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Tenet (2020)

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Country: UK | USA
Language: English

Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.

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faerlian 28 August 2020

Its somewhat ironic that a movie about time travel can't be reviewed properly until your future self rewatches the movie.

It's bold of Nolan to make such a thoroughly dense blockbuster. He assumes people will actually want to see Tenet more than once so they can understand it properly, which some may not. This movie makes the chronology of Inception look as simplistic as tic-tac-toe.

Ergo, it's hard for me to give an accurate rating, without having seen it twice, as I'm still trying to figure out whether everything does indeed make sense. If it does, this movie is easily a 9 or 10. If it doesn't, it's a 6.

It's further not helped by the fact that the dialogue in the first 15 minutes of the movie is painfully hard to understand / hear. Either they were behind masks; they were practically mumbling; the sound effects were too loud; or all of the above. The exposition scenes are also waayyy too brief for something this complex -- a problem also shared with Interstellar actually.

(Interstellar had this minimalist exposition problem explaining Blight, where if you weren't careful, you'd miss this one sentence / scene in the entire movie explaining that Blight was a viral bacteria:

"Earth's atmosphere is 80% nitrogen, we don't even breathe nitrogen. Blight does, and as it thrives, our air gets less and less oxygen").

I guess it's a Nolan quirk. Hopefully, a revision of the film audio sorts the sound mixing out. I do like the soundtrack, but it's too loud initially.

I liked all the actors. You think John Washington can't act at first, but he can, and he grows on you as the film progresses. And Pattinson is his usual charming self. Elizabeth is a surprise treat. And so on.

Its worth a watch either way. See it with subtitles if you can. And definitely don't expect to fully understand whats going on the first time around.

johnjooliver 28 November 2020

As the first scene of Tenet came to an end, I looked at my partner and whispered, I'm lost. I'm lost and I don't think I'm ever going to get it.

And I was right. What followed was two and a half hours of just an unreal amount of exposition that was distorted by music of SFX. If a film has to be explaining stuff to it's audience at the two hour mark then you've gone wrong. Plain and simple, I don't care if you're Christopher Nolan.

Everyone I ask afterwards says that I will get it on the second, third or fourth try. Why does a film need multiple matches to understand it? Nolan is a huge advocate for his films to play in cinemas, which is great, but he must be detached from reality to think that most audience members can afford to go see the same film countless times, with the increasingly expensive movie tickets.

Regardless of that, It's good that it was an original idea. But my god, if an unknown filmmaker had turned in this script to a production company, I'm pretty sure they would have thrown it away after 10 pages. The premise is cool, the effects are cool, but that is what you expect from a Nolan film. What I'm also coming to expect is a convoluted plot, terrible dialogue, and a film that will still hit over a billion at the box office.

kennyjamesriddle 22 August 2020

Well, I've always known I was a little slow to the party but this movie was hard to follow! It might have been the cinema sound mix but my wife and I kept asking each other what they were saying.. the script was hard to hear let alone understand in its abstract form.. we got the gist of the concept but was still hard to piece everything together in the end! I think it's a movie that requires a few watches to wrap ya head round it, but then again i am a little slow.. lol

shashthezarch 26 August 2020

Its one hell of a complicated film. It will be very hard for an average viewer to gather all the information provided by this movie at the first watch. But the more you watch it, more hidden elements will come to light. And when you are able to put these hidden elements together. You will realize that this movie is just a "masterpiece" which takes the legacy of Christopher Nolan Forward

If I talk about acting, Then I have to say that Robert Pattinson has really proved himself as a very good actor in these recent years. And I am sure his acting skills will increase with time. His performance is charming and very smooth. Whenever he is on the camera, he steals the focus John David Washington is also fantastic in this movie. His performance is electrifying, I hope to see more from him in the future. Other characters such as Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth, Himesh Patel, Dimple Kapadia, Clémence Poésy have also done quite well. And I dont think there is a need to talk about Michael Caine

Talking about Music, its awesome. I dont think you will miss Hans Zimmer's score. Ludwig has done a sufficient job. There is no lack of good score in the movie

Gotta love the editing and post production which has been put into this movie. I think its fair to say this Nolan film has focused more in its post production. The main problem in the movie is the sound mixing. Plot is already complex and some dialogues are very soft due to the high music score. It makes it harder to realize what is going on in the movie. Other Nolan movies had loud BGM too. But Audio and dialogues weren't a problem

My humble request to everyone is to please let the movie sink in your thoughts. Let your mind grasp all the elements of this movie. I am sure more people will find it better. Even those who think they got the plot. I can bet they are wrong.

Chris_Kirk 2 September 2020

A man on an international mission to save the world from the deadliest weapon of all, the future.

