja to hyperlink those stories along With Idiosyncratic and Palpable characters.

Samantha as Vaembu, is one heck of a performance. For the fact, she wasn't the first choice for the character, many leading actresses had turned down playing Vaembu. And now I can say, no one else could have done it better than Sam, she's irreplaceable.

And our very own Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi playing the transgender women Shilpa, the episodes between him and his son Rasukutty (Ashwanth Ashokkumar) Was so pure, for sure you will fall in love with that kid. Bagavathi Perumal as SI Berlin is one character where the audience will feel like thrashing him, Shilpa-Berlin and Vaembu-Berlin scenes, will definitely fill the rage in the eyes of the audience for its own reasons. Leela's (Ramya Krishnan) dialogue towards the end of the climax, will definitely hit you hard.

Fahadh Faasil as Mugilan, Mysskin as Arputham, Gayathrie as Jyothi and the four kids. You will witness some awe-inspiring performance by each and everyone, proving their caliber. Even the minor characters, has done some stupendous job in acting.

Once you understand Kumararaja, the same lengthy and boring scenes will now slowly transit to an interesting setting. Vinod and Nirav Shah cinematography elevates the story, the color pattern, the unconventional camera angles, along with the crisp editing by Sathyaraj Natarajan, I was spellbound.

If you've already validated 'Rowdy Baby' as Yuvan Shankar Raja best in career in terms of its quality treatment and popularity, then you must Watch Super Deluxe. As they say, there's something more than that meets the eye, U1 's sound design techniques is one among that. Every minute detail that you witness in his background scoring along with Illaiyaraja songs, is something which can be considered as the added bonus to your paisa vasool ticket. And the ride ends with the compelling climax.

If one can even enjoy the steady frame for more than 8 seconds and the silence within that. Then it has to be Thiagarajan Kumararaja's Film.

mbmurali_82 30 March 2019

Yet again thiagarajan kumaraja proved he is king in story telling. Starting from story, props, visual, BGM and every actor role were apt and movie is definitely worth watch for more than once !

cinish 3 April 2019

The movie sets the ball rolling big time even as the credits come on. Then the background music makes it's entry and then the first scene comes on, and you know, you are in the right theater.

The deep saturated colors in the frames feel so perfect. The frames are simply perfect - framing characters in different portions of the screen, amazing.

There are so many scenes that are so hilarious. The screenplay has a welcome randomness to it. You typically never know what is coming.

Vijay Sethupathi is on a push-the-envelope mode. While the old man in Aadhi was challenging, the transgender in Super-Deluxe is a level up in challenge and well met.

Fahad Fazil, on the other hand, did not have a better role here than say "Kumbalangi Nights". Some of his scenes almost did not work, while many others did.

Bagavathi Perumal, who plays the subinspector has given a truly outstanding performance, potentially surpassed only by Vijay Sethupathi, who had the advantage of much more challenging scenes.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has done amazing background music work, that stands out with it's subduedness. Music is used to enhance comedy at multiple points, and the result has been fantastic. Also, unique sound choices to communicate scene tension, background sounds to give a feel of a lot of background action.

Multiple unpredictable random threads of stories sometimes come together in such a sudden tight knot that you can almost touch. Randomness is just awesome.

The thread on god did not connect with me and hence, scenes on that thread, felt like a drag, as also did some scenes of Fahadh.

Deeply philosophical as well, the movie presents various valid stands. I did not quite like the ending as much, as it was a bit preachy. On the other hand, leaving it abstract might not communicate enough.

A must watch and more. Worthy of multiple watches for sure.

Priyanka_live_cinema 29 March 2019

Out of the world , no words to describe , this movie will definitely discover a completely new term/genre.

Only a person who breathes cinema can create this. amazing actors , performances , and gripping scenes , fabulous screenplay proving all film directors and cinematographers that screenplay can also be made this way.

Perfect details , shots , every shot makes us travel through the journey of the characters in the film , that intense , the choice of shots would be very normal but details in each of the shots conveyed a lot of stories establishing the connect and reality .

Treat for cinema lovers!!

jjavith-87780 4 April 2019

A must watch movie in recent days. What a movie making man. Cinematography is another level; Every shot is like a painting; Camera angles are highly innovative. The background score is equally well made. Hats off to the whole team, you nailed it!

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