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The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

Animation | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   7.3/10
Country: USA | Taiwan
Language: English

A group of dated appliances embarks on a journey to the city to find its master after being abandoned in its cabin in the woods.

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Iama5yrold 8 November 2005

What happened to amazing movies like The Brave Little Toaster? And I am not being sarcastic at all. This movie came out the year I was born and I've still not seen a better children's movie. And when I speak of good children's movies I don't mean things like Teletubbies which can mesmerize a two-year old; I mean movies that I can still watch today and adore. For example, I loved Finding Nemo, as well as Shrek (not Shrek 2) and a few others. But not since Toy Story have I really loved a kid's movie as much as BLT. Yes, I'm stealing the sandwich's abbreviation and giving it to the movie.

The thing about BLT that amazes me the most is just how adult it is. I mean, sure, it's not very adult to have a toaster, a vacuum, a lamp, a blanket, and a radio (JON LOVITZ!!) going on an adventure to find their old "Master," and it may even be considered a little childish to be caught up on your old things-- but forget about the overtones! What about that nightmare? I won't spoil anything but see this movie and remember that question: WHAT ABOUT THAT NIGHTMARE?! It is...intense.

Listen to the words of the songs (other than their little "going on an adventure" theme). The song all the cars sing is devastating; the broken appliances are creepy as hell and the modern ones are so mean! And that little fat guy! Oh man, you just have to see this movie for yourself. There is nothing quite as wonderful as the cuteness of Blanky, the hypocrisy of Toaster, the courage of Lampy, the pride of Kirby, and of course, the wit of the Radio, all rolled into one film-- plus songs, squirrels and frogs etc, a giant angry magnet, an awesome TV personality, and enough colors and fun to warrant a sugar high.

See this movie if there is any love inside of you.

Mr Pants 9 January 2001

When I was a little kid, my imagination was a dynamo of activity. My young nieces are just starting to grow out of that stage, which is sort of sad to me. Because never again will their minds be able to dwell within and without the fantasy world. This film captures that sort of mindset wonderfully. Of *course* the appliances get up and walk around as soon as we turn our backs. That's why we can never find anything!

Seems like a lot of people who have posted here have made one of two mistakes:

1) They have forgotten that children's minds have not yet been clobbered into creative submission like adults', or

2) The adults didn't watch the movie before plunking their kids down in front of the TV and going back to regrouting the tub.

While this is a fantasy about appliances, it is also a film about loyalty, companionship, and even fear. There are several disturbing scenes but I think many kids will find it intriguing more than scary. And if they do find it frightening, then it's a good way to discuss the things that scare them.

This film is mostly for kids, but I think it has plenty of stuff to keep the adults awake, especially "Rabbit Ears", the black & white TV guy (look closely at some of the pictures he pulls out of the file cabinet). This film is infinitely better than other Disney films like "The Little Mermaid" and that sort of claptrap.

doozer333 22 April 2002

I watched this film about a thousand times when I was a kid and upon a nostalgia induced viewing of it on the Disney Channel, it has joined my list as one of the most oddly pleasurable films ever made. First of all, you have to give it credit for its premise alone. Take a standard road trip buddy picture and cast it with talking household appliances. Acid induced? Maybe. But they take this ridiculous premise and roll with it, turning it into something that is honestly funny, sometimes sweet and strangely enough, kind of thought provoking in it's own way. The dialog is almost Toy Story sharp at times, referencing everything from Joan Rivers to Teddy Roosevelt, and just like it's computer animated descendant, throws around some heavy ideas. We watch as cars reminisce about their glory days before being crushed into cubes, look on in horror as appliances are gutted barbarically at a used parts store and root our quaint heroes on as they are confronted with the techno marvels of the modern age. The characters just struggle to get home but the movie is about the struggle to stay relevant when you're constantly being replaced by a faster model. An interesting idea when you think about it, and a fun, cool little movie worth seeing no matter what your age.

TheMediocreGatsby 7 September 2002

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved this movie. I watched it essentially every week. Now, of course, I watch it a lot less, but it's still a great movie. With some awesome voices (Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz etc.) and some good humor for adults, it's excellent family fun. A movie that kids love, and then adults can stand to watch with little pain. If you have kids, then I really suggest this movie.

fantasyescapist 21 February 2007

I remember early one morning as an eight-year-old, I caught this film on ITV and thought it was really good, and guess what? More than ten years later, I still do.

