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Thale (2012)

Drama | Horror | Thriller
Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: Norway
Language: English

Estranged friends Leo (a crime scene cleaner) and hired hand Elvis are cleaning up a particularly messy casualty deep in the Norwegian woods. When Elvis accidentally finds a secret passage ...

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OJT 25 February 2012

After seeing the first teaser of Thale I wasn't expecting very much of this Norwegian low budget film which is a mix of the genres crime, drama, gore and adventure. The more I got surprised by seeing the film at the cinema.

'Thale' is based on a mythical character in Norwegian folklore called 'Huldra'. A hulder is a beautiful young woman living in water in the dark woods, louring men into the water with them, getting attention with their heavenly singing. This folklore came from warning kids to stay away from waters, back in the ancient times. A hulder looks just like a woman, except you tell it's a hulder by her tail.

The film opens with some rather disgusting scenes, really preparing you on something the film isn't - gory. Two crime scene washers comes to a cottage out in the deep woods. It's a long time since I've seen such a start of a film involving blood, stiff body and puking. But the film soon changes more into a thriller when the two men find i cellar looking like a serial killers office. Then they discover Thale...

It's easy to see that this film is low budget, but there's much talent here. Silje Reinåmo (Thale) is very good, and the CGI is handled well. Norwegian folklore suits CGI great. With more work on the script, this could easily have been a classic like "TrollHunter".

Far from perfect, but I'll give a 6/10 for the talent and the difference. I'd like to see more on a larger budget and a more thorough script.

t-filipkova 8 January 2013

Thale is visually stunning, interesting in mythology and well - played movie. Yes, the story is poor and screenplay has some holes, design of "hurdles" is quite upsetting (the CGI is done well, but they look really strange), but this has an mysterious atmosphere, supplemented by shots of beautiful nature and melancholic music. Short footage is good move how to cover few deficiencies of screenplay, but maybe, it should have been 10 minutes longer...

Over an above, the character of Thale was played very suggestively by beautiful Silje Reinåmo, and the characters of "two friends" are quite nice.

Thale is strange fantasy, but it has also some aspects of art movie (the way the shots are stylized, minimalistic acting, static camera, few actors...).

I'm certainly sure, that Thale will be forgotten, and that's really pity. It is because this movie is very unconventional, so it will barely engage the attention of masses, or at least some group of people - and maybe because you can't classify Thale into some universal film genre. It has some aspects of horror, fantasy, and also mystery drama. In addition, the low budget is obvious - but I don't think it is an negative in here.

Would I recommend this movie to someone?

Namely, if you expect much of horror/gore and action - forget it and better don't watch it. But if you like shots of beautiful nature accompanied by suggestive music, slow storyline, and you like the impressions more than action, maybe you will enjoy the Thale, as I did.

siderite 28 December 2012

If you have read anything about the film, including the title of this review, or have seen any trailer, then you already know what the story is about. The film is quiet, haunting and has a quality of foreboding which is quite alluring. It is hardly a horror movie and I could only place it in the fantasy genre.

The plot revolves around huldra, seductive creatures from Nordic folklore that seem to be very beautiful women, but are actually forest creatures. As such, the choice of Silje Reinåmo was very wise; she is very pretty. The film feels almost like a filmed play. After all, there are only four actors in total and a voice.

Even if the lead character is supposedly the one driving the story, the movie being seen from his perspective, the one that really made the film feel real and interesting was, in acting and role, his friend, interpreted by Jon Sigve Skard. A phlegmatic character, he underlines the weirdness of the situation by acting totally cool, creating the appropriate contrast.