Two moods: excessive incomprehensible exposition and LOUD incomprehensible action sequences. At no point do you know what is going on, nor are you given any reason to care. It is at all times tedious, meaningless and irritating. None of the characters are remotely interesting, much of the dialogue is inaudible and the ridiculous convolutions add up to nothing. And this cost over $200 million to make.

r-i-p_333 22 August 2020

As this will be non-spoiler, I can't say too much about the story. However, what I can is this: Tenet's story is quite dynamic in the sense that you won't understand it till it wants you to. So, for the first half, your brain is fighting for hints and pieces to puzzle together the story. It isn't until halfway through the movie that Tenet invites you to the fantastic storytelling by Christopher Nolan.

Acting is beyond phenomenal, and I'd be genuinely surprised if neither Robert Pattinson nor John David Washington doesn't receive an Oscar nomination for best actor. It's also hard not to mention how good Elizabeth Debicki and Aaron Johnson both are. All around, great acting, and the dialogue amps up the quality of the movie.

The idea of this movie is damn fascinating, and while there are films that explore time-travelling, there's never been anything quite like this. It has such a beautiful charm and for the most part, explains everything thoroughly. It feels so much more complex than any form of time-travelling we've seen, and no less could've been expected from Nolan.

Oh my lord, the score for this film fits so perfectly. Every scene that's meant to feel intense was amped by a hundred because of how good the score was. Let me just say though, none of them will be found iconic, but they fit the story and scenes so well.

In the end, I walked out, feeling very satisfied. Nevertheless, I do have issues with the film that I cannot really express without spoiling bits of the story. There are definitely little inconsistencies that I found myself uncovering as the story progressed. However, I only had one issue that I found impacted my enjoyment. That issue was understanding some of the dialogue. No, not in the sense that the movie is too complicated, but more that it was hard to make out was being said at times. It felt like the movie required subtitles, but that probably was because, at a time in the film, there was far too much exposition.

Nevertheless, I loved this film, I'll be watching it at least two more times, and I think most of you in this group will enjoy it. I definitely suggest watching it in theatres if possible, just so you can get that excitement.

(4/5) & (8.5/10) for those that care about number scores.

john-alexander-82 30 November 2020

I'm a massive Nolan fan and love Inception which I was hoping this was going to be like but it's nothing of the sort and very poor! The story isn't that complex once you finally find out what's happening but for a Nolan film I expected far better.

neilebasford 2 September 2020

The movie started with a very intense "Batman" like opening. This movie showed promise the first twenty minutes and even though nothing made sense, there was still hope that it would all be tied together and all make sense. Unfortunately, hope was lost quickly and the plot disappeared into a endless past-future alternate reality abyss and never came back. This movie lacked depth and seemed pretentious from Nolan. A truly intellectual "flex" that surely he had no idea what was going on either. If there was one good thing from Covid is- very few people have had to sit through this disaster of a movie.

cat-l-jones 23 November 2020

I have honestly never felt so confused after watching a film, a lot of people saying watch it twice but I couldn't put myself through that again. The idea is good.. but they have made it far too complicated, a bit pretentious and unfortunately no real heart to any of the characters. Disappointed.

walter2-1 30 August 2020

I am a big Nolan and Sci-Fi fan, and there's no question serious effort went into this movie. No question, the visuals were great, the acting was great, but the editing, PLOT and over-all effect was simply unsatisfying.

The plot is full of discontinuity and random plot elements, and the main time reversal issue is never adequately explained, resolved or identified, and even the cryptic "Tenet" keyword never seems to appear outside of the trailer cuts. The most annoying aspect was the often incomprehensible audio, due to masks and bad editing, that made many key moments a total mystery.

The plot is also littered with bad science of every possible kind, random statements that simply make no real sense (even using the odd time scenario) , and when viewed as ongoing story make you stop and say, how did we ever get HERE? The gun and bullet demonstration really sticks in my mind as total and complete cinematic plot garbage.

I don't doubt this could have been a masterful movie, but unlike Memento or Inception, the script and story continuity were simply not up to the complex story task. The one word that sticks in my mind about this movie is disappointing. After the long delay, i really expected something a lot better than this. Maybe a later edit will fix this, but it certainly doesn't need to get any longer.

beefjazz 9 September 2020

For all those who state that 'TENET' is a masterpiece, let alone original, i suggest you go watch 'Predestination (2014)' as it handles the same concept, time-travel loop/paradox, with more essence and touches the philosophical side of it without the gimmick reverse tricks, pseudo-science and abstract editing that TENET threw us in our face just for the sake of it.

PS:'Top Secret (1984)' reverse scene is the best!

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