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Tall Girl (2019)

IMDB Rayting:   5.3/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides to find the confidence to stand tall.

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turnthefrogsgayy 12 October 2019

Tall girl is a movie about a tall girl. Thats the movie, and don't you dare forget it. My favorite part was when the protagonist, Jodi, was tall.

ladylions 22 September 2019

As a 6'2'' female this is highly unrealistic. People are not this shallow. This movie made it seem that being tall was a disease. Ridiculous.

soffsskrap 15 September 2019

Next time Netflix desides to make a movie with an exchange student - try casting one that actually speaks the language! The swedish was awful, the accent was horrible! It sounded like a mixture between made up german and russian combined. There is a distinct swedish accent, the actor just didn't have the decency to learn it. And sidenote, Sweden is the second best English speaking country for it not being the first language in the world, so a big part of the swedish population doesn't even have an accent. And also - no person in that young age would be named Stig or Ingvar. Those would be the names of 80 years old men. Is it to much to ask for Netflix to get an accent and a name correct? Instead they are lett with a really unbelievable story. Gör om gör rätt.

Short_and_to_the_point 13 September 2019

I mean, it wasn't bad... but I feel like they didn't quite catch Jodi's personality. It was mostly people telling us how amazing she is, but all we see is her being down or whinging about something. I would have liked to see the more caring and "fun" side. It was stated that she was "fun" a few times, but where was that?? It was very choppy in a few bits. Like there were scenes missing that could have added to the experience. There was one part, though, that made me a bit mad, and that was the caesarean part. I haven't had one myself, but that was incredibly offensive to millions of women. It's as though they were made to feel ugly for bringing life into this world and something that usually comes from an emergency. Not cool guys. The rest of the movie was average. In saying that, it was a nice, easy watch when you want to just turn off the brain and watch a Netflix teen romcom.

mprebble-32259 15 September 2019

Started watching this movie and it was watchable up until the point the "Swedish" exchange student began to speak English with a forced accent that didn't even sound remotely like a Swede speaking English and then his "Swedish" was clearly an American that had learnt a few lines of Swedish... Why couldn't Netflix actually get an authentic Swedish actor for this role? Immediately after this the credibility of the movie was shot and we stopped watching .. it was too painful to listen to.

douglas-skene 14 September 2019

Severely underwhelming coming of age film with some really strange choices at times re: parental shame, Cesareans, and stalking friendzoned chumps that can't take a hint.

Choppy edits, poor takes on the "mean girl" trope and no developed relationships between anyone. Surface level and cringe.

Swedish accent was also atrocious.

Little redeeming quality apart from picture and audio quality, which is a given from Netflix.

anyalegs 13 September 2019

She's not even that tall. I'm a 6'3" female and I was never a social outcast. I always had a ton of friends and had a fantastic high school experience. My height helped me get recognized in sports. Getting a full volleyball scholarship to a Div.1 school. I've had modeling gigs and I love standing out in a crowd. This show shames tall girls like we're supposed to be embarrassed about it. This is a lame story.

heidirebeccameyerallers 13 September 2019

Within the first 5 minutes, you could tell the movie was clearly terrible and not something I would want myself or my family to watch. What sent me over the edge was when they said a crude remark regarding caesarean c-sections, and "if she really wants to go through the rest of her life with a big, old scar on that beautiful torso...". I just had an emergency c-section and it's hard enough physically and mentally, society doesn't need a movie drawing out the negativites with the surgery because in reality, my child is here and healthy and that's all that matters, not some" big, old scar". However this day in society we tend to care too much about what is on the outside, and this movie encourages that.

judzus 14 September 2019

I was surprised to see the low rating. The main character was well played, her family funny and relatable. Go watch it, and ignore the ratings.

samanthabairdsb 15 September 2019

Everyone in this movie is terrible. They are all terrible people. The only genuine one is the beauty queen sister. This movie does send all the wrong messages to the audiences its aimed at and seriously homegirl is just tall...shes rich or at least not poor,pretty, blonde and tall.

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