Shown on Channel 4 this morning on half-term week, it's more than meets the eye. Toaster, Lamp, Blankie, Hoover and Radio(I think) all go on an adventure to find their master, who appears to have abandoned them in his old childhood cottage.

It seems like this is like an 80s Toy Story or something, only with the appliances coming to life, and having their own personalities. Like Toy Story, it has a good plot and likable characters.

Sure, it has it's dark moments, so parents of young children should take note and check beforehand, but honestly, it only adds to the excitement of the film, and makes you actually care about the characters.

The animation may seem quite dated now, but the story in itself is timeless. This is definitely one to keep for generations to come.

mcplatinum2 28 January 2004

It's funny to watch The Brave Little Toaster over the years and see how your tastes change. As a young boy I loved this movie. As a teenager I thought BLT was stupid and nonsensical. Now I'm in my twenties and have a different opinion about this movie. BLT has a strong subtext of time passing and becoming obsolete by the new generation. Then being abandoned and forgotten about. This movie is full of hidden meanings which I did not realize when I was young.

The first thing I noticed when I watched BLT was how simple the animation looked. You get kinda desensitized after watching the graphics on Toy Story & Finding Nemo that it takes a little getting used to the animation in BLT. Some scenes look now better than a flash movie you'd play on Quicktime. The animation is like a mixture of The Lion King and The Simpsons. The characters expressions, on the other hand, are as good as it gets. From the Radio pointing his antenna to Lampy using his cord like hand gestures is brilliant!

Story:9/10 Acting:9/10 Animation:7/10 Characters Expressions:10/10!

Tenacious_heiner 11 May 2005

I have not watched this movie in over ten years but I still remember almost every scene with great accuracy. This movie entertained me till no end. It's hard to find one person who did not watch this movie as a child and even harder to find one that disliked it.

This is a wonderful movie.

I still get the song "Tooty Fruity" stuck in my head and think of the little toaster sliding down the rail. I hope to find my old copy and watch it again. Its movies like this one that make my childhood seem so fun and innocent.

This movie gets a ten out of ten for originality and for its obvious impact. If I were to name my favorite movie from my childhood this would be it.

SimpsonsRock11 23 December 2003

I saw this for the first time when I was four or five, and I've loved every second since. It's more than a kids' movie; it's actually incredibly funny and insightful. (My mom started cracking up when she heard the 'They couldn't. I lied' part when I was watching it last week.) Great work from the entire cast, great animation, great script, great, well, great everything.

vnordov 24 December 2003

Maybe the best feature cartoon EVER! I finally saw BLT for the first time today. I'm twenty years old, and I enjoyed every second of it. Although it has a concept that sounds like it would only appeal to children (5 old appliances trek from the long abandoned summer home where they live to find their owner's new home), the film has more than enough to entertain adults too.

The characters are very rich, and all develop in fairly deep ways that young kids probably wouldn't even notice. Their dialog is also incredibly funny, especially John Lovitz's as the witty radio, as they trade barbs and insults. Most gripping though is the movie's dark tone, set by the acerbic characters' tenuous friendships and dangerous struggles. If they were people, instead of appliances, this would probably be a horror movie. But thankfully they are appliances, gives the movie a fun angle by setting it in the secret life of electronic devices. This is especially creative in Toaster's creepy nightmare about forks and bathtubs.

There's music too, but it's not an important part of BLT. The songs and dance sequences are forgettable compared to 90s Disney films, but they do entertain and set some great mood.

BLT really isn't a kids cartoon. I can imagine that it's colorful and musical enough that children could enjoy it, but they probably won't appreciate a lot of its humor and mood (and very young kids might even be scared by it). So suck it up and go walk into the kids section at your nearest rental place and make sure you see this movie.

RoamingTigress 3 June 2010

Pardon the pun ;) I loved The Brave Little Toaster as a child and no doubt I watched it repeatedly, and it's a true classic piece of nostalgia for many.

Even at the tender age of six, I thought the concept behind dated electronics being the main characters was a incredibly creative idea. There was no snazzy CGI effects, and there was no need for any. The story was so brilliantly told in it's more simple animation style and strong writing.

Don't let the fact that it this is an animated, non-anime movie at that fool you. There are indeed darker scenes in movie, including one in the beginning of the movie that still managed to make me shiver. Watching it again at the age of 27, I have to say I enjoyed it every much as I did all those years ago, if not more so.

Would I recommend The Brave Little Toaster? To say yes would be an understatement!

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