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The Craft: Legacy (2020)

Drama | Horror 
IMDB Rayting:   4.3/10
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

A group of high school students form a coven of witches. A sequel to the 1996 film, "The Craft".

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RadiationGeek 1 November 2020

For a movie about witches there was absolutely no magic.

"I'm going to write a movie based entirely off of Instagram filters and woke themes" - Zoe Lister-Jones

Scenes went nowhere and had nothing to do with the story. Useless characters.... 3/4 of the characters introduced contributed NOTHING to the story. One character was a pitiful attempt at Ilana Wexler from Broad City.

Writing was so weak that the other three witches were entirely forgetful.... I seriously don't know their names.... nor did I care.

RuPauls Drag Race Mini challenges have had better storylines and plots than this.

This is a total embarrassment to the original 90s movie. Change the name and bury it in a landfill.

zeronull-25716 1 November 2020

The Craft is far better than this "sequel". Believe you me, it's not at all worth watching whatsoever.

kaz12341-853-41242 28 October 2020

I loved the first movie, so was really looking forward to this. Don't waste your time it is dreadful. I actually kept rewinding it thinking i had missed something. No story, no plot , no explanation for anything. The main character is a reaonably good actress but that is the only positive comment i can make. Total disappointment

bilgealp 28 October 2020

Honestly this was such a disappointment to see. This movie contains more like a cliche teen high school movie elements instead of thriller/horror. I personally can't see any horror items in it. I hate how they never mentioned main characters' backstories or their daily lives. And there were SO many plotholes that i can't catch up while watching. Literally I'm so disappointed rn just go and watch the original one and don't waste ur time watching this. In the end I'd like these characters so much if writers wrote them better. But with that many unanswered questions in the plot and zero backstory on main characters... a no from me

gleilsondantas 28 October 2020

The whole story was rushed and nothing made sense! There is nothing about the characters personal lived shared to make you understand who are these girls, how did they get powers, what made them interested in magic... A big fail!

mdbourke-282-899973 1 November 2020

When will female directors learn that it is not their responsibility to 'educate' us mere mortals. Andrew Fleming made a fantastic feminist movie in 1996, which to this day, still stands tall. This, like the appalling Black Christmas remake and let's not forget the god-awful April Fools Day remake, is an immature first-time directors attempt to make a feminist art piece, highlighting toxic masculinity and hitting all the PC buzzwords. On one hand it wad good to see the LGBTQI community represented, on the other hand, how cliched and insulting. It is the role of parents and schools to educate children on equality and other issues that face everyone, not an uppity director who cannot a. write a cohesive movie and b. direct it competently. Zoe Lister-Jones should be ashamed of herself for making a movie that is in her own words, a reflection of her own childhood that does not entertain on tell a complete story WHATSOEVER.

As for BLUMHOUSE. On one hand I am happy there is a group of people making genre movies, and love them or hate them, they have had some pretty mixed results, when they shine, the really shine. On the other hand, they need to be a little more selective with their projects, this movie is ASYLUM level terrible, and not even in the ironic sense. Zoe Lister-Jones and Sony, hang your collective heads in shame

camkennedy34 29 October 2020

This movie is horrible!! Very poorly written, impossible to like any of the characters. If you're a fan of the original, do yourself a favour and skip this garbage.

sebado 28 October 2020

This is such a bad movie. Where is the magic, where is the darkness, I miss Nancy. The score was interesting, Nicholas Galitzine as Tommy was good and the last scene appearance was nice. The acting and the screenplay with its undeveloped plots were awful. Stick to the original!

marlanafaye 30 October 2020

What was that? Just leave Gen X movies and TV shows alone. This was an abomination.

paul_haakonsen 29 October 2020

Granted, I did not have high hopes for "The Craft: Legacy" when it was initially announced, and I dreaded the outcome of it. And sure enough, the movie was a weak imitation of the original 1996 "The Craft" movie.

Writer and director Zoe Lister-Jones failed utterly to bring something worthwhile to the screen, as "The Craft: Legacy" just felt like a watered down more family-friendly version of the 1996 movie. And that was just an abysmal turn for the movie to take. Especially since the 1996 movie was pretty good and impacting back in the day.

I am sure that "The Craft: Legacy" was meant to be a continuation of the 1996 movie, but it just failed at being an original movie in its own right, and it had none of the charm, appeal or impact that the 1996 movie had.

Sure, if you haven't seen the 1996 "The Craft" then I suppose "The Craft: Legacy" is a good enough movie. But for us that did watch it, then "The Craft: Legacy" is lacking the magic, the foreboding darkness that threatened behind the alluring call of using witch magic. And more importantly, it was lacking memorable characters.

The character gallery in "The Craft: Legacy" felt like they were using cardboard stand-in, most of them fully devoid of backstory and personalities. Even David Duchovny's character felt like a puppet just brought in for the heck of it.

Not even having the likes of David Duchovny and Michelle Monaghan in the movie could do much to lift up what was essentially a hollow and shallow movie experience.

The most interesting part about "The Craft: Legacy" was the person that showed up in the end of the movie, and get this, was present for a whole staggering 3 second or so! Now, I am not going to say whom it is, but yeah, you guessed it already, because it was that predictable.

My rating of "The Craft: Legacy" lands on a less than mediocre four out of ten stars. The movie was watchable, for sure, but this was by no means a worthy runner up to the 1996 "The Craft".

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