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The Bezonians (2021)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.9/10 3.6K votes
Country: UK
Language: English
Release date: November 2, 2021

In the Bezonians social club in North London, A group of down and outs scheme, plot and dream of becoming rich and breaking out of the monotony of their dreary and financially impotent lives.

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andymichaels-55322 4 December 2021

Brilliant little number. All you want from a Brit film - action, violence, language and humour. A great cast with a few newcomers and some established actors to take you on a journey through North London.

The characters make this film what it is. Not your usual nice people but an assortment of off the wall people who logically shouldn't gel but do.

Mikey357 28 November 2021

Must admit, I had to look up the word "Bezonian" and I think it's a great title for a movie that accurately depicts the North London gambling den subculture and the shennaigans of those who frequent such establishments.

Good storyline delivered well, with some great performances - that bring humour, heartbreak and action to different scenes.

Once again, a great British indie movie that also accurately reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the North London gambling/social club subculture.

rocksteadymutant 27 November 2021

Seeing another side to Vinnie as an actor. Well done, kept the essence and worked very well with the other cast. Go Achilles! Lots of hidden treats throughout. I think I spot them all but I'm definitely going to watch again to be sure.

andy-P77 27 November 2021

I loved watching this movie. The film takes us on a journey that is centred around a group of likeable rogues who hang out at their club "The Bezonians". Owner of the club (Plato) played by Andreas Karras, pretty much takes us through the events that take place as he narrates through the film at intervals cleverly introducing what we need to know about characters as they come into play or the situation that is about to unfold as the story is told pretty much through his eyes. The drama of the film really takes place after a game of poker which has not gone the way it was expected. From there on in, the world of the Bezonians (and Plato in particular) is turned upside down as a very real threat is presented to the group by the appearance of Willard Grieb (Vinnie Jones) a heartless and sadistic killer who comes to collect the debt owed to his "thought to be" girlfriend Lola ( superbly and seductively played by Lois Brabain Platt) for whom he is prepared to kill for. Truth be said... He really doesn't need much encouragement where there is an opportunity to inflict pain and Jones is superb in his role (so please ignore the negative comments from another reviewer here who can't even provide any constructive criticism having nothing to say about the film in any detail whatsoever).

The acting throughout is superb and there really are some fine performances to be seen. From the card game onwards the film takes a distinctive turn and as desperation sets in as the film begins to gather it's momentum with the mood becomes darker and desperate.

The film touches on themes of loyalty, love, loss, faith but above all hope. All these themes are well reflected within the group of Bezonians and how their faith in each other is tested and whether or not they can ultimately be relied upon? Together we stand, divided we fall. It is without question a bitter sweet ending but it's a journey worth taking and if these are themes that might be of interest to you then this is a film I would highly recommend you see. I for one will certainly want to watch this again.

Monty71 27 November 2021

Really enjoying films by this director, same director from smokin guns. Really loved watching the actor who played Plato, reminded me of Al Pacino. It was kind of like the Greek version of Goodfellas, some classic scenes especially the debate on who's the best actor, Pacino or De Niro. A proper lads film, sex, violence & humour. If you're a fan of lock stock here's another British classic.

JohnDoe1100 27 November 2021

Reminded me of good old North London at its finest. Great characters fun story and something a little different than what I'm used to watching on all the same streaming sites. Definitely worth a watch.

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