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The High Note (2020)

Drama | Romance 
IMDB Rayting:   6.3/10
Country: UK | USA
Language: English

A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.

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bigmdeedub 30 May 2020

This film is the perfect example of great art, sabotage by 'critic' reviews. The entire truth of The High Note is summed up in its central message; the music is what matters. Not gimmicky remixes or auto tuned production, but REAL music that moves you. The weak attempts to tarnish this gem of a story, will be effortlessly cast aside by those not caught up in what the industry spoon feeds the masses. At one point a particular review attacks this film with 'it handles conflict in the nicest possible way' as if we as humans can't evolve to a place of civility.

As a father I am grateful for the creative forces behind this project. Ms. Ross' performance is authentic. Dakota's character breathes real air. Ice Cube causes the audience to contract empathy for the human condition. The only change that would've been even more icing on this tasty cake, would be the song 'I don't really care' being a larger part of the movie.

Nice work Rotten Tomatoes. Way to back up your name with your rotten review of one of the truly good features of 2020...

pinklarp 30 May 2020

Great cast, great story, Tracee Ellis Ross has a powerful voice especially in a duet with Kelvin Harrison Jr. He and Dakota Johnson have nice chemistry and give insight into the world of music producers and talent. Dakota and Ross characters both dealing with breaking away from other people's plans for them. Nice fashion, cars, ponytails. Light hearted, no violence, not preachy. Film industry needs to make more of these feel good films. Especially now.

Luvya0117 30 May 2020

First half was entertaining, loved the chemistry between Ice Cube and Tracee, but the rest fell apart. The central focus was not on Tracee's character but instead on Dakota's which made for a boring story. Also the ending, if we can call it that, was underwhelming and left one asking what was the point of the movie. I love Tracee and her acting skills, and feel all actors did their part, but the story was just not there.

lovediva 3 June 2020

I like the acting but the storyline was bland, if you see this movie good if you don't you're not missing anything great. It's not the untold story.

ian-864 31 May 2020

I stuck with it for an hour before picking up my phone. The movie was ok, but I was disappointed by the slow pace and the irony of a film about "real" music having some pretty obvious auto tuning.

kjproulx 3 June 2020

There are almost too many movies that follow a character who works for someone famous, has dreams of becoming as famous as them, but the person they work for doesn't have that same belief in them. For that reason alone, I think it's sort of impressive when one works really well. Supposed to hit theatres, but now streaming on-demand to rent, The High Note is the prime example of a story that feels tired but works really well anyways. I enjoy underdog films, but I'm always worried I'll be able to predict everything. Well, this movie was an absolute catch-22 and here's why.

Maggie (Dakota Johnson), being overlooked by her superstar boss Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), works on the side, trying to make a name for herself after finding a very talented singer in David Cliff (Kelvin Harrison Jr.). The two of them find passion in their music together and eventually form a romance as well. Not only does this shine a light on the fact that her attention is being taken away from Davis, but it also may lead to a promising future for everyone involved. Through the many trials and tribulations that these films offer the audience, it can feel very formulaic, but I feel that it works very well, and that's due to the characters all being well-rounded.

It does help when your character is written well for you, but Dakota Johnson has been on a roll lately in terms of roles and performances. Before her work on Fifty Shades of Grey made her a household name as an actress, her small roles in The Social Network and Need for Speed always stood out to me more. Once she started broadening her career by appearing in smaller films like The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Friend, and now The High Note, I need to keep an eye out for all of her films. I believe she is becoming a great actress if she's not there already. On top of that, Kelvin Harrison Jr. through film like Monsters and Men and Waves has been on my radar as well. Their chemistry here was really enjoyable and it made the movie worthwhile in the end.

Now, here's where some viewers may take issue. Like many horror films, romantic comedies, and thrillers about kidnapping people these days, stories like this will always feel a little been-there-done-that now. Yes, The High Note plays out exactly as you think it would, but there's a nice emotional backbone to the story and it came to fruition by the end of the run time. I rolled my eyes at a few instances while watching, but this was ultimately a really satisfying and fun movie to watch. Especially right now, I think movies like this need to be watched.

In the end, The High Note is the type of film that's absolutely harmless in nature. A feel-good story about a likeable character trying to find their way. In times like the ones we are living in right now, you can't ask for a nicer story to watch. Is it perfect? Definitely not, but I honestly think most viewers can find enjoyment in this one. The subject matter of music may not entice everyone, but there's more to the story than that. I recommend giving this one a rent if you're looking to smile and have a good time.

Gordon-11 2 June 2020

I thought the trailer was not very good, and indeed the film confirms what I suspected. The story doesn't know whether it's about the singer or the assistant. It lacks a central character for me to engage in and feel for.

rsmith-96831 30 June 2020

I'm thinking the movie is about Tracie's character but it's not. It's about her assistant. During the promotion and the hype for the movie it led you to believe that it was about Tracie when it's not. I was very disappointed in the movie as I had high hopes for it. Ice Cube was good in his role but the movie overall was a big, big disappointment.

tkaine3 29 May 2020

5/10 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Don't get me wrong this film does have a few moments and a few chuckles spread out between 2 hours of viewing but that's about it. The plot sorta feels like this is the role Tracee has been itching to play her whole life, A chance to imitate her mom Diana. But I don't feel this role contributed to her acting career one bit. She's known for being hilarious but this role didn't cater to that strength or atleast the writing was dull.. There isn't any difficult choreography or performance scenes that would require any training. The drama is almost non-existent nothing that draws any real reflection or a teary eye and this is a Rom-Com where the romance is really kept to the bare minimum, Unless your counting the love (💘) for music which kinda was the only mainstay throughout it's entirety. Dakota Johnson does her best and of course Cube was a good addition but after decades of the same peel and paste romantic comedies one after another it feels like if your forced to eat the same meal for a whole year the sight of it makes you cringe no matter how good. The film however throws a hailmary and provides a small twist at the end which is totally non-believable but I guess when writing the script it was projected to be a winner but in my opinion they run out of time and it's the tale of 2 little 2 late. The film is OK 👌 but I wouldn't put it on my list for recommendations. If you miss this one your not missing much.

crosbyp 12 June 2020

This could have been on Netflix, wasn't worth $19 rental.

krational 7 June 2020

This film is based on the background of the American pop music industry and centered on the assistant of a high-profile female singer. This female assistant has the sensitivity and talent of music, but is not valued and affirmed by the female singer. The producer is recording for the occasional male singer, so that both sides concealed the situation and finally had a problem. Some parts of the plot are similar to the "work girl" in 1988. The seemingly smooth and full rhythm and soul blues song is worth the last. Although the arrangement is justified for the plot, it is also a kind of surprise that was forced to a deadlock and ended in surprise. It is also a montage that makes the film quite textured from the beginning, but it feels full of panic and hastily ended at the end, and there is no unexpected rush to change the job. Next, it has become a heavy straw on the film. People who like rhythm and blues will be happy because of the music. It's just that there are too many slots in the film itself but it is unconvincing. The heroine Dakota Johnson unfortunately behaves uncommonly. .

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