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The Cured (2017)

Drama | SciFi   
IMDB Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: Ireland | France
Language: English

A disease that turns people into zombies has been cured. The once infected zombies are discriminated against by society and their own families, which causes social issues to arise. This leads to militant government interference.

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troy-boulton 26 September 2018

If you are looking for a purely mindless crimson-sprayed gangrenous brain-gorging splatter-fest, The Cured is almost guaranteed to bore you to tears. Not that it is lacking its share of gore and heart-pounding zombie-runs, but this film is focused on the social and interpersonal dimensions of a post-infection world, rather than running for your life and mashing Zombie brains in order to keep your own grey matter off the menu. As a well-crafted tale about "othering", and the directed and broader impacts of the alienation of one group by a "well meaning" majority, this film, possibly unintentionally, delivers an almost perfect analogy for the impact to the broader gay community of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and 90s. The film also maps successfully to the impact of demonising migrant, ethnic and religious groups (very possibly its intent, coming from Northern Ireland); take your resonant flavour of "othering" and insert here. A stark, brutal and effective expository. If you want to cook up extremists, this film delivers the recipe...

As an experimental vehicle for the fabulous Ellen Page, this film didn't get the exposure it deserved - Page once again proves both her versatility and her ability to believably breathe gritty appeal into the characters she inhabits. The other key cast were equally compelling, save maybe for Paula Malcomson, who maybe didn't receive the best treatment from the production - she felt atypically undercooked as Dr Lyons.

A must-see if you want some gore and splatter to go with a massage of your grey matter.

lisadyoung 25 June 2018

This is my first review. there are no spoilers. I thought this was a good premise for a movie - not all of us live in the U.K., sadly. It was well written, very well acted, and I really quite enjoyed it. From someone who is really quite versed in the zombie genre, I thought it was comparable to The Girl With All The Gifts; a fresh take on the zombie narrative. I would recommend it, certainly, if you're a sucker for zombie films. Though it has a somewhat predictable plot, overall it was an enjoyable film, with some really interesting elements thrown in. I'll watch it again.

jrneptune 18 November 2018

I enjoyed watching this movie very much and I can easily see myself watching it multiple times.

This is so much more than a zombie movie. To me it presented bigger questions about our own humanity and how we treat others. Even how some people who strive for power over others will manipulate and use others for their own goals.

The director and the cast did a great job and I loved how some of the back stories behind the main actors were explained if you took the time to watch the movie.

edithp-37476 4 March 2018

So this film is being touted as an 'original' take on the old zombie narrative, but the problem is that this has been done before and better with the superior tv drama 'In the flesh'.

When exploring these themes and ideas it really helps to have the kind of breathing space and ability to take risks that you just don't get in a 95 minute movie.

It's not a bad film, it's just annoying that it's being billed as something it is not. You'd kind of understand if it was a Hollywood take on things, but the writer and director is Irish, meaning that he'll be well aware of the tv drama content of the British Isles and has decided to basically rip it off shamelessly. This wouldn't be so bad if he'd improved upon things, but he really hasn't.

An alright film, passes the time, but do yourself a favour if you like the concept and watch the superior 2013 BBC television drama, 'In the Flesh.'

johnnyutah31 17 May 2018

The film itself is ok. It's a bit slow but picks up towards the end. Overall it's rather bland really.

But what I wanted to point out is that this is not a fresh idea. It's been done as a BBC mini series a few years back called "In the Flesh" and a film quite similar as well called "The Returned". And this iteration or spin is the less of the three.

Jentpa 15 May 2018

It may have been done before, but frankly, what movie isn't a spin on something done before?

The acting was fantastic, the plot was interesting, and engaging, and the location was unique and added to the film as a whole-cinematically.

Give it a chance. Ellen Page always floors me with her range, and this movie was a wonderful portrait of her talent. I couldn't say who the 2 main actors are-as I'm not super familiar with Irish cinema, but they too were outstanding. Highly recommend.

napopincelli 17 May 2018

The Cured is the third Irish horror film I watched in 2018. And, just like with The Lodgers, I had a blast with this movie!

Directorial debut of David Freyne, The Cured is set in a world were, after a zombie outbreak, 75% of the turned have been cured. While society is trying to go back to normality, welcoming back the so-called cured, scientists are trying to reverse the zombification process for the remaining 25% of infected. The audience follows Senan (Sam Keeley), a cured person who's sent to live with his sister-in-low (Ellen Page) and her kid, as he struggles to deal with the 4 years he spent as an undead. Because, to make matters worse for the cured, they're both welcomed with hostility by people and must deal with the vivid memories from the period when they were zombies.

