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The Girl Who Killed Her Parents (2021)

Crime | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.1/10 2.1K votes
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Release date: September 24, 2021

A psychological thriller surrounding the real murders of Manfred and Marísia von Richthofen orchestrated by their own daughter, Suzane, along with her boyfriend and brother in law, the Cravinhos brothers.

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israellippelo 25 September 2021

The movie was great! Carla Diaz did an outstanding job acting as Suzane! I remember when the crime happened and and it still intrigues me! I also think they could have focused at the trial that was epic and unique! It was a loss!

jackdan-05273 3 October 2021

Because this movie is crap.

The main actress is a deception.

The atmosphere of the film is shallow and I would give 1 to direction, leader actress, leading actor, script, photography and so on...


luisgentil 2 October 2021

Real life crimes aren't as well explored in Brazilian cinema as they could be. Which is why I think the idea to dramatize a famous crime was a perfectly valid attempt. And some of the details shown are very interesting, The choices made, though, fell flat in an attempt to maybe try a new formula. The choices I refer to are skipping the whole police investigation, not making any attempt to build up suspense and straight up spoiling all the facts to the audience in the first 5 minutes. The two-part movie was made with the only purpose of making a point that the testimonies of two perpetrators are conflicting in a few key points. The result is that the two parts are mostly redundant and feel like you're watching two slightly different cuts of the same movie. The conflicting testimonies aren't a strong enough premise to revolve the whole project around, and could be clearly shown to the audience in maybe 10 minutes in the third act. The events the movies are based on happened almost 20 years ago, but the script just assumes that it's useless to make a compelling narrative because everyone already knows how it ends. A sad waste of potential.

Edward_Destan 28 September 2021


Brazilian film where he narrates in the version of Garoto Daniel what happened before Suzane's parents were brutally murdered in her bedroom. The film consists of showing all this context before the act, but the film is very poor in many aspects, from directing to editing, first let's talk about acting, I didn't really like the acting, especially coming from Carla Diaz, who plays Suzanne, at various times it becomes forced and cannot build the tension of the moment, in addition to the direction not helping much in this construction of tension, her acting forces at various times, I even wondered if I was watching a movie or a play made by the sisters of church in which I congregate. The soundtrack doesn't have much to say, it's not very essential in the film since it doesn't contribute much to the scenes, much of the soundtrack is made of heavy rock. Perhaps the biggest factor that this film lacks is the direction and editing, as in fact the narration of a real story can be interesting if applied in a succinct and good way, it didn't need so much screen time for contexts than in thirty minutes of film we can understand, in addition to the fact that the film, as it is a case of homicide, it tries to give an air of psychopathy in its edition full of flash and memories of crazy or depressing moments, but it ends up becoming crude because it cannot create tension and it stays those scenes flashing over and over as if the terror of the characters' minds had passed, sanity slipping away, if the scenes were more direct, unedited, untracked, just the movement and blood splashing along with the screams I can guarantee the tension would be bigger as it would be a raw and cold death without any trace of humanity but thanks to the editing of the film this is broken and the credits go up giving the dear viewer a relief from having put up with an hour and thirty minutes with a slur and weak contexts that make me sleepy. In addition to other factors like not feeling connection between the main couple that makes the movie move, The Girl Who Killed Her Parents becomes a real boring case movie and it frustrates me a little because we know it really happened and it could be a lot better tapped, but in the end that's what we got. Closure The girl who killed her parents with grade: 4.

rmgaspar-49er 24 September 2021

This is one of the two films released simultaneously about the most famus of the Brazilian crimes, in which university student Suzane killed her parents with her boyfriend and his brother. The exact participation is exactly why we have two films. One with her own version, and other with her boyfriend's.

This will only appeal to Brazilians, because of how famous the entire affair is. It is not particularly interesting as a crime, for fans of the genre. The film focuses on the events that led to it, not the act per se. Which is a good decision, people want to know how they were able to do such a brutal murder, without remorse.

The idea of two films is interesting, and though they are very similar (most scenes shot only once), the films should be seen in sequence (the order doesn't matter). They are short, under 90 minutes each.

Acting is surprisingly OK, I believe most people expected an exploitation spectacle. It has a lot more dignity than that. Nothing fantastic, but it will be enough for the millions who are curious to understand what is not understandable. I would have liked to see more of the crime, the lack of images leaves a lukewarm sensation. I dont like brutality at all, but you can only "feel" this whole story within a brutality scenario.

vvoghen-55347 3 October 2021

This is not good at all. Nobody I know liked it and neither did I.

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