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The Great Indian Kitchen (2021)

Rayting:   8.5/10 2807 votes
Country: India
Language: English

After marriage, a woman struggles to be the submissive wife that her husband and his family expect her to be. The story follows her journey, as she changes herself and, even more so, changes the household.

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alreadynirmalised 15 January 2021

This is definitely not the first movie to address the themes of gender inequality, gender discrimination, or "the homemaker woman" in Malayalam. It has always been a favorite topic for makers of family movies. But what makes this movie different is that, here the theme is not diluted for sake of giving balanced message. This movie shouts the message it says. Loud and clear. . It starts with the scene of an arranged marriage. From that moment, a beautiful mode of storytelling is set. The viewer witnesses visuals that happen everywhere in a traditional family and just by inviting attention to the places which needs attention, it is made clear what is wrong with it. It doesn't have the typical "suppressed woman" ingredients. The husband doesn't slap her. She is not shouted on. All that we see are the real raw things that happen typically, and still, the viewer will clearly understand what is wrong with all this. . Regarding the experience of watching the movie, the sound effects and camera work is exceptionally worth noting. It shows us that the art of cinematography is not just about making eye candy visuals. It is almost the opposite. Visuals are presented raw to us. . The actors comply very well with the standard set by the other aspects of the movie. Overall, it is definitely worth a watch and in my opinion, it is worth even forcefully showing someone if the situation demands.

visakhaka 15 January 2021

Director has carefully crafted the context of each frame in the movie. A single frame of the movie reveals the time of the day, the setting, the context and situation. Actors delivering flawless performance in each setting. The dialogues, supporting sounds, expressions and frames work together to shout out the message of the movie. Its beautiful and equally thought provoking to see how an unwashed tea cup, a leaking sink and the waste water bucket have a lot to convey and easily takes space in the movie. Hats off to the team for delivering the attention and detailing required to pass the bigger message.

abelkm 15 January 2021

A movie that never seeks for a middle ground or a grey area, its on point and its pollitics. Great performance by every cast members. Top notch cinematography and sound designs.

rahulpala-88720 17 January 2021

First time a person see this movie the storyline is minimal, but it contains more messages. The shots and scenes are more intensive and effective, that helps to understand the problems of a middle class house wife who have been facing struggles and pressures after her marriage. In my opinion the men and women should start change their mindset for achieve the perfect gender equality in our society. After watching this movie, a boy is ready to wash his plate after finish his food, this movie will be a super hit than a 100 crore club movie.

visakhsankar 16 January 2021

What an amazing movie. Exceptional direction, ultra natural acting from everyone. I think this is not just a movie, but a masterpiece. Hats off to the team that made this movie!

aaarushi-23874 16 January 2021

Although patriarchy is a previously attempted subject, no movie has captured it so perfectly as The great Indian Kitchen. It is very detail oriented, brilliantly directed and has amazing story line.

rajansreeshylam 15 January 2021

A simple, realistic film which every malayali should watch.Yo can relate a lot of ppls you see daily, nothing more nothing less.perfectwork by the team great indian kitchen

nandhanaapj 15 January 2021

A film which bluntly showcases everything about gender, religion, superstitions and traditions within 2 hours. Excellent cinematography and sound design makes this work unique.

akhildevad-66473 17 January 2021

The majority of the first 20 or 30 minutes of the movie are of household chores. You might find it frustrating. But that's the point. If watching a few scenes of cooking and cleaning makes you frustrated, imagine how the ones who does those things feel. You might also feel some scenes were exaggerated. Yes, things have changed a lot in most places. But trust me, there are still some people who follow those ridiculous rituals. Some idiots might say this is against Hinduism and all. But it's not. These same people would've said people like Ayyankali and Sree Narayana Guru were anti-Hindu. Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj delivers awesome performances as usual. But I'd love to see something different from Nimisha. The actors who played Suraj's parents were good. The movie mocks the hypocrisy of so called "believers".

abhijithgalaxy 18 January 2021

Awesome movie with excellent detailing. Best thing I like is 'no spoon feeding'. A brave & 'got some balls' effort in malayalam industry.

drdent-23085 16 January 2021

The Great Indian Kitchen is a take on the prevailing patriarchy. It makes the viewers realize the need to stop labelling certain activities of our lives as mere 'gender roles' and that sharing the responsibilities at homes can go a long way in having healthier, happier relationships.

muhammedhafiz-35881 16 January 2021

A perfect movie,well made and it won to share the message to everyone.

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