The Girl on the Train Poster

The Girl on the Train (2021)

Crime | Drama | Mystery
Rayting:   4.4/10 14K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi | English
Release date: February 26, 2021

The story follows a recent divorcee who spends her daily commute fantasizing about a seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes daily, but something shocking happens there one day.

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User Reviews

kidbpy 26 February 2021

Nothing watchable.Only a bad thing.Thats bad and worst I dont like it.

theodore-69383 26 February 2021

Worst movie I have seen yet. Faltu flop bekar katam over the end bakwas

JustCalledSaul 27 February 2021

This movie is so, so bad. Parineeti Chopra's acting is another disaster. Please stop ruining good Hollywood movies by remaking them in Hindi !!

marcrroper 27 February 2021

Easily the worst move I have ever seen. As if the fake head wound could be any more amateur we had to see it for most of the film. The lead actress is shockingly bad. The scene with "smash her, smash her" must be one of the oddest scenes I've ever seen. Also the plot is absurd, a clear link to potentially implicate her but she is allowed to roam around like a detective with no police following her.

shraddhamahajan 27 February 2021

This movie is more intolerable than lockdown of CoViD 19. You can't bear it after first 10 mins

vibhajagriti 27 February 2021

Parineeti Chopra please stop acting it is not your cup of tea. She irritated us to the heights by making wired faces and overacting. Storyline very weak and being a psychological thriller it was not at all thriller. Poor acting , poor direction and weak storyline.

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