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The Devil All the Time (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption and brutality.

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xxforkliftermattxx 6 October 2020

The Devil All the Time is a slow burn, thriller and melodrama with outstanding acting, exceptional editing, and precise cinematography. I love the focus on the theme of evil disguised as good. The film focuses on people who are thinking they are doing good under the guise of religion, God, and divine right instead of the harsh reality that they are terrible people committing terrible atrocities. Unfortunately, this is true to life. Obviously, this isn't saying all religious people are evil. It's more so that people are using religion as an excuse to commit crimes. The performances are all really good, and provide a look into the minds of sick, vile humans. The film is deeply disturbing because of how true to life it is and how it focuses on real life themes. It's extremely well crafted, and I love how it's presented, using voice over narration to dictate the flow of the film. The plot is a little convoluted, and the story could've been more thought out. Get ready for a slow descent into disturbing madness. This is one for the ages.

kjeltprent 16 September 2020

Okay Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stan and harry Melling acted great in this movie. The story was unlike anything I'd ever seen personally, it was messy but also satisfying. I was interested in what was going to happen throughout the movie and it just kept going. The ending won't work for everyone but it worked for me. I give this movie an 8/10 for acting and how they told the story in a new way.

Azanspy 16 September 2020

Wow. I thought I was in for something else. I didn't think this movie would be in such a high level on artistic grounds. Great story and the director shot with a correct pace which would not bore us. The casting was excellent and all did great. The music is other impressive thing in this movie. I'm happy that Netflix is delivering some content driven good movies nowadays. Overall, I recommend this movie because it's crazy and worth your time.

Prasina_sa_Marsa 16 September 2020

From the start, you realize it will be a long movie, with already being more than two hours long. It's a slow-burn movie, with a great story, great acting from actors that we love for their roles in other movies. Here we see they can be more, they took the risk and made something great and worth watching. Netflix as usual gives as every month a new movie to talk about, but this one we will remember for a while.

lukebohn 24 September 2020

I will make this very quick. This movie is a breath of fresh air for Netflix originals. This acting is superb, everyone brings their A game. The story is dark, but trust me it's not as dark as people say. If you have ever seen "The Road", that is very dark. This is just kinda f'd up. The story is complex but easy to follow, and it just get's you invested. Also a very good script with some lines that I will remember for awhile. The cinematography is very good too. Honestly, nothing really bothered me or stood out as bad. A very good experience, and I would recommend.

chrisleverkruid 18 September 2020

If you want to loose trust in humanity, watch it. It has plenty of bad persons that like to do things I've never ever thought about. Religion is a thing that can drive you crazy. I love the grain and unsettling feeling I get from this movie. But I'm happy that I've great people around me after watching this.

Seppe_VB 17 September 2020

Some of the best acting I've seen in 2020. It's not for everyone, but I highly recommend it.

lewishart 18 September 2020

When i first saw Tom Holland he was a great addition to spiderman. But my god he had much more to give and this film just shows it. We know bill skarsgard is an amazing acting anyway but also robert pattinson gives a brilliant performance. Back to Tom Holland. He is incredible in this. I never thought he'd go beyond marvel and into 18+ films. He suits it so much more and that lad is TALENTED! His performance is impeccable. This is one of the greatest films of the year.

msbreviews 16 September 2020

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :)

Netflix has been able to deliver films with all-star casts pretty regularly. Whether people like the movie or not, that's a whole other subject, but as a convincing argument to make people want to watch a film, this type of casting is perfect. Almost every actor in The Devil All The Time is a fan-favorite due to their presence in cinematic universes, iconic sagas, or Oscar-winning flicks, so it's no surprise if this aspect alone gets audiences to sit in their couches for a movie with an almost two-hour-and-a-half runtime. This is my first time watching an Antonio Campos' film, and my expectations were moderately high, having in mind the synopsis and the genre itself.

I didn't know what the movie was really about since the synopsis doesn't really shine a light on what the main narrative truly addresses. I only watch the first official trailer *after* I watch the film (so I know what I can write in my reviews), and to be honest, it's a bit misleading when it comes to the time certain actors are actually on-screen (Holland only shows up after forty-five minutes, for example). So, for the first hour-and-a-half, I found myself struggling to understand where the story was going. There are more than a handful of relevant characters and storylines, being this my main issue with the flick, but I'll get there.

I'll start with the cast and their characters. The former group is impeccable, as expected. Tom Holland is undoubtedly the biggest surprise by delivering a part of him that no one had seen so far. Arvin's personality is shaped based on his traumatic, tragic, violent childhood. Transitioning from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to such a haunted character is not an easy task, but Holland finds a way of dealing with the emotionally overwhelming, dark path that Arvin walks. However, this is a long movie where every character has an important role to play, even those who barely impact the story until the last few minutes.

Bill Skarsgård plays Holland's father, seamlessly incorporating a man whose blind faith in religion sets not only a horrible chain of events, but it also establishes the overall theme for the film. Riley Keough and Jason Clarke play a weird couple with a disturbing modus operandi, but the former is genuinely impressive. She's becoming quite an interesting actress by picking unique roles in unconventional movies. Everyone else is great, Robert Pattinson, Eliza Scanlen, Sebastian Stan, you name it, but Holland, Skarsgård, and Keough are my absolute standouts, as well as their characters. They're definitely most developed across the runtime than the others, which takes me to one of my negatives.

With so many characters, the balance between the numerous storylines fails to be consistent enough to keep me engaged throughout the entire runtime. Antonio and Paulo Campos offer every character a good chunk of time, giving the viewer opportunity to understand the motivations behind said characters and connect with their story. Excellent storytelling method, no doubt about it. However, by the end of the film, some characters have close to zero impact on the narrative in retrospect. Contrasting with my standouts, a few characters feel one-dimensional, used merely either as a plot device to make the story go forward or as an object for gratuitous, gory, bloody killing.

That last aspect might be a no-go for tons of viewers. There are dozens of sequences where a

RobScott-13 16 September 2020

I never read the book "The Devil All the Time" so I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed this movie. Tom Holland & Robert Pattinson lead an All-Star cast that are all at the top of their game here. Pattinson is amazing as usual. He's quickly become one of the better actors around and Holland? Wow, this is such a dramatic role that shows how good of an actor he really is.

chompypatil 16 September 2020

The place beyond the pines + No country for old men. Good job netflix

noehuertafalcon 17 September 2020

Good movie, great cast. I really don't know how two English boys can do a great southern accent, both so good.

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