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Tabernacle 101 (2019)

Drama | Horror | SciFi
Rayting:   7.2/10 1918 votes
Country: Australia
Language: English

It is about two Atheists who run a video blog debunking Psychics, Mediums and religious beliefs. However, a death experiment goes totally wrong and as a result they attract evil entities that stalk and haunt them.

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oliviaporterr 2 October 2019

Reminded me of Flatliners but they had their own twist to it. Production team needs to step it up but it's still a movie you can watch and enjoy

TheAll-SeeingI 30 September 2019

"Tabernacle" terrifically merges only the best time-tested elements from the horror, science fiction, and supernatural thriller genres to deliver on the promise of a great concept.

Somehow marrying "Flatliners" with "From Dusk Till Dawn" while throwing in a sharp dash of "Hellraiser," this film is a stony, otherworldly buffet of the good stuff. Frank Bennetti (David Hov) is a loudly bellyaching atheist and vlogger. Ironically -- and just like the worst of any denominational religious zealots -- he's so preachy and certain of his beliefs that he's dedicated his life to jamming them down the throats of those who think differently. His online videos attempt to debunk religious claims, which he takes to a whole new next level as fellow non-believer and medical scientist girlfriend Sarah (Elly Hiraani Clapin) puts him way, way under -- all while his trusty camera vlogs away.

This film's shrewd and highly effective incorporation of horror, sci-fi, and supernatural elements is bound to draw in the rabid fans of three distinct fanbases, and possibly en masse. Let's hope so, because that just might give "Tabernacle 101" the chance it needs to push past those core fringes and into the less genre-focused mainstream. This is a visually engaging, well-acted, and ultimately engrossing hybrid of a film.

sedakalan 28 November 2019

It was just a time loss.Effects were very funny.These bio energy or spiritual stuff is not as simple as it is in the film.I couldn't get how it is rated so high...

mjwmgeffen 23 November 2019

The acting is horrible, special effects are horrible, everything is horrible, it's just painful to watch. A complete waste of time. I don't know how this got an 7.5

uvz-54425 6 October 2019

I'm usually into horror movies so this one was a little different, it's basically about an atheist who opens up a portal for satanic forces after he dies from a lethal injection and them comes back to life. Loved it! I thought it was creative though I wish they did better in the editing but hey it was still a solid flick.

demiilee 30 September 2019

Quality production and acting. This is a low budget film but look past that and you will enjoy it. You got my support

duvalmentis 1 October 2019

Loved the movie! Don't worry about the haters! A well put together aussie sci-fi style film. Great ending and the acting is good.

shanksrajendran 12 September 2019

8 for effort, wish they had better resources to make the effects a lot better but that's the only bad thing. I thought the acting was good and the story had it's moments but some how it was entertaining. Well Done.

smoothclipper 8 September 2019

Not to sure what all the bad written reviews are about but it's not bad at all. I thought the storyline was great and the production could have been a little better but it's an independent film and is expected. Regardless of that last factor i will give them a 9 because of their effort, creativity and actually they had me glued to the screen right to the very end.

ditendra09 6 November 2019

This movie definitely got paid reviews and bought ratings. It's nowhere near to 7.7. It's laughably bad. Effects are cheesy and cheap. They look like a you're watching a movie from nineties. Acting is bad. Music feels bad too and whole movie reminds you that you're watching very low budget movie. It's a ridiculous movie, not worth more than 3/10. Don't be fooled by fake reviews and ratings.

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