Over all it was a nice film, although the entirety of it was pretty much about the same thing and something that was already obvious from the beginning. The feel and the fairytale root of the movie are what makes it worth watching. Some people might get bored by it or enjoy its atmosphere, as I did.

patrickgormley1 5 September 2012

Just finished watching Thale and found myself more than impressed. Made on a shoe string budget by rising Norwegian director Aleksander Nordaas, the film explores the huldra a mythical being from Nordic folklore. Without giving anything away I will just say that the acting, especially that of the very beautiful Silje Reinåmo in the title role, was excellent for such a low budget picture. The CGI and cinematography in the movie also impressed offering another breathtaking view of the Norwegian countryside. The film is let down slightly by some holes in the storyline and ultimately by the ending which I found could have been done so much better. This said Thale is an excellent example of what an imaginative director can fulfill within the confines of a small budget.

dadatuuexx 30 September 2012

lots of sci-fi,s start slow,then pick up speed.This Nordic thriller starts off with a bang,and actually gets better.Being into folklore from anywhere,i had heard of this film,and after a bit of a wait,i got to check it out.I was very pleased.As many people here in the states may remember, a year ,or so ago,a movie sorta like this came out.Not even close.This story is a good one,with great acting,interesting plot,and fx. i love a good sci-fi,and on that note,i was happy,but this story is good,simple to follow,gripping,and well told(a very good "tail" )-all in all ,a solid 6-pop some corn,grab a cold drink,and just watch.Enjoy !

The_Film_Cricket 12 April 2013

It is safe to assume that Elvis and Leo do a job that few people could stomach. They clean up crime scenes. After the bodies have been removed, they clean up the pools of blood and bits of human remains that litter the scene. It's not a pleasant job but somebody's got to do it. Decked out in masks and bright yellow hazmat suits, they go about their business, picking up the pieces of someone else's inhumanity against his fellow man.

From the first moment, it becomes clear that Leo (Jon Sigve Skard) is easily equipped to handle this. Elvis (Erlend Nervold), who vomits profusely into a nearby bucket, seems less so. From this unappetizing scene, we get the feeling that Thale will be a movie about what these guys do for a living. Indeed, following their day to day routine might have been fascinating, but admittedly hard to stomach. Yet, we soon find that we're wrong. Thale is an odd, mysterious and somewhat beguiling supernatural thriller from Norway that is built on mood and atmosphere and suspense made up of things that we learn along the way. It is a relief to find a movie this quiet and moody when so many thrillers fall back on the standard of jack-in-the-box terror.

In a series of creepy images banded with effectively melancholy music, the next scene reveals quick-cut elements that we only understand later. Leo and Elvis find that their next job is to clean up a crime scene that reminds us, uncomfortably, of Buffalo Bill's lair in The Silence of the Lambs. Waiting for a professional team to show up, Elvis begins to poke around. Something in the way this house is laid out seems to be more than meets the eye. Leo urges him not to go snooping around, but Elvis' natural curiosity gets the better of him. A small cold filthy room reveals jars of liquids, strings of dim lights and a bathtub filled with milky water invites investigation, though a more cautious individual might have not have proceeded any further.

From this point, I may discuss certain plot points. So if you want to see the movie cold, you may want to stop here.

What he discovers isn't all that unusual. Beneath the milky water is a naked girl who seems to have been there for some time. She is alive, but terrified. She doesn't speak, but an old tape recorder reveals that her name is Thale (Silje Reinåmo). What Elvis comes to understand is that she is more than a victim. This room is more than a torture chamber, and her reasons for being in this location reveal that she is possibly not suppose to exist. Neither, by the way, is whatever is skulking around outside.

It would be cruel to reveal what happens next, but safe to say it isn't what we expect. This isn't one of those movie with screaming victims and cheapo shocks. It is the kind of movie where the thrills come from what the characters discover for themselves. Elvis and Leo have stumbled upon something that is possibly bigger than both of them. Holed up in that room with Thale, something else manifests itself, something else that isn't suppose to exist.

What is even more interesting is what we learn about Elvis and Leo along the way. In just a few tiny passages of dialogue, Elvis and Leo become full-blooded people, not just pawns to be chased around by a boogeyman. It is curious to see a supernatural thriller like this that takes a few seconds to give its characters a bit of dimension. They aren't fully-realizes souls but they have lives that we can imagine exist apart from their predicament.

