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The Crimes That Bind (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
IMDB Rayting:   6.6/10
Country: Argentina
Language: English

Desperate and confused, Alicia will do the impossible to keep her son from prison after he's convicted of trying to murder his ex wife.

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profesorsaravi 21 August 2020

My wife and I watched this movie without great expectation. However, we were really surprised by the plot, from the start until the last stunning revelation. As Argentinians, we found all the set up quite realistic. All actors are very good and their performances were remarkably adequate. The story may be small, but this is a great movie. Actually, the best Argentine movie of the few last years, in our opinion.

chattopadhyaysabyasachi6 21 August 2020

It is a kind of movie which after watching, you will have a good feeling. Story , acting of Cecelia Roth and rest of the actors and magnificent direction of Sebastian schindel are the key factors of this Oscar worthy movie . I shall be surprised if it doesn't get nominated for the best foreign film and the beat picture categories for this year .

avgalia 26 September 2020

I usually check the rating before I decide to watch a movie. In this case the movie was recommended to me by a person I trust and thanks God I decided to watch it despite the rating that some people gave to it. I am glad I did. This is an excellent movie and I can understand some people may have not liked it. I presume those people do not have the slightest idea how a movie that is labelled as "crime" do not have any shooting and still be good. The problem is that it is not a movie about crime, it is a movie about social and cultural differences of people living in the same country.

If you expect to watch action do not waste your time, it is not a movie for you. The plot is heart breaking, the acting is exceptional and the filming is very sober. There are some aspects that are difficult to grasp if you have not lived in a place where Justice is over-ridden by money.

RosanaBotafogo 23 August 2020

Pearl of Argentine cinema, a fantastic playwright, very well conducted, to intrigue us and that plot twist, and the saddest, which is based on real facts, in fact, of two crimes that were unrelated, but generated an excellent very well produced work, highlighting Cecília and Yanina Ávila (who is a domestic worker and of humble origin), a beautiful, dramatic, sensitive, critical, stupendous film ...

tripurari_rai 23 August 2020

Movie teaches life, crime, judgement and emotional decisions specifically inside families.

Very nicely portrayed and well crafted screen play. Recommend it.

ops-52535 24 August 2020

If you love drama flicks, where social diversyties and where there are opportunities and opportunists, where the hearts are open for everyone, and that cruelties should be sorted out in a decent and fairplayed way, then this might be for you.

its argentinian, i guess its the 4th film from that country that i watch, and it shows a social realism that really understates the poverty and striving among common people, the corruptiveness that even the rich have to bail in with are just gobsmacking. its a comprehensive look into the judicial system and gives you a hint how important religion are in argentina.

its a near perfect production, a bit springing in the start, but when you find the ead youre trolled into the trials of inhumanity.

its a good sopanish spoken human drama with peculiar and strange human interaction, a film the grumpy old man thinks you should see, but be patient, it may feel slow in the start but hang on.

drnicasia 23 August 2020

Slow but has enough pace to keep you glued.Well made and the emotions ,specially the pain of a mother is so palpable.Leaves a dent in you heart.highly recommended.

dwp1948 22 August 2020

08/22/2020 A simple and real storyline played out with superb actresses. Excellent in my book! Bon Appetit

kamalbeeee 18 September 2020

Slow burning thriller but still enjoyable and i had predicted a culprit...good script eventhough its based on real incident... A problem arise in a rich family between their son and his wife at meanwhile their maid get into pregnant and killed her new born baby... Must watch movie...!!!

Edvis-1997 31 August 2020

Really amazing movie and what is more amazing that it was brought by NETFLIX. Nice plot, very relatable with real life events, how moms always helps their childs and sometimes they become blind for everything else. It's in my top10 of 2020 movies so far. Really recommended.

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