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Survive the Night (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   4.8/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A disgraced doctor and his family are held hostage at their home by criminals on the run, when a robbery gone awry requires them to seek immediate medical attention.

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justinleblanc59 22 May 2020

Saw the trailer and it looked mediocre, but I thought hey lets see what Bruce Willis has been up to' and rented the film on demand.

The plot is very simple, which takes us through two brothers on the run to escape to Mexico after stealing loads of cash but are suddenly stopped in their tracks when one of the brothers gets shot in the leg and need medical assistance.

The vigilante's find a clinic in the middle of nowhere and follow the doctor ( Chad Michael Murray) back to his father's house (Bruce Willis) where the doc and his wife/daughter are staying after a accidental death lawsuit cased cause Rich and his family to leave the city.

So the Vigilante's follow the Doc home and eventually take hold of the family and force the doc to fix his brother's leg but the the family being take hostage wont go down without a fight.

There, thats my synopsis onto the review:

The film right off the bat seems low budget and the acting on the brother's stand point seems very subpar, i however must tell you that actor - Shea Buckner - plays a very compelling and convincing idiot-psychotic brother but unfortunately not much was given for him to work with as the dialogue was very limited, but I did like his approach.

The story was simple, and some of the gunshot wounded scenes were pretty nice and enjoye dthose, but as the chase got on the story became a tad dull and he ultimate conclusion ended weirdly - I was left feeling Just Okay with the film. It wasn't super bad and it just wasn't super good, or even great for that matter.

Bruce Willis's role as the father was good, I mean he did good for what his role was, i felt the tension of the bond between father and son, and it worked - I would like to see Willis and Shea Buckner come together in more defined film with a more compelling storyline.

  • simple story
  • not the greatest dialogue
  • felt the relationship between both Brothers and the father son bond
  • the story became dull towards the end

Review: 2.8 / 5 or 5 /10 - liked the story but the dialogue fell flat - chemistry was there, but the story as well as the conclusion was dull - wasn't bad, but wasn't great.

Justin Leblanc - Host of Real Talk Radio #Reelreview Twitter: @RealTalkRadio8

rafalsliz 27 May 2020

Why of why Bruce agreed on playing in this movie. The movie is simply bad and plot doesn't make any sense.

Polinasrar-29317 22 May 2020

The Home Invasion sub genre has been done to death at this point so to find a refreshing take on it is hard enough. This one is an admirable attempt to push the genre away from the violent and edge recent efforts and more into the deliberate and character driven roots of its origin.

I won't spoil the story much but suffice it to say its got a lot going for it in terms of the way the tension builds. This isn't Bruce's best efforts as he still just a supporting role here but he does hold his own well enough compared to his prior B movie efforts. The real stars of the show are Shea B. and Tyler Olson as the layered bad guys with more going on for them then meets the eye.

Worth a stream for sure!

Rurextrexx34 22 May 2020

A taut family thriller set in one house. A simple story about a father/son and two brothers. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be very effective and produce great thrills because the script knows the boundaries and generates thrills by reminding us all the time that we are stuck within those boundaries. The two bad guys here are throughly vivid in their performances. Their imperfections give them a more realistic unpredictable sinister-ism than the typical scare movie villain with a mask.

It takes awhile to get started, but once it does, the suspense and mystery is undeniable. The soundtrack dictates a suspense atmosphere very adequately, and the actors are quite good (though no crazy standouts). The story, even clichéd, is still interesting and suspenseful. Worth a watch!

bencurrey 11 July 2020

There are few directors in the game today who know how to weave a yarn like Matt Eskandari. Much like the two outlaw brothers speeding along the highways after their most recent heist, Eskandari goes 0 to 60 without sacrificing any nuance or plot, fitting 90 minutes of taut action on the head of a pin while your head spins with each new revelation, each heart stopping altercation.

The movie opens on a downtrodden Chad Michael Murray, he's recently lost his private practice after a wrongful death lawsuit drove him out of business. He's working at a rural clinic-his wife, father and child all having lost faith in him.

Little does he know he's unwittingly on a collision course with these brothers. After a robbery gone wrong at a local convenience store, Mathias is struck by a bullet in the leg. Knowing they're on the wrong side of the law, they seek out a doctor under special circumstances.

Leaving the clinic, Chad is followed home and ambushed upon arrival. The brothers lay siege upon the house and demand treatment.

I won't spoil the next phase of the film. There are so many layers to this thriller. Familial bonds stretched and strained, the distances one is willing to go for love. The ambiguities of good and evil, light and dark, how necessity and circumstance dictate so much more than we're willing to admit. Eskandari doesn't just serve you a classic, edge-of-your-seat joyride, he plumbs the deepest depths of the human experience, turning a mirror on his audience and forcing them to ask the deeper questions. What would you do for a dying loved one, how do you rebuild yourself after tragedy, and can you put aside your fears to survive the night?

AndreyFur 22 May 2020

Films with Bruce Willis are sliding lower and lower. He was a good actor.

KevinReal310 22 May 2020

This was a pretty straight forward home invasion thriller set on a farm but with the criminals as more sympathetic villains. What kept me engaged was trying to guess how things would play out for the family and which side would come out on top in the end. The redemption story for Chad and Bruce (Frank and Rich) was the obvious central aspect. It was well done and had a nice conclusion to it that felt genuine. There's a couple violent scenes but it never crosses the line into all out gore. Worth a stream if you're into more dramatic thrillers.

DuneLover-91425 22 May 2020

Chad Michael Murray and Bruce Willis star in this violent thriller about a family whose home is invaded by armed criminals.

Frank, a retired sheriff who has a contentious relationship with his doctor son Rich (Murray), whose career is in tatters thanks to a malpractice suit after the death of a patient. Despite their personal difficulties, the two men live together in Frank's home, along with Rich's mother (Jessica Abrams), his wife (Lydia Hull) and their teenage daughter (Riley Wolfe Rach).

As the story begins, we're introduced to criminal siblings Mathias (Tyler Jon Olson) and Jamie (Shea Buckner), who, like so many nefarious duos, have distinctly different personalities. Mathias is the brains of the two, not wanting to hurt people if he can help it, while the hot-headed Jamie is a loose cannon, all too willing to resort to violence. His careless brutality becomes a major problem when the two rob a convenience store, with Jamie gunning down a customer and Mathias getting shot and seriously wounded by the armed clerk.

Regerreellle 22 May 2020

This cleverly conceived thriller is about a doctor and his family trapped inside a farm by two criminals. The film is well-paced and the camera work is slick. Bruce has a surprising larger role then I expected as the grandfatherly patriarch and he's effective enough to keep be engrossed. The rest of cast are admirable. With the stand out being, Shae Buckner who plays a unhinged but sympathetic criminal and does well to add layers to the role. The single location setting is brought to the fore here by expert claustrophobic direction. The violence is intense, sometimes graphic but never over the top, and completely tense. It's not a big blow 'em up adventure story, it's just as dark, gritty, and realistic, in which things never go according to plan and innocent people always get hurt.

Unfortunately, after an engrossing game of cat and mouse, the conclusion is somewhat weak. Staple clichés crop up and the film goes for a crowd-pleasing finale that doesn't quite feel right. Still watchable though and a recommended stream.

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