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The Feast (2021)

Drama | Horror | Mystery
Rayting:   5.5/10 692 votes
Country: UK
Language: Welsh
Release date: April 29, 2022

Filmed in Welsh, the picture follows a young woman serving privileged guests at a dinner party in a remote house in rural Wales. The assembled guests do not realize they are about to eat their last supper.

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D0G4N 26 November 2021

Pointless.. i really hate this movie. 93 min too long. Story takes max 15min. Unecessery gore. Bad acting. Worst script ever. "The Feast requires patience" patience for what? Its not a suprise ending or plot twist. Predictable, mother nature wooow .. such a big issue. Ok.

j-93237 21 November 2021

Really enjoyed it. Thrilling film. I never thought i'd say this but, looks like good welsh films are possible. As a welsh speaker i've been waiting a long time for one as god as this.

adamk-2 8 October 2021

In this Welsh-language horror film, a rich and dysfunctional family prepares for an important dinner in their minimalist, all-mod-cons house, accompanied by the enigmatic young woman whom they assume has turned up to help with the catering. At least, that's who's she's supposed to be... It starts out quite slowly, like a family drama or prime-time soap, with a lot of bickering and bad behaviour and tension over the canapes, but as it progresses, strange things start happening and everyone finds they face a reckoning for not respecting the land along with the myths and magic embodied there. It all builds up to a bloody, violent, batshit crazy climax and a somewhat heavy-handed eco revenge message, getting weirder, more stylised and quite gory, but...well, I liked it. It had its faults but the cinematography and design were great and there were some nice themes in there about family tradition and responsibility.

programskinalog 21 November 2021

Somebody has watched to many artistic complementary trash, and tried to make a similar movie without any talent.

It's very slow, pointless monument of amateurism.

redtiago 13 September 2021

I saw it Thursday night at MotelX.

At the closing session of MotelX, this film received the Méliés D'argent - Best European Feature 2021 award.

I understand the Jury's decision, as it is a film that brings together two strong trends in current horror cinema, Folk/Horror, with a story largely based on Gaelic folklore using Welsh language, and Echo/Horror in vogue for its role in social awareness of the climate emergency we are currently experiencing.

Forethoughts aside, it's actually a good movie with excellent cinematography, gorgeous footage, well-crafted with a captivating story in increasing tension and good straight, hard horror with well-executed gore.

Its negative aspects, in my opinion, are an initial narrative rhythm that is too slow and despite the good performances of the actors in general, some "overacting" in some scenes. However, i highlight it is a good horror movie that I recommend.

Otkon 21 November 2021

The story unfolds very slowly around a dinner party of an unpleasantly wealthy family and an awkward young woman who is hired to help cook and serve the meal.

Bizarre happenings involving the peculiar assistant, the food and the guests threaten our nouveau riche hostess's desperate plan to get her neighbors to invest in mining on their surrounding properties.

Nightmare fuel ensues.

This movie is not for everyone. Being in Welsh, the movie has this air of otherworldliness to it. The filmmakers let the visuals do a lot of the talking. And not much is explained in detail.

I enjoyed it for its atmospheric mystique and its ancillary exposé on the dangers of triathlons and heroin.

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