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The Dry (2020)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.7/10 2099 votes
Country: Australia | USA
Language: English

Aaron Falk returns to his drought stricken hometown to attend a tragic funeral. But his return opens a decades old wound the unsolved death of a teenage girl.

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Phil_M_A_Kerr 19 December 2020

Taps into something elemental about growing up around the Australian bush. Well-paced direction from the steady hand of Robert Connelly. Bana underplays his character to let the story do the talking. No slouches whatsoever in the plentiful supporting cast either. Matthew Nable & Genevieve O'Rielly on top of their game. Haven't seen John Polson act since Mission Impossible 2. He seems to relish the craft. A layered whodunnit with a harsh drought as a backdrop. Flashbacks of youth, a rekindled romance of sorts, and interesting townsfolk provide temporary respite from the surreal bleakness. Do yourselves a favour.

jamesjchapman-37903 19 December 2020

There is something uniquely Australian about this film. I think it's the overall country feel. A small country town, struggling with drought, small town syndrome and past mysteries that dog community members - especially one who has just returned after 20 years absence. A really good Australian ensemble hold together the intriguing storyline. And just when you decide it's bleeding obvious who the obsessive killer is and what links two crimes 20 years apart, they throw in some extra ingredients to throw the viewer off the scent. That's the part I actually quite enjoyed. I love this sort of movie that relies on great acting, a solid story and characters in an unforgiving outback setting. Really good work here.

johncranberry-16227 19 December 2020

Eric Bana is perfectly cast and carries this movie so well. The story is emotional but grounded. So often movie adaptions from best selling books are butchered by directors who feel that they need to make changes to make it their own. Not this time. The director was excellent and the cast was awesome. Did not take my eyes of the screen the entire time. Well done, proud to be an Aussie. Bana will win AFI. Jan Harper should be proud.

peter-90900 2 January 2021

Just go and see this very good and Australia should be proud of this crime movie - world class

dlh-36877 4 January 2021

Loved it from start to finish. Unpredictable. Would see it again!

thatsgottahurt-1 3 January 2021

This is such a great piece of Australian film making. The characters, the settings and the story combine to make this a thoroughly entertaining and authentic experience. Eric Bana is great in the lead, and brings appropriate intensity and feeling to the role. I was transfixed from beginning to end.

tbjcurrie-29501 17 January 2021

Easily the best Australian drama I have seen. Great acting with even better mood setting and cinematography. 10/10

tshand-75-881703 15 January 2021

I usually avoid going to locally produced movies but with COVID there's not much to choose from so we ended up at one. This is the best Aussie movie I have seen in a very long time, in fact the best movie I've seen in over a year (and I see a lot of movies). Highly recommend.

dbryant-32225 5 January 2021

I hope this movie does well outside of Australia. High quality movie with fantastic cinematography.

pstuckings 2 January 2021

Beautifully shot and well-paced. Ultimately it's very dark subject matter and so not an uplifting story. But definitely worth a watch. Best on the big cinema screen!

peteandjane-67905 14 January 2021

Excellent cast who re-create the insular feel of a small Australian country town, wary of "outsiders", in a great murder mystery movie. The landscape in the middle of a drought is also brilliantly rendered. Loved it, though there were a few too many flashbacks: a minor quirk. Everyone in our very diverse film group also really enjoyed it.

HerbieStretch 18 December 2020

Eye-catching vistas, heroes, villains, red herrings and good-looking actors doing realistic acting. This story runs along nicely with good use of flashbacks to bring storylines together. Having not read the book I did not know what to expect and actually had to clarify a couple of things via a web search afterwards when a crucial discovery went straight over my head. I left the cinema happy to have spent money on this film, knowing that I'd seen a good one.

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