This is a great concept for a movie, a concept that's smartly developed by Mr Freyne: first and foremost, he decides to narrow down the story. Unlike the majority of zombie flicks, which show the whole world getting affected by the outbreak, here the story unfolds in a small Irish town, providing the film with a sense of authenticity and realism that is pretty much unprecedented in such movies. Very calmly paced, bleak and featuring sort of "human" zombies, The Cured is exceptionally directed: without a doubt, this is the most evenly paced horror film of 2018 - so far - since it presents no dull moments nor sudden and inexplicable switches in tone and vibe. Shot and edited in a somewhat minimalistic fashion - as in, photography and cinematography aren't anything mind-blowing, but they perfectly fit the movie - Freyne's first directorial effort flows seamlessly throughout the 90-minute-long runtime, becoming more and more down-on-earth as the time goes by. Without being pretentious or trying too hard, The Cured showcases an insane amount of competent shot compositions and framing, demonstrating how much effort was put into the project.

The same effort that each of the cast members surely put: Ellen Page and Sam Keeley are fantastic in the movie, displaying mesmerising performances that, at the beginning of the first act, reach a pinnacle with one of the most emotional confrontations I've seen in a while. Even the supporting cast, albeit rather one-note, do an outstanding job that fits their roles. Although The Cured is foremost a drama, the horror elements seamlessly blend in, with a few scenes that stand out as very creepy and impactful. Being fully aware of the budget restraints, the filmmakers rarely went for berserk zombie actions... but when they did, it was loads of fun. Not mindless fun, though, since the audience got invested in the characters, therefore we experience with apprehension these action sequences. A great, fitting grand finale perfectly wraps the movie up, leaving no room for major complaints. Besides, The Cured might have more to tell than meets the eye - I personally, have an interpretation for the movie's meaning that, albeit 100% spoiler-free, might affect your viewing experience, so feel free to skip the next paragraph.

THE CURED - MEANING EXPLAINED. Since the film is set in Ireland, my girlfriend and I figured it seems pretty obvious the story was a metaphor for the long-lasting civil war between Protestants and Catholics. In this scenario, the cured would represent Irish Catholics who are never really accepted as part of the society by the other religious group. Certain scenes in the movie (and other aspects I don't want to spoil), which resemble m

Platypuschow 2 February 2019

I adore the zombie sub-genre, I've always had a real weakness for all things undead but it frustrates me when movies get released labelled as such when they blatantly aren't. This is such a movie, this is not zombies it's more of a 28 Days Later (2002) situation.

Want an Irish zombie film? Watch Dead Meat (2004), watch Boy Eats Girl (2005), watch Portrait of a Zombie (2012) but one last time this in no way shape or form is a zombie film.

Starring Ellen Page this Irish film tells the story of a world recovering from an outbreak of of virus that causes violence in its victims. 75% of those infected have now been cured while the remaining 25% are incarcerated while the government decides what to do with them.

The movie is rife with social commentary of intolerance and bigotry against "The cured" and it rings true to current affairs. It makes for uncomfortable viewing in places for this reason and uncomfortable viewing in other places for a reason I can't quite put my finger on. As the credits rolled I felt very uneasy and hadn't liked what I witnessed.

The idea is solid, the execution is a bland boring lifeless tale that didn't engage me at all. In the right hands I can imagine this being a very entertaining feature, but what we have here is as entertaining as an episode of Neighbors (1985-) played in reverse, upside down, in black & white with a watermark over the video of a wiener.

The Good:

Great idea

Solid social commentary

The Bad:

Simply not very interesting

Uncomfortable viewing

ricochet93-369-308802 16 February 2019

A complete rip off of other recent French and British zombies made better flicks.


kosmasp 4 July 2018

An interesting story overall and some neat ideas woven into it. Unfortunately cliche does take over and poor decisions (to say the least) of the main characters make this annoying to borderline unwatchable at times. It's a shame because it does look like you have a good cast, but even they struggle to make their choices seem believable.

Ellen Page has some gravitas to what she is doing, but even she falls victim to doing exactly what you predict any (wrong) thing the others are going to do too. By the way a man of the law showing up completely without any backup should really not be a thing anymore. This is beyond insulting to the viewer and ridiculous at best ...

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