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Taish (2020)

Rayting:   7.5/10 3410 votes
Country: India
Language: English

A story of friendship and loss of innocence when two worlds clash amid a wedding when a secret exposes a betrayal, and innocent friends converge with dangerous criminals and intense violence.

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subhamk-16646 3 November 2020

STORY- Beautifully Scripted BGM- Keeps you intact throughout...some catchy and some keeps your vain up ACTING- Full marks for all the Characters, specially Harshvardan Rane and Jim Sarbh SONG- All are catchy and the emotional songs tends to keep a touch of pain in you afterwards... Overall, i would rate this movie as a good and unique movie that has somewhere a good vibe of hollywood touch and keeps you intact till the end thanks to the brilliant acting from the characters...

mayanksingh-03741 1 November 2020

It's a revenge story but presented in a very sleak,cool and classy way. Every emotion has been expressed in the right amount by characters. Its a slow cooked,properly prepared movie filled with loads of taish.

w-74928 3 November 2020

It's fresh, it's unique. We haven't seen anything like TAISH in Bollywood, it's too good. I love the story of Taish.

Shivam78 3 November 2020

Harshvardan Rane is back with this fantastic thrilling film of Taish. He looks hot, dangerous and dashing in the movie.

Mukesh00 3 November 2020

It's a very good film, with great acting skills. Harshvardhan was a show stealer with his intense look and acting.

sumitx07 3 November 2020

The aggression, the temperature was totally set and goes so well with the film Taish. Actors did a fantastic job.

yeahkhali 31 October 2020

Film is great but when someone in the film saying something that is not audible at some part we have to up the volume. Action part is okay I would say. One time watchable film.

shankar-01281 3 November 2020

Saurabh Sachdeva was also very good in his screen time. Story was too good and the music is ok in Taish.

Juhi-098 3 November 2020

The heat argument in a Gurdwara and trying to deal with peace is something different concept I have seen in this movie Taish.

Mansi071 3 November 2020

The mixture of Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi and English in a single film with a great story worked well with the story and smart actors.

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