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The Directive (2019)

Action | SciFi   
IMDB Rayting:   7.0/10
Country: USA
Language: English

One Year after a Virus kills most of humanity, a lone Survivor meets a broken Robot that helps him embark on a journey to find Safe Zone 57.

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rajiev-58333 13 August 2019

At the moment the score for this mmovie is 7/10. Bu thte correc t score should be less than 2/10. I think the makers of this movie is using a click circle or a paid service to boost the ratings.

This is a horrible movie. do not waste your time watching this. There is nothing, not at least a good story

kaefab 19 March 2019

I got more then 1600$ saved up, i can go to a junkyard, put a toy on my back and pretend its a post apocalyptic movie...

This is how insane 2019 has become, anyone can put a movie out there no matter how bad it is.

And this one a part the cover art that seems good, is a real piece of junk.

luminb 7 September 2019

Seriously, the movie maker intentionally waste 1.5 hour of millions of people's time.

edoyle-09926 20 March 2019

Wow, where to start.....

This is undoubtedly the worst movie I've ever seen. Having said that, I kept laughing throughout the entire film.

First off, the scenery depicted in the still for this movie is 100% misleading to how intrigued you believe the setting for this movie will be. There are two major locations for this film. The first being a scant trailer park in which the main character piddles around for half the movie. Then our "hero" journeys to an abondoned shack with some tents thrown up around it because a half of a poorly made robot convinced him to. Superbly lackluster.

The second thing I would like to bring up is the camera work. It may have you laughing at some of the director's choices. Albeit the overly long shots of the main character eating or sleeping, which can go on so long you feel like your awkwardly watching a live voyeur feed, or the shaky "a camera stand wasn't in the budget" shots. At one point it almost seems like the cameraman tripped while filming. Pretty good stuff.

Lastly I want to bring up the acting, or rather the lack thereof. They could not have picked a better person who intentionally seems like they've never even heard the word acting. $20 says it was the directors best friend. Every other character in the movie had exponentially better acting chops than this guy. Every time he ate something he had to nod in acceptance while he chewed, as if to say, "mmm, this is pretty good," and he ate a lot. My personal favorite scene is the minute plus he spent stumbling around pretending to be sick.

I will definitely be watching the sequel.

luminb 7 September 2019

It doesn't cover the loss of my time. when I go see a movie, I expect to be entertained, not irritated. whoever likes the movies must have nothing else to do in life!!!!

john-3048 23 August 2019

Absolutely worst written, directed and acted movie on IMDB, and that's being charitable. Only redeeming value is that it was filmed in an area of Colorado where I used to hike.

john-3048 24 August 2019

Absolutely the worst written, directed and acted movie ever, and that's being charitable. Only redeeming value is the mountain setting, which reminded me of Saylor Park, Colorado where I used to hike.

track-53902 2 April 2019

Post Apocalyptic movies are one of my favorite genres.

But man, this was a touch watch.

So many plot holes, the gun fights are mind boggling, and the stupidity of the main character makes it completely unrealistic that this dude would survive 5 minutes in his environment.

This movie is just as bad as the video games themselves, and I'd suggest avoiding wasting your time.

As a time waster, it's a 10 star. As a Post Apocalyptic movie, it's a 0

marco-franca 24 October 2019

This is a very bad movie. How on earth does it have a 6.8 rating on IMDB? Totally fake reviews.

stevebarrows 13 April 2019

I don't know if the producer of this film will read this review, but I signed up on IMDb just to do this so, listen up. This is your target demographic speaking here....

The first rule of a film is to get your audience to enjoy "the suspension of disbelief" so we can get caught up in your film. I found that absolutely impossible to do. A good film/ story creates the suspension of disbelief effortlessly. Meaning, it happens automatically and we easily look past anything unbelievable or past any poor production values or plot points. BUT This film was sooooo bad that I had to TRY WAY TOO HARD, to get past so many things, just to get through to the end. But since I like a good try by a film maker, I pushed past the home depot robot with a billion dollar artificial intelligence and the $50 body. - I pushed past the same hand writing style and the 2 paint colors used on all the graffiti and missing persons board. ( I guess you only had one guy and 2 cans of spray paint) - I pushed on even through the 1/3 full, taped shut,red cross boxes.

I get it! money is hard to come by for productions, and corners must be cut in order to get a film completed. In fact, I labored very hard to ignore anything that I felt was due to lack of money for production. I mean Geez, with just the cost of the one camera, audio recording and editing, music score recording and all the amount of time invested, I'm sure the money was hard to come by. So I waive ALL reasons for this film sucking that have to do with money, OK?

In fact, personally, I wouldn't judge this film poorly just because it seemed that this film was made utilizing a 1980s Sony hand-cam with a broken built in mic! Because you had a decent Idea.... Man against AI in a post apocalyptic world. OK Ill give it a try. You got me!

So Budget aside, where does that leave me (us)? It leaves us with -the writing, -acting, -editing and -directing. to tell a story that entertains. Well, the only entertainment I received, and am receiving now, is reviewing this waste of your effort!

-THE WRITING: Was there any? Yes. There must have been, because I can see the attempt to follow some kind of story arc. " Young, killer-virus survivor, lonely, and pretty stupid, acquires half a robot, and is tricked into falling into a trap devised by the evil Dr. Amherst, who plans (for some reason) to reduce the world population to 2 million. (Why not everybody?). But most of the dialog seemed like it was just poorly improvised.

-THE DIRECTING: Sooo weak. the attempt to draw us into the mind of this moron with music and sound effects and slow motion was so intentional, and distracting that it had the opposite effect on me. I was repelled. And had to force myself to continue,to see if there was anything I was missing that might be redeeming. There wasn't.

-THE EDITING: This one is a little harder. Because I'm not sure if the overly loooong boring shots of ..........walking, opening spray painted boxes, beard trimming, or the stealing from "I am Legend" in the talking to a mannequin scene (here, a cardboard woman named "Boo?"), AND, let's not forget 20 minutes of walking bent over to look sick....... was chosen by the editor or the director. Whoever made those choices committed the worst crime against an audience. you wasted our time.

-THE ACTING: YAY IM HERE! The pinnacle of my review! All of the acting by all of the actors except one, was acceptable... Who know maybe even great! I'm not sure because

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