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Türkisch für Anfänger (2012)

Rayting:   5.8/10 8130 votes
Country: Germany
Language: English

After a plane crash Lena Schneider finds herself on a remote Andaman island with a teenage turk Cem, full of hormones, his religious sister and Greek Costa.

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Falconeer 19 July 2015

I really liked the TV show; it was funny, and sweet, and mostly realistic. Everything came together in a believable way, and the slowly developing relationship between Cem & Lena was actually romantic.

This awful movie is NONE of those things. The entire story has been changed, and Cem and Lena meet on a tropical island after their plane to Thailand crashes in the Indian Ocean. The two families just happen to be on the same plane. The movie is a poorly realized gimmick, that takes the same actors/characters from a much loved TV series, and recreates their entire history. For fans it is a slap in the face, and I cannot imagine any fan of the show not HATING this stupid movie. The comedy is so unfunny that I felt embarrassed for the actors, and the music is cheesy and terrible too. Oh, and the 'romance' has been replaced with sexual attraction. What worked on television does not work on the big screen. I guess this is what happens when you condense a long story into 90 minutes. On a side note, I used to like the actor Elyas M'Barek. After this one, not so much; they made a fool of him in this one. And Costa, my favorite character from the show, is called a "retard" more than 50 times, by everyone in the cast. The real Cem from the series would never have made fun of his best friends speech problem. This whole production is just cheesy, sleazy and disgusting..

haris-cengic 12 March 2012

There are two main reasons, why i've chosen to see this movie - first there's the funny TV-Show, finished a while ago and the very well chosen scenes from the trailer shown in cinemas. Compared to the TV-Show, the movie isn't less nor more funny - refreshed with new jokes according to the present situation in Germany (and the world).

The actors are the same - it's the story that's told in a different way - awesome decision and thrilling plane crash (like seen in trailers). Actually, the crash let me go out of the movie with a bad attitude towards flying... Nevertheless, that's where the fun begins and you start to enjoy the movie, the Germans, the turks and the Greek. The end is predictable for those who've seen the show, but it is not taking the joy.

Funny, funny, funny and entertaining 'til the credits!

missdiana2002 23 March 2014

OK, I don't know what kind of Humor these other critics have but I thought it was very funny!!! Stereotypes or not, Stereotypes are Stereotypes for a reason. Don't take it all so serious. I loved the dry sense of humor and their sometimes wrong, sometimes just filled with sassy remark kind of conversations, where the chemistry is just bubbling waiting to explode. I bought the DVD and have watched it probably 3x in the last 2 weeks. See for yourself. Just watch the Trailer and you'll see :) The Movie as well as the TV-Show contains a lot of irony and on purpose but in a fun and self-ironic way makes fun of stereotypes as well as the Person's own Personalities. The four getting stranded on a lonesome Island couldn't be more different from each other yet they bond and - yeah, I won't spoil it :)

Titan-K 27 August 2013

Stay away from this movie except you want to learn something about (the non-existence of) German humor(e.g. for social-anthropological investigations).

I don't know how one could put more stereotypes, idiotic clichés and stupidity in a movie. Why are German movies rarely funny? Do they have bad screenwriters? Or do they lack the ability to pick the right ones? I don't know. It seems to me, however, that there is a huge marked for good screenwriters.

An advice for those who are forced to watch this movie: Keep in mind that someone tried to be funny! The fact that they miserably failed can be mildly entertaining.

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