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The Alpines (2021)

Drama | Horror | Mystery
Rayting:   5.6/10 4.5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: 2021

"The Alpines" is a psychological thriller that follows seven friends coming together for a weekend getaway after several years of little to no contact. They've grown apart. They've moved on with their lives. But the secrets of their

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portal1790 21 September 2021

When I saw this movie I saw it because of some good reviews here in Imdb. I really don't understand why. Bad acting, bad script in a story that we've seen again and again and again. The cliches i think are all there. Not one was forgotten. It's not that bad but there's absolutely nothing new here.

imdb-23821 24 September 2021

You know a movie is going to be bad when the camera is focused on something which it will not reveal for at least 5 minutes with all the characters staring at the wall in horror and shock. And after they are all terrified and want to leave asap.... they don't.

In short, several college friends are invited to a summer lodge. Everyone still wants to sleep with each other, the relationships are completely not credible, and the writing is written like it was done by high school teenager. This is really dreck. The actors had a hard time selling it because the script just is a prolonged excuse to keep suspense for 90 minutes with nothing actually happening until it hits its final reveal. Don't waste your time or believe the numerous fake reviews. Almost 166 reviewers unanimously agreed with a 7/10 rating and that never happens.

jbrbsmom 25 January 2022

How many possible movies can be made that revolve around people in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere? The answer WAY TOO MANY. This is one you do best to skip, or fast forward to the last five minutes to see how it ended. Seriously, not much substance going on here. Tried to rely on suspense, but the movies idea of suspense is focusing on peoples faces for really long periods of time while they were looking at something more interesting that it took ten minutes to reveal what they are seeing. Not suspenseful. Boring.

Some of the dialogue is so implausible and ridiculous that you laugh out loud ...most certainly NOT the intended outcome.

I read a synopsis that explained the plot as being 7 people that each personify one of the seven deadly sins. Yeah. So what? They are called seven deadly sins, so pointing out that being like that is bad was really a waste of a movie. Even the twist at the end wasn't worth the entire time I wasted watching it.

I had a LOT of problems with the actual major problem...I couldn't actually fathom these people had EVER been friends for any length of time because there was so little positive interaction between most of them...a lot of lies and secrets and something that would have worked out better for a soap opera than anything else. These people were more horrible to one another than long term friends would ever actually be...there was so little positive about their interactions that you wonder if this was saying that people are just horrible and avoid friendship because people suck...not the plot they were looking for...I hope?

teodoramonika 4 January 2022


I really liked the movie, I don't know why it has such bad comments. It wasn't slow, boring, predictable to me, nor was the acting bad. He kept his attention all the time. I also liked the end, but the last scene confused me a bit. P. S. Daniel Victor (Roger) is a most beutiful guy.

All in all, he's good, look. Recommendation.

Moviedog26 22 September 2021

One of the worst movies I ever tried to watch. I feel insulted by the kind of drivell that I am being offered as an " intense psychological thriller"

Bad acting, bad plot, bad script. BTW tires don't sound like a gunshot when they go flat.

It was impossible to finish this entire garbage.

turtleloverules 16 January 2022

This movie was a fair character study about old friends who meet up in an isolated cabin. During a bad storm, true motives for the reunion are borne. A fair whodunit. Check it out.

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