c-andreea21 19 October 2012

I've seen a lot of low budget movies but this one would have made a great movie if it had more funds. It starts with the friendship between Leo and Elvis who work together. You can see the opposite chemistry in them when Elvis seems to be the more emotional, soft sided type and Leo is the one more calm, more tough that keeps it all together. The journey takes them to a basement where they find a woman named "Thale", the huldra. Despite other reviews of the movie concentrated more on misoginism i see it as this. The huldra appears first as a frail woman, naked which for her seemed natural and defenceless which would be psichologically a natural state. She had just lost the one taking care of her and met with the two strangers after no contact with other humans . The storyline of the movie is pretty good but a bit lost also . The author did a great job in telling the huldra's story and why she was like she was but the narration from the tapes and of her description is actually wrong. The huldra only acted violent when threatened which was a primary instinct but in the end it only shows that she was unknowledgable to the world around her and had her own sense of right and wrong.

dedboy23-804-215590 19 February 2014

very nice little sleeper of a film. The actress who plays the title character is simply beautiful. It's a understated bit of cinema, with some very nice shots. Beautiful landscapes and nice camera work.

I have a big issue with people comparing this to Troll Hunter. I get that they're both from Norway and focus on Norwegian folklore. However, to say that Troll Hunter is great and this is not is like saying apples are great while pears are not. You simply cannot compare the two.

I believe that Thale had roughly one third of Troll Hunters budget, yet its very beautiful. Again, if you're looking for bombast, Troll Hunter has that... but this is a quite good film.

wingedwolfpsion 14 May 2014

This movie didn't get a 10 because, being low-budget, the CGI wasn't perfect. Apart from that, I thoroughly and absolutely loved it! The current era favors fast-paced films full of action, quick changes of scene, and tight plots that jump from moment to moment. This movie doesn't do any of that. It's slow, cerebral, quirky, very creepy, and full of wonder.

I don't think anyone has ever put the Hulder-folk into a film before, and it was wonderful to see this interpretation of them. Very much in keeping with the varied and mysterious folklore that they're based on.

I was a bit sad that it was so short!

paul_haakonsen 4 August 2013

I must admit that the DVD cover for the movie is quite alluring, and I had the sense that it would either be a good movie or fail miserably. And now having seen it, I must say that I was impressed.

The movie isn't extraordinary in any way, as it was limited by budget and also limited to a very small aspect of a potentially greater storyline. But still, the movie was entertaining and good fun to watch.

Now, when I say that I was impressed, I mean by the performances put on by Silje Reinåmo (playing Thale), Erlend Nervold (playing Elvis) and especially Jon Sigve Skard (playing Leo). They did really good jobs with their characters and carried the movie so well.

I believe that you have to really be accustomed to Norwegian folklore and legends to really get the storyline of this movie. Without such knowledge, the movie can be a little bit indifferent I suppose. And one thing that I was puzzled about was why Thale was so different from the other Hulda people in the forest. Gives you something to think about.

The story in "Thale" is about Leo and Elvis who are out deep in the forest on a cleaning job on a very messy site, when they discover a hidden entrance to a basement. They scale the stairs and find a small laboratory of sorts hidden beneath the surface. And here they also find a young, beautiful, naked woman in a bathtub. Leo and Elvis find themselves wrapped up in some mysterious events as they start to find out who or what Thale really is.

This movie came out of nowhere and proved to be good fun to watch. Norway has more to offer than just majestic scenery and black metal.

embjell 3 March 2013

Thale is an low budget adventure film, that takes place in Norway. Most of the acting is well done! and as far as the music goes, i must say that it is one of the better soundtracks in Norwegian film history. But the special effects and CG in this film aren't the best. but as I said, it is an low budget film. You can really see talent in the director of this film. So i would recommend to see this movie, if you are tired of the same old horror or adventure films. this is something new and special! This is not a teen movie, this is a good example for a new story film. but!! its not for everyone! if you expect a horror slasher film, you will be disappointed. but if you expect an adventure film. you will not get disappointed!

kosmasp 14 November 2012

Who'd imagine there are so many word-plays with this? I actually could Thale. Seriously though and maybe in the vain of some of the strange humor that can be found in this: The story is more of a myth or something you could imagine being told as good night story (or rather at a campfire come to think of it).

It starts of normal and easy enough but veers into strange territory pretty fast. Which of course has to do with the short running time. It's a good thing the movie is not really long, trying to stretch a really good idea. There are some flaws after the initial realization of what's happening, but the overall mood of the film is consistent and it's surely not something you have witnessed in many movies. Kudos to the filmmakers.

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