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The Care Bears Movie (1985)

Animation | Comedy  | Fantasy
IMDB Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English

The Care Bears watch over a young brother and sister who have lost their trust in humanity. Meanwhile an evil wizard wishes to cover the Earth in concrete.

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San Franciscan 19 April 2002

I always hated the Care Bears.

The reason why is simple. Let's face it: The Kenner Company itself admitted that the movies and TV episodes were designed to sell the toys of the same name, a nauseating trend that eventually bored kids to death by the end of the eighties. And I immediately hated anything that was so crass as to be merely an animated advertisement because it was pointing to a very uncertain future for the industry as a whole at the time.

I was in my teens when the Care Bears were unleashed, and even with my reputation for creating cartoon animal characters I couldn't stand them and simply ignored them with every chance I got. The toys were EVERYWHERE and unavoidable, the TV show seemed to always be on in whatever store you went into and Kenner made a fortune. Trendy overload!

I don't know exactly when the craze stopped...probably around the time the decade ended, I guess... and I forgot all about them until my little foster sister recently told me about how much she loved the Care Bears when she was a toddler, and would I like to watch this movie with her?

I watched partially because I knew she wanted to share something special with me, but also because I was surprised to discover that this movie was animated by one of my all-time favourite studios, the award-winning Nelvana company up in Canada.

And now, guess what?

Now that the toys are all long gone (with the exception of being available online for collectors) and the merchandise is no longer being shoved down your throat until you want to scream, now that the trendiness has evaporated, and the movie has been long since stripped of any possibilities of being an advertisement for anything commercial at all... a film that once was the epitome of "commercial sellout" and "unoriginal trendy tripe" has now aged surprisingly well, and manages to stand on its own as a genuinely charming children's offering.

And I never thought I'd ever be defending "Care Bears" anything.

But what once seemed like pop shlock trash now feels genuinely charged with lighthearted spirits, a childlike-wonder innocence and well-meant passion. The animation here, simply put, is gorgeous. But then, Nelvana has always had a rich tradition of adding top quality to whatever they set their minds to. Even more surprising, the songs are provided by Carole King and John Sebastian (both who now seem like perfectly logical and touching choices to musically illustrate this morality tale).

It actually managed to get me misty-eyed and even on the verge of a tear, especially since it now serves as a reminder of how much innocence has been lost in the animation industry since the 80s. Back then, animation was seen in the United States as kiddie fluff, and so no one except the artists who loved the medium took it seriously. But in the 90s, we got a vicious backlash as a whole crowd of new animators--all sick and tired of being mocked for being cartoonists while growing up--unleashed upon the world a torrent of the ugliest, most thoroughly vicious and vile animation until the situation completely reversed itself, and suddenly animation is now seen as too "adult" for its own good. Things like this simply never get made anymore.

So in the real world, much to my surprise, the Care Bears actually HAVE succeeded in doing what they were always claiming to be doing in their show--they've survived all this time and now they really ARE bringing a caring and sensitive Chris

La Gremlin 19 July 2000

Mention the Care Bears and for some reason everyone starts to cringe or think of nasty things to do to them. I have to say it breaks my heart that so many people are against a cartoon that teaches kids about empathy, friendship, and conflict resolution (and all without fighting).

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring a copy of this movie, and I, for one, am going to treasure it. I'm serious. Watch it with a little kid who takes the Power Rangers too seriously. I guarantee you'll be a little misty eyed by the end, and the kid will discover the revolutionary idea that it's not against the rules to befriend the monster instead of battling it.

I know I won't have a lot of people backing me up here, but I thought I should put my two cents in. And anyhow, Grumpy Bear is too cute.

markiechan42 20 November 2004

Let's face it - the world has grown into a rather unpleasant place, and the recent generations of children are more jaded than any I or my mother have ever seen. Toys are over-priced, uninventive and children get bored with them in a matter of days. Children's movies today are much the same, getting shorter and shorter every movie and teaching children nothing.

If anyone with children or younger siblings has ever had to suffer through current children's programming, you'll see what I mean. They're reverse-educational; a young child pointed at the Teletubbies sun and said "Baby," and then pointed at the real sun and said "Baby." Blues Clues teaches children to shout(trust me on this one,) and shows such as 'the Wiggles' remind me far too much of PeeWee Herman (the worst "children's" show of all time.)

So rewind TV - go back to 80's cartoons. Even though Care Bears were originally piloted to advertise the toys, the show evolved into something NICE. The animation was far from spectacular, especially when compared to today's computer animation, and the story lines WERE simple. But it had something to offer children that 99% of new cartoons don't offer - examples of non-violent resolutions to conflicts, sharing thoughts and items with others, being open about your feelings, caring about yourself and others. These 80's cartoons encouraged children to not be jaded, selfish and rotten brats. (And if you don't believe me that today's violence-fed kids are brats, just go to my sister's elementary school - I've NEVER seen so many 5th graders dressed like whores in my life.)

