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The Grudge (2020)

Fantasy | Mystery 
Rayting:   4.3/10
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.

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burkholdermicah 3 January 2020

Why was this made? Why did they think it was a good idea to remake this? Why does it take the plot of the original film and throw it out the window? Why does it look like an uninspired, totally predictable, and an overall sorry excuse of a horror film?! It's 2020, people! A new decade is already here... STOP REMAKING STUFF THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE REMADE!!

So get this: it's a remake of the film that is a remake of the Japanese Horror film: Ju-On: The Grudge (fantastic movie, BTW) and they took that and made it into one of the most predictable stupid films ever. And it's already 2020, and I thought unnecessary remakes were outlawed (they should be). I don't even see who is the target audience of this film, and I don't see who will watch this film a second time.

Weak Storyline, Bad Cinematography, and Unnecessary Jump Scares makes this film not worth your money. What a complete disaster! TERRIBLE film!!

rach-45693 5 February 2020

Dull, messy and predictable. With scenes (and characters) that serve no purpose other than to pad out what feels like an eternity of an only 97 minute long film. An awful movie in it's own right, never mind comparing it to it's predecessors.

kiraislost 12 March 2020

Holy crap, people love jumping on a bandwagon to absolutely drag a movie. I especially doubt many of you actually enjoying the horror genre. What you were expecting from a nearly twenty year old franchise? I'm seriously surprised they haven't gone to space with Ju-on. Honestly, this one isn't as bad as the cool kids will lead you to believe. It honestly tells a really nice ghost story with some pretty credible folks infront and behind the camera.

hunterfolks 3 January 2020

This new Grudge is a different take that offers some new elements while utilizing some already known things. Yes there are generic jump scares but the tone and sound make them work. Like other Grudge films it juggles different stories. This makes for unique storytelling that I really enjoyed. Performances were good and overall I had a fun time

christiex-65003 25 January 2020

Good movie :) definitely deserves a better rating than a 4 for sure!!

Slasher_Junkie 3 January 2020

I see some people here calling this a remake and I'm thinking "Where they even paying attention!?!". This movie is a sequel and takes place during the same timeline of the 2004 version and the years 2005 and 2006. Only this time the curse has been brought to the US by the first nurse that was taking care of the elderly lady from the first movie. Anyways, I have to say the editing is a mess and most of the characters are lifeless, but the actors did their best with what was given. I actually like the cast and I think Lin Shaye and Jacki Weaver are the highlights of the film. Its biggest mistake was not bringing back the iconic ghosts that fans have grown to love. This is their franchise.

richardrisher-43780 6 January 2020

Is it the best movie you've ever seen or will ever see? Probably not, BUT that doesn't make it terrible. I thought they did a great job re-inventing this as an American haunting story. Super creepy! It has all of the elements of the original with some great, dark twists. To appreciate this movie, you have to enjoy just sitting back and being scared. No more, no less. Don't over-analyze it. Just have fun. If you liked the original at all, go see it. I'd watch it again.

pseudosligh-19699 16 January 2020

I watched the movie because I'm a fan of The Grudge and Ju-on. But I did not expect too much and was ready to be disappointed. Damn, I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the atmosphere of the film, cinematography was superb and the cast is top notch. It's actually not a remake, it is standalone (or more of a sequel) that gave a nod and paid homage to the original films. Loved the fresh take on it. To those wanting to see it should pay close attention to the timeline for them not to get lost. I remember the girl sitting right next to me was asking her friends what was happening towards the end then admitted she wasn't paying attention, so don't make the same mistake. Give it a chance, and you will be surprised. :)

Yee_Reviews 4 January 2020

Good: There really is not much good to say about this movie except that the acting isn't awful from Lin Shaye and John Cho.

Bad: Messy writing with convoluted plot lines with time frame switches from 2004-2006, cannot focus on one story at a time. There is barely any story and relies heavily on jump scares. There are so many bland scenes and an annoying ominous score in the background to create an atmosphere but utterly fails. There are also random cinematographic shots that provide no purpose other than to extend the runtime.

Overall: This is one of the worst horror movies I have seen in a long time that is awful and entirely unnecessary. The plot clearly sat at a desk and is now only being produced to make a profit from a low budget. The story does not add up to much or provide any additional lore and has no significant themes. No entertainment value from this!


melvinhultman 9 January 2020

People on here are complaining like they expected a masterpiece.

I had a fun time watching it and all you need to know is that it is in fact nothing more than a jump-scare fiesta set in the same universe as the other movies.

It's not a remake. It's like a spinoff.

This movie isn't especially clever but it's beautifully made and very cool special effects. Some scenes were great but it's not like the next hereditary and I'm fine with it.

You know, turn off your lights and turn the volume up, have fun with it. Don't sit with your notebook and analyze it and draw comparisons to the Japanese original. It will ruin the experience.

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