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Tesla (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   5.0/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A freewheeling take on visionary inventor Nikola Tesla, his interactions with Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan's daughter Anne, and his breakthroughs in transmitting electrical power and light.

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dan-2230 14 August 2020

This movie doesn't know what it wanted to be, and in the end it has hardly anything to do with the real Nikola Tesla. The movie tries to be artistic but is just mess.

drednm 15 August 2020

I looked forward to learning a little about Nikola Tesla, the inventor moved into the shadows of people like Edison and Westinghouse by history. Instead, I got a pretentious muddle of history and fantasy given in an underlit and murky tableau that's as dull as the narrative.

Ethan Hawke plays Tesla (sans accent) as if sleepwalking. But it doesn'r matter because the story has nothing to tell us anyway. We get disjointed scenes that depict this and that, some historical and some made up. They add up to not much of anything. The "device" of throwing in anachronistic touches (Google, cell phone, Coca Cola, etc) backfire. But the major atrocity is when Hawke's Tesla picks up a microphone and starts a karaoke session of "Everybody Wants to Rule the Word."

Avoid this garbage and spend your time reading the Wikipedia article on Tesla.

pietclausen 13 August 2020

Stated as a freewheeling story on Tesla, this is a degrading and dark interpretation of his life, with very little shown of his inventions and how he was done in by his peers and investors.

There have been quite a few films and documentaries on Tesla's life which were enlightening and described what he was possibly trying to achieve, but this film is just a mockery of his life.

Tesla was an eccentric and introverted person which unfortunately led to his downfall. Had he been more forceful, he could possible have changed the world.

tccandler 14 August 2020

This biopic was one of my most anticipated of 2020. Sadly, it is as dull as a Wikipedia entry... sprinkled with two scenes of anachronistic music and a secondary character reciting Google search statistics. Yes, you read that correctly. Ethan Hawke is as reliable as they come... but even his talents are insufficient in bringing this dead script to life. No Spark Whatsoever.

yovadep 13 August 2020

I'd even dare to say that this move have more false.. sorry - "artistic impressions" than facts.

Also - I really hoped for this movie to be good but it seems like last couple of years screenwriters believe all people are idiots and do not even try to write a good script. Waste of time unfortunately :(

thomasdrewel 15 August 2020

It's a random girl telling you how many searches "Tesla" or "Edison" has on Google. Then a silent Ethan Hawke staring at lightening for the rest of the movie

silvashamith 14 August 2020

Looks like most of the movie cost went to the actors and not the production. Very poor production and very thin story line

Xstal 18 August 2020

... with a musk reminiscent of burning flesh, transformed into a ridiculously low budget AmDram production performed by clowns and jesters, mercilessly mocking one of the founding fathers of modern technology.

Fuses blown, breakers tripped, a complete short circuit fiasco.

hephaiston 15 August 2020

The problem with being much anticipated is that you have to deliver, to an extent at least. This movie delivers almost nothing. Not enough real history and character involvement to deliver any interest in the "current war" that the plot hinges on. Then there is Ethan Hawkes wooden performance, except when he does a rendition of a Tears for Fears song (in character) into a microphone against an soft focus sunset backdrop. If you find you can't sit through this bore of a movie but want to catch that music video, fast forward to the 90 minute mark.

elracraft 16 August 2020

My favorite part in this "biography period piece" was when a girl turns to the camera and said "if you google..." - it's my favorite part because that's when I shut it off.

Gordon-11 13 August 2020

The film is very confusing. I can't really follow the story, because it has a lot of seemingly irrelevant shots or fantasy shots - I can't really tell. I was genuinely bored by "Tesla". "The Current War" is a way better film. Watch that one instead.

veewatson 21 October 2020

A lot of people did not like the choices in this film. The style is almost surrealist, art house, than a typical biography film. I was really was engaged by the exploration of the genre. It was intentional choices, not a slip up or a result of bad acting or sloppy direction but it does come down to effectiveness. Did the style and the experiment fit the content or what people wanted from the film? I think it didn't quite fit. However, it was a marvelous attempt and and the acting was phenomenal. There were some genius moments but it's my opinion that the ending was the weakest segment of the film.

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