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The Collini Case (2019)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.2/10 6377 votes
Country: Germany
Language: English

A young lawyer stumbles upon a vast conspiracy while investigating a brutal murder case.

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mohammadjalshowbaki 14 April 2020

May be slow at the beginning , but after first 45 min. The movie take another long and deep way of old events , i like it , heart touching and tell us true events . Worth watching.

mmaguina 14 October 2019

While the plot is somewhat predictable and Elyas MBarek a bit too old for the character he plays the movie is a compelling thriller. Franco Nero delivers a powerful performance. Worth watching!

saptesh786 30 October 2019

A young lawyer defends a killer, ( Collini) who killed lawyer's mentor. While proceeding we found revealing mystery behind killing. Although movie starts very slowly and nothing going ahead till half hour gone, but after that movie starts to grip you and then enjoying shocking suspense till the end. Details of old time law and its codes are described well and we realised that same low is used to save Collini while he could not prove real accused before. Must watchable. Good acting by leading actors. perfect casing.

kostehrenberg 24 April 2019

Starting like a better TV crime movie, The Collini Case turns suddenly into one of the best drama films I have seen for a long time. A very emotional and also shocking movie and yes, real good cinema from Germany. I hope for a nomination for the oscar for the international feature film.

Don't forget tissues, and please note that the movie has some (necessarily) heavy scenes.

jwbakker 21 March 2020

Masterpiece. So great that this piece of German history is brought by German filmmakers. Acting and script realistic. Story line exactly the correct pace.

martin-joest 21 May 2019

Maybe this story is not true, but there are thousands of stories like this. It is a memorial to justice, not to law(s). And a reminder against fascism and similar idologies. Watch the movie, read the book. Once, twice and more. Tell all the people you know. This movie is a reminder

velvet_zoo 25 September 2019

Mr. M'Barek does a good job playing an overzealous young lawyer, new to the game, believing in justice in a world that is everything but fair. Taking over his first case he will have to learn to make choices he did not study in law school. So far the premise seems like a great old sweater, worn many times, but somehow still comfy. Somehow it was knitted with too many different threads of wool. Penned down by at least three credited writers on the leash of nine credited producers, this plot feels overwritten by throwing in bundles of issues and coincidences. Each by its own, fully acted out, would have worked for me. Together it kind of fell apart. I don't know if it's all in the novel, it probably is, but novels thrive on other things than actors creating believable characters. I wish the ambitious script had cut this ambitious lawyer some slack for expanding Mr. M'Bareks portfolio. Three stars and a half.

butkutesea 10 October 2019

Good plot and interesting story but the long shots do not give any extra information nor create the right atmosphere

rtrampler 30 April 2019

Not what you would expect from Elias M'Barek but it was better than I could have imagined. The story from von Schirach discusses moral and he depicts legal issues in an outstanding manner without being boring to outsiders. I would really recommend watching the movie.

erankatz-71766 31 July 2020

Wonderful and well written. Great actors, scenes and script.

er-usmani 12 October 2019

Watching this movie, one of the many problems you are going to notice right away is the lack of character development. There is not enough backstory for any of the characters for the viewer to really connect with them.

The second biggest problem probably arises from the first one. The movie is nowhere as engaging and immersive as the director/cast is hoping it is. This movie failed to generate the right emotional response at the right times. It being a trial court drama, one intuitively links it to the "A Few Good" men and sighs at how this movie just falls short at its climax.

Nice try but meh.

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