Storyline and morality aside, you should also pay attention to the music. Following the habits of 80's cartoons and movies, there are numerous song and dance numbers randomly inserted into conversation. But they are certainly striking in the boldness of them. And by this I mean the harmonies. Cue up the song "Home Is In Your Heart" on your movie or cd and just listen. The harmonies running through the song feel as though they should clash against each other and explode, but they just miss that clashing point and somehow manage to work very well. You can distinctly hear the SATB lines, and how soprano and tenor carry a lot of the melody and the base and alto are used to interesting harmonies. Just listen. The music was really well written.

Long story short, let your children watch movies like this, and if you feel that they didn't learn anything from it, discuss the movie with them. 6.5/10

iraklis28 16 March 2006

It's a great film cause it hasn't got too much violence as other new cartoons do, and it bring back memory's to grownups of there childhood days. the songs are great, especially the main song which i think is called care-a-lot which is what's it about, and it truly gets you in the heart where it's suppose to.

it proves that the 80's cartoons were better than todays cartoons made by Japanese, cause they always like killing and fighting, but this animated film show we shouldn't kill or hate each other in the world but care for each other by being friends and sharing and caring and even helping each other have a great life with happiness around us.

Bird Of Phoenix 14 July 2001

In my opinion, this movie and Care Bears Movie 2 are the best films I am ever going to watch. Care Bears were there all the way through my childhood. I am 16 and I am still watching these two cute movies. I can't help it. I think this movie could teach anyone a lesson, no matter what age.

Care Bears is a film about Morality teaching young kids to share, love and about friendship, unlike Pokemon which provokes the young population to fight and steal each others Pokemon cards.

This movie is full of beautiful and catchy songs, but I prefer the 2nd movies sound track. I will never get bored of this movie, and I will watch it till this old tape of mine screws up from old age (where I will be VERY upset). This movie will bring you songs which will never get out of your head, these songs have been in my head all my life and I have had a happy life so far.

You may think that Care Bears have no effect on your child, but I grew up with it. Now im a vegetarian, a volunteer for the RSPCA and a success at school. Im extremely bubbly and kind hearted and hate to hurt people. You decide.

Please, parents everywhere, show Care Bears to your children, not Pokemon.

macaritz 5 August 2003

Ya see, when i was a kid, i sat down in front of the tv and care bears was what i would watch. I thought it taught kids a lot! Its a great movie for kids, obviously adults will think it is not as interesting as the kids and thats understandable. But when you like something as much as i liked it, it definitely becomez a classic in my heart! So if you want your children to enjoy a great movie, go get the care bears movie!

Lady Jasmine 5 February 2002

Yes it's sweet. Of course it is, it's meant for kids! Little ones, but as a 20 year old I still love this film. In fact I was only just able to a watch it again, because I kept remembering how much the evil spirit terrified me as a child. Compare the Bears, who actually teach their young viewers something worthwhile: that if you care about the people around you the world will be a better place, to some of the cartoons we subject our kids to today like South Park with it's crude animation and message that the way to deal with things is violence and swearing. I would choose the Bears every time. Parents: have the decency to allow your kids to watch a good cartoon, you might learn something too.

rockndaparadise 10 March 2006

The 80's were really the decade to live in! I have to admit, for someone my age, I honestly believe that the Care Bears movie is a very well-made movie. It came out the year I was born, and I'm reasonably sure that it is also the very first movie I ever saw in my entire life.

Now, where should I begin? Ah, yes. It makes me enjoy the movie a lot more now that I know that some famous people were involved in it. The story is narrated by Mickey Rooney, someone with a very kid-friendly voice. There was also Cree Summer, who did voices in various different cartoon series', and of course, Billie Mae Richards (Rudolph).

This is a great children's movie, and some adults can enjoy it too. I don't recommend this movie to the 7 to 18 range. It's pretty enjoyable, but it also has a lot of frightening parts. I was always scared to death of the dark spirit. To help lighten the mood, there are also some catchy songs in this movie as well, which are all done by famous pop artists such as Carol King and John Sebastian. Today, the only thing I really love about this movie is the finale song, "It's Great to Be in the Care Bear Family". For some odd reason, I'm such a sucker for all those "Kids of the Kingdom"-types of songs.

This movie was followed by two sequels. The first of the three was really good and really dark and dramatic, the second one was just as good but seemed more like a comedy than a drama, and the third one was just plain weird. Right now, I just wish I could watch this movie again and see how much stuff I can remember from it. I'm sure it will bring back to me some very fond memories.

fredprincess 16 September 2006

Yes, I know I am an adult, but this movie just brings back good memories. I used to watch the care bears every day, and even play care bears with my friends. These cuddly little bears help teach us the important lessons of life, like how to care, share and grow up to be wonderful members of society.

The plot is that two children who are put up for adoption begin to doubt the world and humanity. The care bears sense their trouble and whisk them off to care-a-lot. Meanwhile, another little boy who works for the circus unleashes a nasty spirit that causes everyone on earth to quit caring. It is up to the care bears to teach the kids how to care, and teach the whole world how to care before time runs out. It's full of adventure and delightful characters. And meeting the care bear cousins in the forest of feelings was a great addition. Will the world ever care again? Watch and find out.

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