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The Call (2020)

Rayting:   4.6/10
Country: USA
Language: English

In the fall of 1987, a group of small town friends must survive the night in the home of a sinister couple after a tragic accident brings them to the couple's door.

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lewismusgrove88 18 October 2020

Besides a few creepy bits with Lin Shaye, the movie was pretty crap. No real story and boring.

kbovedvm 17 October 2020

Whoever rated this film a 10 was obviously paid to do so. Easily the worst movie I've seen in theaters. Hands down. No plot. Horrible acting. Absolutely horrid !!!!!

ferdmalenfant 30 October 2020

Oh any horror fan I was really rooting for this one, with "Mr Saw" Tobin Bell and "Mrs Insidious" Lyn Shae, both in the same movie how could you go wrong? The script is the worse piece of garbage that ever existed. The only good thing about this movie is Lyn Shae's acting and she's not onscreen very much. Sadly, this was/is a terrible movie.

choueiri101 30 October 2020

Speaking slowly and having long pauses between sentences is not suspenseful or scary.

The stupid make up is not scary.

The ridiculous script, now that was scary. How someone thought that nonsense up and how it held a 6.9 rating at the time of my post is scary.

The movie felt like it went for 400 hours, no exaggeration.

Please avoid

nfdudley 9 October 2020

This seemed like a low budget Netflix movie with two known actors they hired in order to get more views. Not scary at all. Seemed like a bad teen movie. The ending was terrible.

moladdy 31 October 2020

This movie couldn't be less interesting. It's so painful to sit through. I'm so glad I watched it at home and not in a theater.

Fella_shibby 4 November 2020

Inspite of having horror veterans like Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell, the film is not at all interesting. It aint scary n has a lousy n ridiculous screenplay.

Honesty, i got enticed into seeing this cos of the two veterans starring together in a horror film.

Firstly the film takes almost 45 mins to pick up n then when the action starts, it gets filled with cliches, traumatized childhood, teenage secret, etc.

It has the same lol demon/possessed fella doing hyper extension of the joints but this time the demon/possessed fella looked as if it were doing break dance movements. Why these demons/possessed fellas gotta do unnecessary hyper extention of joints is beyond me. Ther is unnecessary annoying screaming, unnecessary red color n one helluva lousy screenplay. The end is a big wtf.

seneen 24 October 2020

Really I was very choked with the story... how Lin shaye make this movie and this bad story I was expected more better film At least you can't know what they want to say Or what the director message

kidmiracleman 27 November 2020

Good scenario with twisted story. You can't really tell who is the real evil one. And for the last months this movie was one the best among those mediocre and boring movies.

qxka 27 November 2020

Diabolical. Wicked. Incredible. This movie is insane in every way. I could not take my eyes off the screen while watching.

dette_25 27 November 2020

One of the best thrillers I've watched as of late. The plot was interesting, and unlike some other time slip stories I've seen. And Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo are outstanding! Park Shin Hye's acting went from one emotion to the other with much ease. While Jeon Jong Seo was brutal, tormenting you to bits. Overall, this movie was outstanding.

erhanipekciler 27 November 2020

This is one of the best movie have ever watched. I love the story, good acting. I feel the tension really much. That was really different one. Highly recommend to watch.

jenalyntalaman 27 November 2020

The Call movie was so good... worth to watch... Park Shin Hye is a great actress in any genre... They're acting was so amazing... I'll watched it again and again... Congratulations to all...

Grateful-21476 27 November 2020

Excellent acting of all the casts, brilliant direction and best time lapse. It's unpredictable and mind blowing. No dull moments. The main actresses really nailed it.

pegadodacruz 27 November 2020

Definitely an interesting storyline to it and indeed overall a good movie. The highlights here are the lead characters. If it wasn't for the lack of logical or illogical explanation to things... at whatever level, this would be a much higher rating. But still if the intention is to let your imagination create realities of its own, then we'll done. Good one.

tayefahmedhr-04210 27 November 2020

What a movie!!!😮😮😮Korean thriller movies are always good and beyond expectation. Park shin hye(seo yeon) and Jeon Jong seo( young sook) both were spectacular. The movie was exceptional from the start to end. The storyline was gripping and engaging which made me watch the movie without boredom. The movie theme is pretty similar to the Korean drama series 'Signal' where communication through different time dimension is done. This movie has used the same theme to justify the different plot. Well, the director has really succeeded to showcase the thriller element in this movie pretty well. The audience who are fan of korean thriller are gonna love this movie!!👌✌

yneelima-64011 27 November 2020

I really appreciate the efforts of the whole cast and crew..I enjoyed watching it.. Parkshinhye and jungseo nailed it.

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