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Tadap (2021)

Action | Drama | Romance
Rayting:   5.6/10 3.8K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: December 3, 2021

Unforeseen circumstances threaten the passionate relationship between star crossed lovers.

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badaamit 28 January 2022

Tadap..... As we all know it is official remake of RX 100 but the direction was good, the voice of Ahan Shetty was too good & Tara looking so beautiful and his facial expressions was excellent....😍😍😍

rahulwadhwani-52617 5 December 2021

To be honest I liked the movie a lot. I haven't seen yet RX100. So for me it's absolutely new. I like Tara sutariya throughout the movie, in 1st half with her expression & commitment for love and then her acting. Saurabh Sukla was exceptionally well, his comic timing his dialogue dilevery absolute fantastic. The Lead Hero Ahaan Shetty was simply OUTSTANDING in the movie, absolute fantastic debut for him. Background score is so good, Action scenes were fantastic but the music of the movie specially Arijit Singh's song "Tum Se Bhi Jayada" create different level of magic in the movie. For me it's a must watch movie. #TadapReview 4/5*

Unfilmy 3 February 2022

Cannot believe we are still making these kind of movies. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy but girl's parents do not agree. The boy is now an alcoholic and roams around beating people up blah blah. Who cares? Move on. This movies probably belongs in 18th century. And let's not talk about the acting of the leads, because, ew!

AbhiSh4ke 25 December 2021

I don't understand what is with new comers and cringey love stories. I think Bollywood saw Salman & Amir's respective success in their debuts and now they thing this formula will work till eternity but they don't seem to understand that the movie itself should be good for this to work. Tadap is exactly how you would expect it to be there is nothing astonishing about this movie. Sure actors did their best but sometimes that's not enough especially with a remake that's not even on par with source material. Please bring original non romantic content for debutants.

jeetdutta-16586 6 December 2021

RX100 made by Ajay Bhupati had a very good making and characters gets connected with the viewers which lacks here in this movie. The focused more on Ahan Shetty rather than the script. Not a good remake overall.

anikb-87099 9 December 2021

Whats the point in making the remake of a film that is already available in hindi dubbing on youtubr for free and knowing what the twist is. Personally, i didnt watch the entire RX100 but skipped to the climax just to see what might happen there and that was my biggest mistake! The twist got revealed exactly at that point and now i knew what would come in Tadap so that excitement to know what might happen to Ishana (whose name sounds like a girl) and Ramisa's relation is gone!

Still, i watched it to see how Ahan performs and what exactly happens in the entire film.

In the 1st half, i literally dozed off. On top of that, the guy named LOL (Ishana's friend) is sooo unLOL that he makes your skin crawl with irritation each time he cracks a lame joke.

The 2nd half is where it kind of takes off and gets interesting but again, whats the point? You know whats coming so there is hardly any interest in watching hence i skip-skip to the end. However, i didnt miss the point where I wanted to know why Ramisa did what she does to Ishana. I knew what she does, but i didnt know why she does that.

Ahan Shetty is in full Kabir Singh mode here and he is pretty decent. I cannot imagine Tara Sutaria in a role like this, she's so sweet and beautiful like Barbie doll....would have imagined someone like a Kangana do that role and it would feel justified but Tara, no! The guy who plays LOL is so bad!! Kumud and Saurabh are decent too.

Coming to songs, there is one song they have made better than RX100 and one inferior . TERE SIVA JAG is a very underwhelming song that portrays the love between Ahan and Tara but in the original that song was "Adire Hrudayam" and my god is that song so lusty and steamy , perfectly portrays the lusty love of the female lead over the male. It is however "Tum se bhi zyada" that is shot better than the original with contrasting scenes showcased as Ramisa gets mehendi on her hands and in contrast Ishana at the same time, gets blood in his hand as he is beaten up.

Overall, this film is average. There is no point in watching this film if you have seen the original. Watch only if you havent and i suggest you watch the original, same story but free of cost.

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